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New birth to Etenity

Psalm 23

Sheep to sheep talk

Compound names of Jehovah

Jehovah Elohim Gen.2:4 LORD God Adonai Jehovah. Gen. 15:2 Lord God Elohim is God's title in relation to creation Jehovah is His title in relation to redemption Adonai means Master used as a substitute Jehovah

Compound names LORD WILL PROVIDE of Jehovah Jehovah - Jireh Gen.22:13-14

Jehovah - Shalom. Judg.6:24.LORD OUR PEACE

Jehovah- Ropha Exo.15:26.LORD WHO HEALS

Jehovah - Tsidkenu.Jer.23:6.LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS

Jehovah - Sabaoth. 1Sam.1:3.LORD OF HOST Jehovah - Nissi Exo.17:8-15.LORD MY BANNER Jehovah -M'Kaddesh Lev.20:8 LORD WHO SANCTIFIES


Jehovah -Jireh means LORD will Provide. Gen.22:13-14


..in green pastures

Jehovah- shalom Jud.6:24

....leads me beside....still waters

He restores my soul....


He restores my soul....


Jehovah- Tsidkenu. LORD our righteousness


shadow of death...

Jehovah - Sabaoth - LORD of Host 1sam1:3

mine enemies

Jehovah - Nissi. LORD my Banner Exo.17:8-15

Thou anoints my head with oil.....

Jehovah -M'Kaddesh. LORD who sanctifies Lev.20:8

Lord..for ever

New Jerusalem

Jehovah - Shamma. LORD is there Ezek.48:35

Pearly Gate

Water of life and Tree of life