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Centering Now is the time to remember: Rainbows rise On spilled gasoline, in oil-slicks oozing Across dirty cement; All

that summers heat foments Robust weeds just as cultured plants Must grow slowly, In increments; A grit pith Weighs in the heart Of every pearl. Now, when the whole world Trembles like a leaf, Poised for an autumn leap To the ground, It is time to recall: All bear Feeling like flecks of grit A mollusk hugs tight to tender skin, Until time and the chafing clinch Render them Glossy, hard pearl; All bear, At our center, Heart, like a wad of wet laundry, The damp heaviness of it weighing on the body Like a sagging line, Where a weathered clothespin a stiff wind could snap Holds it above ground for a time, For as long as it can.