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1. Set the lathe to the slowest spindle speed. 2. Insert a solid tail stock center. 3. Adjust the compound rest to zero degrees. 4. Set the quick-change gear box to a fast feed rate. 5. Mount the work between centers, lubricate the tail stock center. 6. Set the feed selection lever to the longitudinal position.. 7. Select the proper knurling tool, mount the tool in the tool post. 8. Center and square the knurling tool to the work piece. 9. Check the tracking of the knurling tool, adjust the tool if it is cross-tracking. 10. Engage the longitudinal feed, and let the tool feed across the work piece to the desired length. 11. Apply cutting oil during the knurling operation. 12. Reverse the travel of the carriage. A. Change the feed reversing lever. B. Reverse the spindle rotation. 13. Increase the pressure on the knurling wheels up to .035" and continue knurling. 14. Every third pass, run a clean-up pass by not increasing the pressure on the cross-slide.