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Manny Silverstein Advanced Audio Electronics - Project 2

*There is a ground at the end of the last line, circuit maker left it out when it exported the graphic.

This pre-amp has a gain of 88.7dB when the drive knob and master volume knob are set to max. The bandwidth of the pre-amp at maximum gain ranges from 13.63Hz to 19.29kHz. I wanted a gain of 10 for each of the Op-amp stages for the balanced input. Since they are non-inverting ampliers, I got a gain of 10 by Rf/Ri + 1, so in this case 9000/1000 + 1 = 10. For the difference amp we wanted a gain of 2, and since the difference amp sums the voltages of the two input signals, which are equal in this case, by setting every resistor to 1k we get a gain of 2. For the cascaded tube stages, we were given a plate voltage of 200V and plate resistor of 50k. With this I knew I wanted a bias of 1.5V, to do this I went with a cathode self-biasing resistor of 2.2k. For the cathode capacitors I went with 36F because as this is a mic preamp, I wanted my low frequency to be 20Hz, so using 1/()(Xk), 1/(2(20))(220) = 36F.