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Organic Insecticides and

All Purpose Insect Spray

Agriculturist II/Farmcaster
Provincial Agriculture, Cebu
a. Atis (Anona squamosa) – Pulverize the
seeds and mix with water. Use as spray
against aphids, ants and other insects.
b. Chrysanthemum – Grind the dried
flowers. Mix with clay loam soil and
water. Spray against a wide range of
insects. Proportion will be 6-7
tablespoons of dried ground flower to 1
gallon of water.

c. Tubli (Derris sp.) – Pound the fresh bark

and rods and extract the juice with water.
Mix 6 tablespoons of juice to 3-4 liters of
water. It makes an effective insect spray.
d. Madre de cacao (Glirieidia sepium) –
Extract the juice from leaves and stems.
Mix with water and spray against insects.
Fresh stems with leaves can be placed
between plants to deter insects.

e. Adelfa (Nerium indicum) – leaves and

skin of stem are soaked in water for 30
minutes. Spray against ants, flies and
other insects.

f. Tomato – Boil the stems and leaves of

tomato in water. Cool it. Spray against
caterpillars and black or green flies. This
will also serve to deter future attack.

g. Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) – Boil the

midribs and stems in water for a few
minutes or soak for 3-4 days. Let it cool.
This is an effective spray against
numerous insect pests.
h. Red pepper – Pound several red pepper
in water and drain. Mix the solution with
water and spray to target pests
All Purpose Insect Spray

a. Soap and water spray – Mix 3 tbsp of

soap flakes in 1 gallon water. Spray
against insects.
b. Wood ash – Spray wood ash around the
plant roots to control root maggots in
radish, onions, cabbage and other
brassicas. Encircle plants with a 3-4
inch wide trench, 1-2 inches deep and
fill this with wood ash to discourage
snails slugs, and cutworms.
All Purpose Insect Spray

c. Onion brew – roots, stems and leaves of

aromatic herbs like garlic, onion, red
pepper, malunggay, mustard and mints
sliced thinly. Add water and small amount
of liquid detergent. Spray to plants.
d. Tobacco and aromatic leaves – smash
tobacco leaves, red pepper, garlic, mint
and onions. Juice extract is mixed with
same amount of water. Spray or water to
plants infested with pest.
All Purpose Insect Spray
e. Garlic and Marigold mix – use 3-4 cloves
of garlic, 2 handful of marigold mix, 2 pcs
of onions and 3 pcs of red pepper. Slice
all ingredients thinly, add water and boil.
Cool of before use. Dissolve concoction
at 1:5 ratio of water, always stir mixture
while spraying.
f. Kerosene & soap spray – mix ¼ cup of
soapy water and ¼ tsp of kerosene to 1 li
of water. Use only when infestation is