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‘STRIPES INTO PLAIDS HANDSPUN, HANDWOVEN SUMMER WEAVING TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES WORD WEAVING ‘GALLERY IDEA NOTEBOOK THREADS FROM THE PAST ‘CONCEPT TO CLOTH From the Editor Letters Tricks Books, Et, ‘Computer Connections News & Events Calendar Story Cloth Unravelings ‘Communiqué Project index Instruction Guide Product News Classified Ads ‘Advertisers’ Index. 3% 42 62 3 51 52 76 69 72 10 2 7 25 30 32 79 82 83 8 104 Handwoven ‘May/iuve 1996, Vousne XVI, Nunoen 3 DESIGNING STRIPES by Sharon Alderman CLAssic STRIPES ‘with projects by Barbara Smith Eychener and Margaret Hahn LACE PLAIDS. by Marjie Thompson (COMPLEMENTARY STRIPES AND PLAIDS by Carolyn Rath INTERLOCKING DOUBLE WEAVE by Manuela Kaulitz ‘SPINNING FOR BUSY WEAVERS bby Jane Fourier, with a project by Vicki Tardy FRESH IDEAS FOR SUMMER ‘with projects by Helen Irwin, Joan Torgow, Dee Jones, and Denise Perreault PENNY PURSES AND MEDICINE BAGS by Elizabeth Jensen DAMASK SHUTTLES by Manuela Kaulitz IT'S THE PRINCIPLE OF THE THING by Anja Hoykinpuro Uber Wrars WEAVING FOR THE HOME AWARD OF EXCELLENCE ‘A LOOM FOR THE BACK YARD by Amold Lockner ELIZA LUCAS PINCKNEY AND THE FORTUNES OF COLONIAL INDIGO by Carole Dagg CUTTING A DRAFT-TO FIT YOUR LOOM by Vicki Tardy (on rie coves: Hondspun fuss silk undulates over the surface of Vicki Tardy’s shimmering scar, evoking images ofthe sea, See poges 48 and 194 for weaving details,