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A tragic incident occurred at an Mpumalanga Game Lodge where a Spotted Hyena

mauled an employee to death.

Superintendent Abie Khoabane

reports that the employee was
employed at
Inyathi Sabi Sand Nature Reserve,
where the incident occurred. Shortly
after midnight on the 22nd February
2009, John Khoza (39) was watching
television when a Spotted Hyena
entered the deceased’s bedroom,
apparently attracted by the smell of
cooked meat. The neighbours were
alerted by the sound of screaming
and called security for help. The
animal was scared off, but it was already too late as the Hyena fatally bit into the victim’s

The Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta) has a reputation of being an opportunistic

scavenger, yet in reality they very successfully hunt in packs. Spotted Hyenas are in
direct competition with lion for prey animals and are often found in the same vicinity.

Humans are rarely attacked by Hyena, but as with many other species of dangerous
animals, these incidents can occur when the creature loses its fear and respect for