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Practice Exercises

Reading Reading Practice Paper from Cambridge University < zi=1/XJ&sdn=esl& %2Fdloads%2Ffce%2Ffce_hb_samp_p1.pdf> Practice Tests from Flo Joe <>

Use of English Use of English Practice Paper from Cambridge University < %2Ffce_hb_samp_p3.pdf> Spotlight on Paper 3 (Use of English) from Flo Joe < zi=1/XJ&sdn=esl& %2Fstrategy%2Findex.htm> The Wordbank also from Flo Joe's site < zi=1/XJ&sdn=esl& %2Fwordbank%2Findex.htm> A practice program from Churchhill House's site < zi=1/XJ&sdn=esl& %2Fchurchillhouse.exe> (this requires you to download the free software) Sentence Transformation Excercises at Writing Writing Practice Paper from Cambridge University < zi=1/XJ&sdn=esl& %2Fdloads%2Ffce%2Ffce_hb_samp_p2.pdf> Exercise 1 </library/quiz/bltransform1.htm> Exercise 2 </library/quiz/bltransform2.htm> Exercise 3 </library/quiz/bltransform3.htm> Exercise 4 </library/quiz/bltransform4.htm> Exercise 5 </library/quiz/bltransform5.htm> Exercise 6 </library/quiz/bltransform6.htm>

Writing Class from Flo Joe <>

Listening Listening is a bit of a problem as I haven't been able to find any FCE specific listening practice exercises on the Internet.
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Study Group Bar ReviewHome Study Bar Review Bar Exam Essay < sa=l&ai=BoPZfgWdnQ8WOLcOswAGp5rCDCf6QtgzepJzDAcCNtwHA5kYQARgBIL yl9wEoCED6FEiLOVCbmroBqgEMcHJpbWVkaWFfZXNssgENZXNsLmFib3V0LmN vbcgBAQ&num=1&adurl=> Pass your MRCS examLecture courses, interactive groups Thousands new intercollegiate < sa=l&ai=BgYB4gWdnQ8WOLcOswAGp5rCDCYPZzAnDw4uWAcCNtwHQ9wcQAhg CILyl9wEoCED6FEiMOVCz4ena_f____8BoAHZ8bD_A6oBDHByaW1lZGlhX2VzbLI BDWVzbC5hYm91dC5jb23IAQE&num=2&adurl=> Free MCSE QuestionsPractice for Free.Get Confidence Before You Take the Real Exam ! < sa=l&ai=BwLCgWdnQ8WOLcOswAGp5rCDCbOZqA7jl7nMAcCNtwGQsrABEAMYAyC8pfcB KAhA-hRInjlQhIH_vr_____AaoBDHByaW1lZGlhX2VzbLIBDWVzbC5hYm91dC5jb23IAQE&num=3&a durl=> However, you can download the practice exam < zi=1/XJ&sdn=esl& %2Ffce%2Ffce_hb_samp_p4.pdf> to see what the questions are like from the Cambridge University site. I would highly recommend you visit the BBC's audio and visual page < %2Faudiovideo%2F> and listen to or watch various ABC programs using the RealPlayer. The exam is purely British English, so it's best to listen to this classic British radio station. Finally, here are some links to use to download an entire practice examination. Download all the sample papers, answer keys and exam reports for the FCE <> at Cambridge University's EFL site Flo Joe's Practice Tests <> Ready for First Certificate (a FCE preparation book published by MacMillan) provides free practice tests of Papers 1, 2 and three emailed to you three times a year.

I hope these resource can help you get an excellent start towards the FCE. For information about other types of Cambridge University English Exams, just visit the site < %2Fexam%2F> .