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To fully compare Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees we also have to look at the number of trips

to the Super Bowl versus the wins and losses. Tom Brady has been to the super Bowl five times and has won twice and was MVP twice. While Peyton Manning has only played in two Super Bowls and has won one and was MVP and Drew Brees was in only one Super Bowl that he was and was MVP. If we take the number of times Tom Brady has been and divide the number of times he has won, we will see has won 60% of the time he has gone to the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning has made two trips to the super bowl for an average of 50%. Even though Drew Brees is at 100%, he has only been to the Super Bowl once. As we can see from the chart Tom Brady is a far better player by both trips and wins.

5 4 Axis Title 3 2 1 0 Games Wins Drew Brees Peyton Manning Tom Brady Tom Brady Peyton Manning Drew Brees

Axis Title