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Centering: Rain Stick - Listening & Vibration Meditation Reading: Join Your Hands Gently, by Jean M. Watt, from Women Pray Pranayama: Seated Abdominal Breathing, lengthening the exhalation

Eight Brocades of Ken Cohens Qigong,

from The Way of Qigong, by Kenneth S. Cohen
Brocades performed fluidly, but brusquely about 9X

1) 2 Hands reach Skyward to Balance the Triple Burner 2) Open the Bow as Though Shooting the Buzzard 3) Raise each Arm to Regulate the Spleen 4) Looking Behind to Cure Fatigue and Distress 5) Bending Over, Wagging the Tail to Calm Heart-Fire 6) Reaching Down to Dissipate Disease 7) Punching with Focused Gaze to Increase Qi and Strength 8) Toe Touching to Stimulate the Kidneys and Waist Standing Meditation: 18 breaths, then Rock on feet, massaging and grounding Balances: Easy, Krishna 1/2 Moon, Parabola or Dancers Pose, Shiva Nataraja Twist, Tree (Intersperse 3 rounds of Abdominal Lifts or Pumps) Supine: Rolling on spine, back breathing Pavana Muktasana w/ single leg lifts Starfish (Belly down - lifting combinations of arms and legs until finally lifting (tensing) both right arm and leg to roll onto the left side and over, flopping (relaxing), onto your back. Reverse rolling to the right side.) Knee-Down Twist w/ arm circles, Fish Relaxation: Inner Nourishing Qi Gong Tongue up, breathing in; I am; hold breath, calm and; exhaling and lowering tongue, relaxed. Music: Nataraj, http://www.myspace.com/eddynataraj