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C o r e 1 V o l u m e I n v e s t i g a t i o n s

Internal Assessment Information Health and Safety information Investigation 1 The Separation Of Mixtures Investigation 2 The Preparation A Soluble Salt Investigation 3 Preparation And Properties Of Some Common Gases Investigation 4 Purifying a Substance By Recrystallisation Investigation 5 Tests For Anions And Cations Investigation 6 Determining The Amount Of Water Of Crystallisation In A Hydrated Salt Investigation 7 Determining The Composition Of Copper(Ii) Carbonate ... Investigation 8 Determining The Concentration Of Concentrated Nitric Acid By Titration ... Investigation 9 Determining The Solubility Of Ethanedioic (Oxalic) Acid Investigation 10 Determining The Molar Mass Of A Soluble Acid By Titration ...

Investigation 11 Using Back Titration To Determine The Percentage By Mass Of Nitrogen In A Fertiliser 36 Investigation 12 Some Reactions Of The Halogens (Group 7 / 17)And Their Salts Investigation 13 Investigating Forces Between Particles And Their Effect On Physical Properties Investigation 14 Measuring Enthalpy Changes By Calorimetry Investigation 15 Using Calorimetric Techniques To Indirectly Determine An Enthalpy Change ... Investigation 16 A Variety Of Techniques Used For Measuring Rates Of Reactions Investigation 17 A Study Of The Effect Of A Particular VariableOn The Rate Of A Chemical Reaction Investigation 18 Factors Affecting Rates Of Chemical Reactions 39 44 49 55 58 65 70 76 78 83 90 95 99 103 108

C h e m i s t r y I B

Investigation 19 An Introduction To Equilibrium Investigation 20 Predicting The Effect Of Changes In The Conditions Of A Chemical Equilibrium Investigation 21 A Comparison Of The Properties Of Strong And Weak Acids And Bases Investigation 22 Some Reactions Involving Common Oxidising Agents And Reducing Agents Investigation 23 An Introductory Investigation Into Electrochemistry ... Investigation 24 Some Reactions Of Saturated And Unsaturated Hydrocarbons Investigation 25 Some Characteristic Reactions Of Alcohols And Halogenoalkanes TEACHING NOTES

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