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Why you need to love your neighbor as yourself? In the beginning there is only one reality, that reality is God. There is no time, no space, no universe at all, then this immense God decide to create all that is, whether visible or invisible. Among all created beings only humans is incredibly unique, in fact, scientist are aware that it seems the entire universe , in all its physical parameters and dimension was fine tuned just for the benefit of Mankind. The Almighty said,"let us create man in our Image" (1) and the Lord God breathes into his nostrils the breath of Life. (2).The sacred truth is that the soul of Man, all Humans whether white, black or Yellow all emanate from God. All souls from whatever tribes and ethnicity all are from the same source and that source is God. Our Heavenly Father is God, and we are all his children, higher even than the angels since only Humans share this unique divine nature. Since all emanate from Him, the almighty decree, 'Love your neighbor as yourself'. (3) Your neighbor may be a Jew or Samaritan, white or Black, Christian or Muslim or Pagan. We are all from the same heavenly Father. Your neighbor is as much related to God as you are. As you express Love to your neighbor you are really expressing Love to the Heavenly Father and you are really loving yourself. (4) If you hate your Neighbors, you really hate yourself. 1 Gen 1:26 2 Gen 2: 7 3 1 John 4:20