Dudjom Tersar Ngondro with Prayers of Invocation, Auspiciousness, Offering, and Dedication

The Concise Recitation of the Preliminary Practices Related to the New Treasures of Düd’jom (bDud ’joms gTer gSar Ngön ’dro), With an Accompanying Series of Prayers of Invocation and Auspiciousness

PÄL DEN TSA WA’I LA MA RIN PO CHE Glorious Root Lama, Precious One, DAG GI CHI WOR PE MA’I DEN SHUG LA Seated upon the lotus throne on the crown of my head, KA’ DRIN CHEN PO’I GO NE JE ZUNG TE Hold me with your great kindness: KU SUNG T’UG KYI NGÖ DRUB TSÄL DU SÖL Grant me the accomplishments of Body, Speech and Mind.

The Seven-Line Prayer HUNG OR GYEN YÜL GYI NUB JANG TS'AM Born in the north-west of the land of Uddiyana PE MA GE SAR DONG PO LA In the calyx of a lotus YA TS'ÄN CHOG GI NGÖ DRUB NYE And endowed with the most marvellous qualities, PE MA 'JUNG NE SHE SU TRAG You are renowned as the Lotus-Born, 'KOR DU K'AN 'DRO MANG PÖ KOR Surrounded by a host of many Dakinis. KY'E KYI JE SU DAG DRUB KYI I am the one who follows in your footsteps: CHIN GYI LAB CH'IR SHEG SU SÖL Please approach and bless me! GURU PEMA SIDDHI HUNG

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primordial wisdom beyond all limitation. Page 2 of 14 . Auspiciousness. the very actuality of Buddhahood. LHÜN DRUB NGE PA NGA DEN RÖL PA RU SHUG PA Spontaneous realisation. Dechen Dorje ("Adamantine Great Bliss"). CHÖ PA'I BOG CHEN 'JONG PAR JIN GYI RANG LOB SHIG Grant me your blessings that I become skilled in activity that bestows great benefit. GU YANG LO DE'I LA MA NYING Ü NE NYE JUNG The Lama of the vast expanse of serene joy is discovered in the heart. CHÖ KU'I LA MA YE SHE DOR JE DE KY'EN NO Dharmakaya Lama. GOM PA'I TSÄL CHEN DZOG PA JIN GYI RANG LOB SHIG Grant me your blessings that I perfect great clarity of meditation. TRÜL KU'I LA MA 'DRO 'DÜL LING PA DA KY'EN NO Nirmanakaya Lama. and Dedication GYANG 'PÖ KYI SÖL 'DEP NYUG MA'I T'ÖL LU SHE JA WA The Prayer of Calling the Lama from Afar entitled Song of the Primordial State NGO WO DÖ NE MI 'GYUR TRÖ DRÄL GYI SHI LUG Essence unchanging from the very start. Offering. fundamental nature beyond elaboration.Dudjom Tersar Ngondro with Prayers of Invocation. present as the display of the five certainties. RANG ZHIN MA 'GAG ZUNG 'JUG 'Ö SÄL GYI TS'OM BU Self-nature unceasing. present as the Youthful Vase Body. you who know. you who know. GANG SHAR CHÖ KU'I TSÄL LA ZANG NGEN NI ME DA' Whatever appears is the creativity of the Dharmakaya and is neither good nor bad. 'Drön'dül Lingpa ("He who is from the Continent of Taming Beings"). DA TA'I SHE PA SANG GYE NGÖN SUM DU 'DUG PE In the awareness of "nowness". KÜN KY'AB RIG TONG JEN PA'I NGO WO RU SHUG PA Present as the naked essence of all-pervading awareness-emptiness. LONG KU'I LA MA DE CHEN DOR JE DE KY'EN NO Sambhogakaya Lama. concentration of the radiant luminosity of primordial union. T'UG JE CH'OG LHUNG DRÄL WA TA' DRÖL GYI YE SHE Compassion free from bias. RANG RIG DÖ MA'I SHI LA 'PO 'GYUR NI MI 'DUG The primordial ground of intrinsic awareness is unmoving and unchanging. KA DAG TING SÄL SHÖN NU BUM KU RU SHUG PA Primordially pure profound clarity. Yeshe Dorje ("Adamantine Primordial Wisdom"). you who know. TA WA'I DING CHEN T'OB PAR CHIN GYI RANG LOB SHIG Grant me your blessings that I attain great confidence in the View.

Dudjom Tersar Ngondro with Prayers of Invocation. DA NI 'DZIN TANG SHIG PA'I DO ME KYI NYÖN PA This very instant. 'DZIN SHEN SÖL 'DEB CHÖ MA'I DUG YÜ NI MA GÖ There is no (longer any) need for contrived and fabricated prayers of carping and complaint. JE PA'I CHÖ KYI SANG GYE 'DRUB DU NI MI DA' There will never be a time when contrived practice leads to Buddhahood: YI CHÖ LÖ JE GOM 'DI LU JE KYI DRA RE This intellectually contrived meditation of mental analysis is a deceitful enemy. GÖN LA 'DREN DA ME DO TER CHEN GYI LA MA Peerless Protector. this was spoken as so much meaningless chatter by Jigdräl Yeshe Dorje. Page 3 of 14 . Dön T'amche Drubpa'i-de. (let) mental grasping fall apart with the abandon of a madman. Offering. at the request of my principal vajra disciple. Heart-Essence of the Dakinis.My Lama! I think only of you! Thus. Auspiciousness. KÄL ZANG 'DI KO P'A CHIG LA MA YI KU TRIN This good fortune is the graciousness of the only father Lama: DRIN LEN 'KOR TA' ME DO LA MA RANG DREN NO Unrepayable kindness! . TE ME GANG SHAR RANG DRÖL CHIN LAB DE T'OB JUNG Without solidifying or holding on. the yogin-practitioner of the Great Perfection. Great Tertön Lama. SU DANG 'DROG KYANG KYI DO PE 'JUNG GI BU GYÜ Happy in any company. and Dedication NYUG MA'I SEM 'DI LA MA'I RANG ZHIN DU TOG TS'E And when this innate mind is realised to be the very nature of the Lama. JUNG GYÄL CHER NYÄL NGANG LA MI TS'E 'DI KYEL TONG And let this human life be spent in a state of spontaneous and naked ease: GANG TAR JE KYANG GA'O DZOG CHEN GYI NÄL 'JOR Joyful in whatever he does. 'Ö SÄL NYI MA 'DRIB ME K'OR YUG TU 'CHAR WA'I The immaculate sun of radiant clarity shines forth day and night. Trülpa'iku Jigme Chöying Dorje. the blessing of the self-liberation of whatever arises is obtained. MA CHÖ RIG PA RANG BAB K'A YEN DU LÖ PE By letting go in the free and natural flow of uncontrived pure awareness. the Lineage-Son of the Lotus Born. CHÖ LA DO DA ME DO K'AN 'DRO YI NYING T'IG Teaching beyond compare. MONG CHEN NYING GI MÜN PA RANG MÄL DU SANG NE Purifying in its own place the great ignorance darkening the heart.

Dudjom Tersar Ngondro with Prayers of Invocation. by its very nature. DÄL ’JOR ’DI NI SHIN TU NYE PAR KA’ This body of freedoms and favourable conditions is extremely hard to find. skilful vidyadhara of the past. Thus. present regent of Guru Padmasambhava — ’JIG DRÄL YE SHE DOR JE LA SÖL WA’DEB To ’Jigdräl Yeshe Dorje I pray. Lama. Auspiciousness. reciting this as much as possible. K’AM SUM ’KOR WA DUG NGÄL GYA TSO’I NGANG And the three realms of cyclic existence are intrinsically an ocean of suffering: DREN NE DAG LO CHÖ LA ’GYUR WAR SHOG Remembering this. of which the first section is going for Refuge. GE DIG LE KYI GYU ’DRE LU WA ME The causality of virtuous and unvirtuous karma is infallible. and Dedication NGÖN TS’E RIG ’DZIN NÜ DEN DOR JE TSÄL To Nüden Dorje. to die. the quintessence and embodiment of three supreme objects of Refuge. you who know. train the mind. is actually seated in the space before you in the form Page 4 of 14 . KYE TS’E MI TAG ’CHI WA’I CHÖ CHEN YIN All that is born is impermanent and bound. Firmly believing that your Root Lama. Düd ’Jom Ter Sar Ngön ’Dro’i Ngag ’Dön Dü Pa Shug So The Concise Recitation of the Preliminary Practices Related to the New Treasures of Düd’jom In the arrangement of this practice of The Concise Recitation of the Preliminary Practices Related to the New Treasures of Düd’jom. the first section is the preliminaries — the recitation of the Four Thoughts that Turn the Mind (from Samsara) NAMO LÜ ME TEN GYI GÖN PO LA MA KY’EN Unfailing and constant protector. Second comes the actual preliminary practice. Offering. DA TA PE ’JUNG GYÄL TS’AB DROG BEN NO To Drogben Lotsawa. may my mind turn towards the Dharma. MA ’ONG DE SHEG MÖ PA TA’ YE SHAB To the feet of Möpa Ta’ye. Tathagata of the future.

and until I attain the very heart of enlightenment. Offering.Dudjom Tersar Ngondro with Prayers of Invocation. The second section is the generation of the Enlightened Attitude — Requesting the objects of Refuge to bear witness… DA NE ZUNG TE ’KOR WA MA TONG BAR From now until samsara is emptied. The third is the mandala–offering in order to gain merit — Laying out an actual mandala of heaped up offerings as symbolic representation… TS’E RAB KÜN GYI LÜ DANG LONG CHÖ PÄL Page 5 of 14 . LA MA KÖN CHOG SUM LA KYAB SU CHI I take Refuge in the Lama and the Three Rare and Precious Jewels. MA GYUR SEM CHEN KÜN GYI P’EN DE DRUB I shall work for the benefit and well–being of my mothers. Auspiciousness. Thus train the mind to generate the Enlightened Attitude. all sentient beings. Thus recite as much possible with prostrations. and Dedication of Guru Rinpoche… ’DI ZUNG CHANG CHUB NYING PO MA T’OB BAR From this day forth.

Dudjom Tersar Ngondro with Prayers of Invocation. Offering. BENZAR SATTA SAMAYA The Vajrasattva commitments. Thus offer the mandala as much as possible. Fourth is the meditation on and recitation of Vajrasattva to purify obscuration — Remaining in your ordinary state… CHI WOR LA MA DOR SEM YER ME PA’I From the body of the Lama and Dorje Sempa’ inseparably one above the crown of my head KU LE DÜ TS’I GYÜN BAB DRIB JANG GYUR Streams a downpour of nectar purifying all my obscurations. MANU PALAYA BENZAR SATTA Grant me your protection. and Dedication The bodies. Vajrasattva. OM is the supreme praise. possessions and honour I have known throughout all my lifetimes. Auspiciousness. TS’OG NYI DZOG CH’IR KÖN CHOG SUM LA’BÜL I offer to the Three Rare and Precious Jewels so as to complete the two accumulations. TENOPA TIKT'A DRI DHO MEBHAWA Remain firm in me Page 6 of 14 .

HO is the sound of laughter in these. HUNG is the vital essence seed-syllable.Dudjom Tersar Ngondro with Prayers of Invocation. the Four Joys and the Four Kayas. the Four Empowerments. Vajrasattva having gathered into oneself. Offering. and (then)… OM BENZAR SATTO HUNG … recite the six–syllable mantra as much as you can. and when you have completed this… ’Ö SHU DAG NANG DANG ’DRE RO CHIG GYUR He dissolves into light and merges in one taste with one’s own phenomena. TSITTAM SHIREYAM KURU Make my mind virtuous. BENZRI BHAWA I pray that I may become a Vajra-Holder. ANU RAKTO MEBHAWA Be loving towards me. Auspiciousness. Thus. and Dedication SUTTO KHAYO MEBHAWA Make me perfectly satisfied. SUPPO KHAYO MEBHAWA Increase the positive in me. BHAGAWAN SARWA TATHAGATA All the Lordly Tathagatas in one. Thus recite the hundred syllables while visualising the nectar descending and purifying. do not abandon me. HA HA HA HA symbolises the Four Boundless Thoughts. Page 7 of 14 . MAHA SAMAYA SATTO Great Commitment-Being! AH means uniting in non-duality. BENZRA MAME MÜN TSA Vajrasattva. SARWA SIDDHIM ME PRA YA TSA Grant me all accomplishments SARWA KARMA SU TSA ME And all the activities. remain in even–minded meditation.

hold me with your compassion DÜ SUM GYÜN CHE ME PAR CHIN GYI LOB And grant me unceasing blessing throughout the three times. present and future without exception. to you I pray — Page 8 of 14 . the quintessence of awareness–emptiness! Thus absorbing the Lama into your self. DÜ SUM SANG GYE MA LÜ ’DÜ PA’I KU Embodiment of all the Buddhas of the past. Offering. RANG NYI DOR JE NÄL ’JOR DÜN KA’ RU I am the Vajrayogini and in the sky in front of me TSA WA’I LA MA PE MA’I KUR SHENG GYUR Is the Root Lama in the form of Padmasambhava. merges inseparably with me and in this state I remain: RIG TONG DÖN GYI LA MA’I RANG SHÄL TA See the real face of the Lama. TSA WA’I LA MA CHOG LA SÖL WA ’DEB Most excellent Root Lama. Auspiciousness. my future life and in the intermediate state between them. OM AH HUNG BENZAR GURU PEMA SIDDHI HUNG Thus recite one hundred. The sixth section is the transference. all three. and Dedication Fifth is the swiftly penetrating blessing of the Guru–yoga. etc…. BENZAR GURU KAYA WAKA TSITTA SIDDHI HUNG Thus take the four empowerments and then… LA MA ’Ö SHU RANG T’IM YER ME NGANG The Lama dissolves into light. Speech and Mind are received in all their perfection. GÖN PO ’Ö PA ME LA SÖL WA’DEB Protector Amitabha. remain in even–minded meditation. one thousand times. As many times as possible. KU SUNG T’UG KYI WANG JIN YONG DZOG T’OB The blessings and empowerments of Body. to you I pray: ’DI CH’I BAR DO SUM DU T’UG JE ZUNG In this life.Dudjom Tersar Ngondro with Prayers of Invocation.

DA NI LÜ DANG LONG CHÖ GE TSAR CHE This very instant. Guru Padmasambhava.Dudjom Tersar Ngondro with Prayers of Invocation. wealth. MA GYUR’DRO LA P’ANG PA ME PAR TANG I give without attachment to all beings. Düd’jom Lingpa. this explicatory text simplifying the essential meaning of the condensed recitation of the preliminaries was composed by ’Jigdräl Yeshe Dorje. Terchen Rinpoche. I. and the sources of my virtue. in order to benefit those who do not know or who are unable to practice The Extensive Recitation–Practice of the Preliminaries Connected with the New Treasures. Page 9 of 14 . WANG DRAG RIG ’DZIN PE MA’I JIN LAB KYI Embodiment of the Three Jewels. Offering. ’DRO DÖN LAB CHEN GEG ME’DRUB PAR SHOG May I unobstructedly attain great benefit for the well–being of all living beings Thus earnestly make prayers of aspiration. Three Roots and all Those Who Course in Bliss. Thus. Thus reciting as much as you possibly can. A Selection of Prayers of Auspiciousness Long–life Prayer of His Holiness Düd’jom Rinpoche KÖN CHOG TSA SUM SDE SHEG KÜN’DÜ PA By the blessings of puissant and wrathful vidyadhara. all together. Auspiciousness. Thus. DÜ ’JOM YE SHE DOR JE’I KU TS’E TEN May the life–force of Düd’jom Yeshe Dorje be firm and long–lasting TEN DRO’I DÖN CHEN TA’ RU CH’IN PAR SHOG For the realisation of the great goals of the Teachings and of all living beings. my parents. appeal for the transference. and Dedication ZAB LAM P’O WA ’JONG WAR CHIN GYI LOB Bless me that I perfect the profound path of transference of consciousness. Kat’og Situ. Seventh is the offering of the body and the dedication of merit. composed this prayer for the long life of the incarnation of my Lama. my body. at the request of ’Gyurme Kündröl.

he who glorifies the Doctrine. be firm and stable. TEN PA’I PÄL GYUR LA MA’I SHAB PE TEN May auspiciousness arise as follows: that lotus feet — the life–force — of the Lama. Auspiciousness. NGE DÖN NYING PO’I SHING TA DÜD ’JOM LING Page 10 of 14 . TEN PA’I JIN DAG NGA’ T’ANG’JOR PA GYE That the prosperity and influence of all patrons of the Doctrine expand and increase. at the request of the faithful Dorje Namgyäl. TEN 'DROR MEN PA’I TR’IN LE KA’ KY’AB SHOG And may his medicine–like activities for the benefit of the Teachings and of living beings fill all of space.Dudjom Tersar Ngondro with Prayers of Invocation. and Dedication Long–life Prayer of His Holiness Shenphen Dawa Norbu Rinpoche ’JIG ME DE CHEN YE SHE HE RU KA By the power and blessings of the Immortal Lotus–Born. the Holders of the Doctrine. TEN PA ’DZIN PA’I KYE BU NAM And may the victory banner of the lives KU TSE’I GYÄL TS’EN TEN GYUR CHIG Of the Noble Ones. TEN’DZIN KYE BÜ SA TENG YONG LA KY’AB That the noble holders of the Doctrine fill the Earth. PE MA’I RING LUG NGA’GYUR DZOG PA CHE Padmasambhava’s tradition is the Great Perfection of the early translation lineage. TEN PA YÜN RING NE PA DANG May the Buddhist Teachings abide throughout the ages. be stable and firm. TEN PA YÜN RING NE PA’I TRA SHI SHOG And that the Doctrine endure throughout the ages. P’EN DE ’JUNG WA’I NYEN CHIG PU Sole friend teaching the source of benefit and happiness. Offering. Thus. this is by Jñâna. SHEN P’EN DA WA NOR BU TAG TEN NE May the life of Shenphen Dawa Norbu be ever firm and stable. ’CHI ME PE MA KA RA’I T’U CHIN GYI Fearless Heruka of the primordial wisdom of Great Bliss.

Auspiciousness. T’EG CHOG SER GYI ’KOR LO TSIB TONG CHEN The thousand–spoked golden wheel of the supreme vehicle T’UB TEN LING SHI’I KA’ LA YONG P’AG TE Is absolutely foremost in the skies above the four continents of the teachings of the Muni. GYÄL WE YONG NGAG T’EG CHOG DZOG PA CHE The Supreme Vehicle of the Great Perfection praised by all Conquerors. This is by his son. may his profound treasure–teachings MI NUB SHE DANG DRUB PE ’DZIN GYUR CHIG Never wane but be securely upheld through study and practice.Dudjom Tersar Ngondro with Prayers of Invocation. happiness and auspicious circumstances. ’DZAM LING CHI DANG YÜL K’AM ’DI DAG TU In the world at large and in these regions in particular. TAG TU TRA SHI DE LEG P’ÜN TS’OG SHOG And may there always be an absolute perfection of good fortune. ‘despair’ and ‘war’ be heard. ’JIG DRÄL CHÖ KYI GYÄL SI ’JOR WA’I PUNG May the heaped abundance of the sovereignty of the Doctrine Beyond All Fear CH’OG LE NAM GYÄL TRA SHI PÄL’BAR SHOG Gloriously blaze up as auspicious victory over all directions. bearer of the name Kyentse’i Nyugu. Page 11 of 14 . and Dedication The chariot of the true and essential meaning is that of Düd’jom Lingpa. Offering. GANG GI ZAB TER TEN PA SI TA’I BAR Until the end of cyclic existence. CHÖ DEN SÖ NAM PÄL’JOR GONG DU ’PEL May the meritorious qualities. This is by Jñâna. NE MUG TS’ÖN SOG DUG NGÄL MING MI DRAG May not even the names ‘sickness’. This is by Jñâna. GYÄL WA KÜN GYI NYE LAM CHIG PU RU May the sole short path of all Victorious Ones. honour and prosperity of those who act in accord with Dharma greatly increase.

K’E SHING DRUB NYE RIG ’DZIN GYÜ PA’I SÖL Practice–path of the vidyadhara lineage of the learned and realised. Page 12 of 14 . TEN PA NYI ’Ö SHIN DU SÄL WA DANG The illumination of the sun–like Doctrine TEN ’DZIN P’U NU SHIN DU T’ÜN PA YI And the brotherly harmony of the Lineage-Holders. DO NGAG CHÖ TS’ÜL TS’ANG LA MA NOR WA Unerring in its pure Dharma–tradition of Sutra and Mantra. T’UB TEN NYING PO SANG NGAG NGA ’GYUR WA’I May the quintessence of the Teachings of the Awakened One. and Dedication GYÄL WANG PE MA’I RING LUG NGA’GYUR WA’I The tradition of the School of Earlier Translations of the Lord of Conquerors. the Secret Mantra Teachings of the Early Translation School. Acharya Padmasambhava and Dharma King Tr’isong De’utsen ’DZAM LING SA SUM KY’AB PAR’PEL Increase to pervade the three realms of Jambudvipa.Dudjom Tersar Ngondro with Prayers of Invocation. Guru Padmasambhava. auspiciously come to pervade all directions. TEN PA ’PEL GYE ’DZAM LING KY’AB GYUR CHIG Increase and spread to pervade the entire world. GYÄL TEN CH’OG T’AR KY’AB PA’I TRA SHI SHOG Doctrine of the Victorious Ones. Auspiciousness. TÖN PA’JIG TEN K’AM SU JÖN PA DANG By the coming of the Buddha into this world. This is by Jñâna. ’DRO GYÜ CHOG SUM NANG WA DANG May the Three Supreme Jewels and the mindstreams of living beings MI ’DRÄL DÜ SUM GE LEG SHOG Remain inseparable. Offering. bringing virtue and well-being throughout the three times. TEN PA YÜN RING NE PA’I TRA SHI SHOG May it auspiciously come about that the Teachings endure for a long time K’EN LOB CHÖ SUM RING LUG CHE May the great tradition of Bodhisattva–Abot Shantarakshita.

Tej Hazarika. This is by Jñâna. T’UB PA’I TEN PA CHI DANG KY’E PAR DU The Buddhist Doctrine in general. Terry Clifford. They are provided here as alternative versions to the very fine translations available from Yeshe Melong in wider circulation such as the "Dudjom Tersar Ngondro" (Arthur Mandelbaum in collaboration with Lama Rinchen). The translations above are by Mike Dickman. Page 13 of 14 . SI PA’I K’AM ’DIR DZE PA’I PÄL DU SHOG Gloriously adorn this realm of phenomenal existence. the indestructible essence is the very ground of the innate nature. Auspiciousness. the primordial quintessence of wisdom is great bliss. ’PO DRÄL DOR JE NYING PO NYUG MA’I SHI Unchanging. and Bettyann Lopate). and "The Lamp of Liberation" (Arthur Mandelbaum. CH’OG DÜ KÜN TU DAR SHING GYE GYUR CHIG Expand and spread throughout all space and time. KA’ KY’AB YE SHE NYING PO DE WA CHE Pervading all of space. and Dedication This is by Mipham. ’DRIB ME ’Ö SÄL NYI DA’I NANG ZER ’DZUM May their unobscured and luminous radiance. This is by Jñâna. JI NYE P’EN DE MA LÜ ’JUNG WA’I NE May the source of all well–being and happiness without exception. Offering.Dudjom Tersar Ngondro with Prayers of Invocation. like the smiling rays of the sun and moon. and particularly NGA ’GYUR ’Ö SÄL DOR JE NYING PO’I SÖL The Early Translation School tradition of the Brilliant Radiance of the Indestructible Essence.

and Dedication BACK TO CONTENTS Page 14 of 14 . Auspiciousness. Offering.Dudjom Tersar Ngondro with Prayers of Invocation.