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Packing Rod a

Allen James

Dicklesslittle fag Allen Jan'tes a Skinhead is and lre likes to smol<e Hi, my waweis Al But please not call nre tlrat do I preferAJ

one of the lirst significant,substanrral purchases made after srarring I testosterone u'as a compact colt ,4t 19gl A1 automaricpistoi. It,s just about the best penis substituteI've everwaved at a sexpartner.I love mv gun. can I get an tL-a-ay-rrcn? better fucking believe you I lo'o-ot'e m)'gun. I loveto takeit apartand grease up gooJundput ir ir back rogerher and admireit...oh, you sexyiittre death-machine... I suppose I oughta feeJ guilty or somerhing,loving ancl ferishizing a firearmto the point of anthropomorphizing Bur I don't.And rvon,t it. I either-don't mafterto me rvhether not I'm supposed keep rhis or to a dirti';f1isl"secrer.I got a dick andr can kill you n irh it. yeah, buby,trip my trigger, rvhy dontcha.Heh. I keep it next to my butt plugs a biackleathersheath.Gor a big


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