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To differentiate the product from

their competitors An important function of advertising is the identification function, that is, to identify a product and differentiate it from others; This creates an awareness of the product and provides a basis for consumers to choose the advertised product over other products

Example: GARNIER FRUTICS (shampoo) the

shampoo bottle have the different color from all other shampoo available in the shelf. The bottle of the shampoo is unique from all others. Example: apple laptops make them different from others as the WHITE color and logo of APPLE on back of the screen.

2. To communicate product information

Another function of advertising is to communicate information about the product, its attributes, and its location of sale; this is the information function. Product information communicated to the customers in manner that meets their information needs. Most consumers tend to discount the information in advertising because they understand that the purpose of the advertising is to persuade

Making an advertising message believable is not easy;

though often it is sufficient to make the consumer curious enough to try the product. Such curiosity is often referred to as interested disbelief. Advertisers use a variety of devices to increase the believability of their advertising: celebrities or experts who are the spokespersons for the product, user testimonials, product demonstrations, research results, and endorsements.


Ponds age miracle, in that ad the celebrity HADIQA

KAYANI is informing the consumers about the benefits of it. That how the old women can look younger by using it continuously. It will make you fair cream plus it reduces freckles plus it can be used as a sun block as well it will make you look young.

To urge product used The third function of advertising is to induce

consumers to try new products and to suggest reuse of the product as well as new uses; this is the persuasion function. The basic function of advertising is to provide constant reminders and reinforcements to generate the desired behavior the advertiser wants from them. This is a particularly effective function in the long run as reminders and reinforcements register in the consumers' minds, becoming the base on which they shape their future decisions. Sampling in the way to urge the product using.


Fair and lovely as we know that it will make a girl look

fair and prettier in 4 weeks. Example: Neutrogena acne treatment cream will remove your pimple is 24 hours.

4. To expand the product distribution When the consumer comes to know about the

particular product from the advertisement he/she wants to try that new product. They go to shops to buy the product; if the new product is not available in a shop then the shopkeeper consults the distributor to make that product available in his shop. It is basically to provide the product all over market. It is necessary to make sure that product should be accessible to everyone. Availability of product effect the distribution.


Wateen telecom and Motorola Partner to Expand

Distribution of Videoconferencing Product Line in Pakistan. So as many people are getting to know about this facility they are running towards the franchises to avail it. So for that Wateen should expand their distribution all around the cities

5. Too increase brand preference and loyalty To increase brand preference and loyalty

Marketing is a moving thing. As your needs are changed your preferences are changed. When the product delivers the promised quality, service and value, it creates satisfied customers who become instrumental in spreading a favorable wordof-mouth. Satisfied customers also develop brand preference; each product features and uses are written on the product.

Example: 99% girls who are not married will not look

at the ad of pampers or any milk powder for children but when they will get married their interest will automatically move towards such ad'

6. To reduce overall sales cost When a product is selling you have to teach the people

about the product. Like if we would advertise through newspapers, TV, broachers and internet, it would cater huge sum of masses and if you do individually it would be more costly and time consuming.

Example: Coke targets their consumers on a very large

scale through mass media whereas Makka cola advertise on smaller scale or go door to door to advertise their product.

7. Creates new demands Advertising have to create new demands they should

educate the people about more and more new things coming up in the market. Each year new products, including line extensions and new brands are introduced into groceries and drugstores.

Example: Wateen telecom is offering wireless internet

chips, video conferencing and WIMAX services as they are introducing new services in market its creating new demands.