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A Better World is Possible

Anarchism is a very misunderstood concept. As most would have you

believe the opposite, Anarchy does not mean chaos, nihilism or any
other term of the sort. It is in fact quite the contrary. Anarchism implies
a society that is governed neither by rules or rulers, but rather by the
people themselves who freely dictate their own living. Anarchy is an
ideology fashioned upon the values of truth and solidarity. It is a
doctrine centered on the community, where the individual gives what he
can in return for what he needs. It is commonly believed by Anarchists
that individuals are at their very best when living free of authority, or
more specifically, free of hierarchy. The current system we live in is built
on exactly the opposite. We are conditioned to alienate ourselves from
the world and to serve our leaders blindly so that they may pursue their
own conquest for wealth and power. It is time that the people wake up
and fight back against the controlling elite, to organize and resist. But
most importantly, we must educate ourselves over matters that are not
taught in our schools.

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