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"Da"="Yes" "Nu"="No" "Bun!"="Hello!" "Bun ziua!"="Good afternoon!" "Bun seara!"="Good evening!" "La revedere!"="Goodbye!" "Mulumesc!"="Thank You!

" "V rog/Te rog"="Please"; note that "V rog" is the plural form, more polite and formal, while "Te rog" is informal. "mi pare ru!"="I'm sorry"

Learn a few basic verbs, like "a fi" ("to be"), "a avea" ("to have"), "a merge" ("to go"), "a face" ("to do") etc. Also learn the numbers from 0 to 100, as you have to know them to tell your age. Here are a few examples: "M numesc John"="My name is John" "Am douzeci de ani"="I'm twenty years old"- Careful! The verb used in Romanian to express age is "a avea" ("to have"), not "a fi" ("to be"). "Sunt american"="I'm American"