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Please Evaluate: Free Speech Should have limitations

Dear Senior, please evaluate my essay as this is exactly what I wrote in paper. Although a few paras had skipped out ov my mind but i have tried my level best to reproduced the outline. I wrote approx 35 to 37 paras with a total of 2800 words in Exam, looking at the idea do you think that i will make it through? Please Comment

"Free Speech should have Limitations"

1) Introduction the main idea was that except God, everything in one way or the other have some defined limited. be it this world or universe, nothing is without limits. 2) Need of Free Speech -since human civilization -From the times of Mesopotamia to Mughal Era. 3) Philosophy of Free Speech -As Old as the times of Pythagoras -Founding Father: John Locke advocated freedom of speech in this book "Two Treaties" -Exercised in West initially in Sweden and USA -1791 Freedom of Speech as 1st Amendment in US Constitution -1973 Freedom of Speech as Article 19 in Pakistan Constitution 4) Free Speech and Blasphemy -Salman Rushdie Blasphemous Cartoons -Blasphemous Cartoons published in French Newspapers -Terry Jones Burn Qur'an Day on Facebook -Blasphemous Movie: Innocence of Muslims -Prince Charles Scandal and London high Court Verdict 5) Use and Abuse of Free Speech 6) Free Speech in Pakistan -Media enjoying excessive freedom resulting in ignorance of "Media Ethics" and being biased -Media Hype -Pakistani Media should have certain defined limits 7) Free Speech in Islam -Islam allows Freedom of Speech, Choice and Liberty but with defined limits 8) Free Speech in West -West allows Freedom of Speech but seems to be confused in knowing it limitations 9) Pragmatic Solutions to define limits to Free Speech -UNO should play it role -West should stop playing double game -World Leading countries should play their role -There should be distinct difference between Free Speech and Blasphemy

-World should learn to respect each other Religion, Belief and Customs 10) Conclusion Hurting one's belief, abusing one's customs and tradition, throwing tantrum and doldrums on religious personalities is not use but abuse ov freedom of speech. There is a dire need to define certain limit to Free Speech in order to exercise it safely. __________________ If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him