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English Reading at Dankook University

Course Syllabus

Professor: Amy Michelle Berezowski

Telephone: 010-8441-8559
Email: MichelleDankook@gmail.com
Website: ReadingwithProfessorMichelle.blogspot.com

Office: Humanities Building, room 111-1

Office telephone: 550-1570
Office hours: Mondays 1-2pm and Tuesdays 10-11am

Text: Reading Challenge 2

Grading System
Attendance 20%
(10% of this is General Attitude)
Midterm Exam 20%
Final Exam 30%
Reading Logs (with presentation) 30%
TOTAL 100%

Missing 1/3rd of the classes or one of the exams = F. Three lates = 1 absence.
If you miss an exam you must contact me within 1 day of you will receive an F.
(시험 못 보면 반드시 하루내에 연락해 주세요. 연락없으면 F 입니다).
One absence is 1% off your final grade and showing up 40 minutes into the class and/or sleeping in
class is considered an absence. Missing the final class is 2% off your final grade.

Excusable absences (합당한 결석사유 )

1. Hospital admittance, e.g. overnight (병원 입원. 병원장 입원 확인서 제출 (감기 안됨)
2. Family Death (가족 상중일때. 사망 확인서 제출)
3. Army Health Check (남) (군입대 신체검사. 확인서 제출).
4. Dankook University MT.

General Attitude: This mark is based on your manners as a student so make sure you come
prepared with your books, name tag, readings, and be ready to participate. It is worth 10%.

Short reading followed by written comprehension questions as well as multiple choice questions
relating to the vocabulary, metaphors, idioms, proverbs and slang.

Reading Log
You must read at least 8 articles, short stories, journals, etc. and keep a reading log.
1 Introduction: expectations, student profile and classroom English

2 In the Name of Beauty Ch. 1

3 Who Took That Tooth? Ch. 2

4 Myths about Pimples Ch. 4

5 I Cut the Cheese! Ch. 5

6 Are Sports Bad for You? Ch. 7
7 Midterm Review
Must had in reading log with 4 completed readings


9 Can you Smell That? Ch. 9

10 Shakespeare, Where Are You Now? Ch. 11

11 Out of Rainforests Ch. 13

12 The Misunderstood Tomato Ch. 15

13 East is East, West is West Ch. 16

Student in-class presentations day #1

14 Final Exam Review

Student in-class presentations day #2
Completed reading log is due


16 Student-teacher final mark conference and course wrap-up

(Missing this class will result in 2% being taken off your final mark!!!)