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essentials Charles Osborne with Carol Nuttall Practice Tests with key © eight complete CAE tests O accurate exam specifications O detailed guidance and helpful tips O full-colour speaking section O extra writing bank and glossary OOIGKELU Reet ee ee aa TOO UCN OMe eR UA rt Red Peel eect B on ud tne MCR Pires RRC ron Colts Le CL Rilesa erat (oligo Usd Prine so eae ek MeN Ronn NN Re RCSL) Tests 1, 2 and 3. They will help you develop useful techniques for each task, and will give you hints about specific questions. (©) For Paper 2, Writing, go to the Writing bank on page 214. Read the Quidance carefully and try to learn and use any Tee aS new to you. Use the Model answers to help you write your own. dees ee oe RO RL REC Riereurt a Su ROM Ra onc eens Ze) Ceo ee Oo wo ot Goro ie OCC sack Cun ua Teens eu es SOR @ ee ellie Ce UC AM Aa use the sample Answer sheets on pages 187-189. at aN aR RR Col Pome Mel rcs en Bean OVERVIEW CAE Paper 1: READING Part | Task type and focus | Number | Task format Cd Four-option multiple-choice | 6 Three texts on one theme from a range of sources. Each Task focus: detail, opinion, text is followed by two four option multiple-choice tone, purpose, main idea, questions. implication, attitude, text organisation features. 2 | Gapped text 6 Six paragraphs have bean removed and placed in Task focus: reading to jumbled order after a text. You are required to decide understand how a text is. ‘rom where in the text the paragraphs have been structured (cohesion, removed coherence, global meaning). 3 | Fouroption multiple-choice |7 You are required to answer seven fouroption multiple- Task focus: reading for ‘choice questions on a text. deta, gist, opinion/attitude. ‘4 | Multiple matching 18 You are required to match prompts to different texts or Task focus: reading for different sections of a text. specific information, deta opinion and attitude, CAE Paper 2: WRITING Part | Task type and focus | Number — | Task format eS 1 | Question 1 Parti YoU are requred to wre a text based on information Wing ane othe fllowing | sompuleciy, [fro sw ot roar input tnd an poset Srphieor tent types: newspaper! ea mel os wot magazine arle repor, | 180-220 words. mg oeus eon conan, fective organisation of he proposal Inout neproprecy of tre witng othe itanded aisle and on accuracy. You are required to evaluate, express opinions, hypothesise, etc. There will always be an element of persuasion. 2 | Questions 2-4 Candidates _| You have a choice | The focus is on content, range and style/register choose one task from the | fram four tasks. | You may be required to give opinions, persuade, justify, following: article, letter, aive advice, compare, etc. report, proposal, review, | 220-260 words, competition entry, contribution to a longer pce, essay. Question § Candidates write 2 task based on set texts. ‘The task may be an essay, a review, an article or a report. CAE Paper 3: USE OF ENGLISH Task type and focus | Number — | Task format Comer Ly 1 | Multiple-choice cloze 2 ‘A multiple-choice cloze text of about 200 words with ‘Task focus: lexicalllexico twelve gaps, followed by twelve fouroption multiple- grammatical (idioms, fixed choice questions, phrases, phrasal verbs, collocations, ete.) 2 | Open cloze 6 ‘A modified cloze text of about 200 words, with fifteen Task focus: grammatical/ ‘gaps which you must complete with the appropriate lexico-grammatical word. 3 | Word formation 10 ‘A text of about 200 words. You are required to complete Task focus: lexis, the text by forming an appropriate word from the prompt word given for each gap.