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Wooden Dolly Pegs - Reindeer

Materials Wooden dolly peg Small red pompom 2 x brown chenille sticks Small gold bell 2 x small joggle eyes Kaisercraft acrylic paint - raw umber Paint brush PVA glue or craft glue Scissors

Step 1

Paint wooden dolly peg with brown paint, let dry.

Step 2 Thread of one of the chenille sticks through the back of the bell and bend the chenille stick around the neck of the peg, with the bell at the front. Twist chenille stick to secure at the back. Step 3 Bend the excess chenille sticks into the shape of the reindeer antlers.

Step 4 Glue small red pompom to the reindeers face just above the bell and stick joggle eyes to face above the pompom nose. Step 5 Cut 3cm of chenille stick for the tail.

Bend the remaining chenille stick around the peg at the top of the split in the peg. Twist at back to secure once and place tail on twist and twist again to secure tail. Step 6 Bend the rest of the chenille stick down into legs and trim the length allowing the reindeer to stand.