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Present Simple beginner exercises

Present Simple beginner exercises

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Beginner exercises on the Present Simple
Beginner exercises on the Present Simple

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Present Simple Sentences – Affirmative Reorder the words if necessary and put the verbs into the present

Paul and Cindy / love / pizza John / like / hockey teacher / my / love / reading my brother / football matches / enjoy sister / your / beautiful / look / never / I / read / newspapers my / play / friends / tennis she / study / 3 hours/ a / day I / drink / sometimes / tea go / the pub / to / we / Friday/ on
Present Simple Sentences – Negative Put the following sentences into the negative

People from Canada speak Spanish John loves classical music Shop assistants work hard My father dances very well My brother watches TV every day My baby brother sleeps 10 hours a day We fry eggs in the oven We go to school in the evening My uncle buys a new motorbike every year

Reorder the words and put the verbs into the present simple:
TV / to / watch / they / at night / don’t

she / every / day / go / does / jogging / ? Train / leaves / the / 9.30 / at She / teeth / her / twice a day / brushes

like/likes do/does/is Is/Are/Am am/are/is am/is/be Is/Am/Are is/does/are live/lives/am live do be/are/do are looks/are/be . Jane ________not here at the moment. ______ I right? Sheila _________ not go to my school. My parents _________in a semi-detached house We_____ Canadian You _______so tired today. ______we too late to catch the train? It_________a nice day today. Sorry.Questions Reorder the words in the following questions University? brother study what your does at sport play does any your dad ? music what like type you of do ? books read any you do ? friend live city your your does best in ? cinema often the he to does go ? Simple Present Tense Quiz Do you _________pizza? She _________ not want to come to the circus.Present Simple.

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