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My role embedded within The Quality Teaching Framework

This year, I have been employed as a full time year 2 classroom teacher. As my timetable has me teaching a range of cultures, ability groups and personalities, it is essential that I work hard at establishing a relationship with these students that is based on mutual respect and trust where they understand and believe in their own significance. In order to do this I must attempt to gather background knowledge of the students cultures, values and family lives. I must then work at developing an inclusive classroom environment that celebrates and values difference and does not discriminate against it. Students need to feel supported in the classroom and therefore need to see me as a reliable and trustworthy adult figure that they feel comfortable approaching. I aim to provide a Quality Learning Environment where I clearly set up my expectations and constantly reiterate the standards of work and behaviour that is expected within the classroom. I have learnt that I need to be firm with these expectations, so that students are aware of my position within the classroom and to avoid losing students respect. Students are then given the tools to self-regulate their behaviour and hence learn the value of self-autonomy. In order to achieve Intellectual Quality within the classroom I need to prepare work that caters to each students learning needs and capabilities. I must ascertain an idea of each individual students competencies and additional requirements from the classroom teacher, and then work at developing work that is within their learning range. The work that is prepared attempts to not only educate them, but engage and stimulate their interest in the topic. The work is designed to challenge students to ask questions and challenge their existing understandings, which therefore encourages them to use conversation and higher order thinking to provide a substantiated argument and solution.