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Stephanie Erin Nylan James Welfare and Drug Testing: Friday Writing There is a misconception in the public that

welfare (TANF) recipients abuse the welfare system. The United States government heavily debates funding welfare programs, and looks to remain fair to all tax payers. Several states, like Florida, have begun drug-testing welfare recipients to ensure the welfare system is not being abused. The government should not allow states to drug test welfare recipients because it is discriminating a group of people and it does not save tax payers any money. Drug testing welfare recipients is discriminating because it is based on a stereotype. The stereotype is typically, poor people are drug users. Several legislatures have been against the legislation proposing drug testing welfare recipients. Wyoming Democratic Representative Patrick Goggles said, This legislation assumes suspicion on this group of people. It is assumes that they are drug abusers. Goggles quote suggests that he strongly disagrees with drug testing welfare recipients, and that he fears the government is just discriminating against the poor. Some may argue that drug testing welfare recipients isnt about being discriminating, it is about saving money. However, in Florida recent data was released that the state did not save any money. In an article from the ACLU it said, Florida spent $118,140 reimbursing the overwhelming number of the Florida TANF applicants, who tested negative for drugs. That is far more money saved by the program. Thus, the program was never meant for financial state gains; it was just about discriminating against the poor.

In conclusion, permitting continued drug use both disrespects and neglects these families in need of welfare. The states that have implemented the drug testing programs have not saved any money, and have only discriminated and inconvenienced welfare users in need.