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If you are not one of those morning people, forcing yourself to get up in the morning can be an event.

In fact, getting up in the morning could be compared to pulling oneself out of quicksand. For example, it is virtually impossible to know which day you will wake up ready-togo or which day you will wake up disoriented and tired. The same is with quicksand. You never know exactly where the quicksand in located or when you may step in it. Ironically, getting up in the morning constitutes a certain level of determination. You must get up in order to start your day not matter how difficult it may be to wake yourself up. At first glance, comparing getting up in the morning to pulling yourself out of quicksand may seem excessive. After all, when battling quicksand, you cant simply chose to give up, as you can when getting up in the morning, but it still requires determination. Getting up in the morning can sometimes be difficult because you cant find the motivation to get your arms and legs moving, feeling lethargic. In quicksand, you may have to struggle for a considerable amount of time and that results in being lethargic and the necessity to find motivation to keep your arms and legs moving. When getting up in the morning, one might have to stop struggling to get up, stay still, and think, collect their thoughts. Equivocally, when pulling yourself out of quicksand, you must collect your thoughts to perform to the fullest capacity. In those mornings, when you cant seem to get yourself to wake up and start your day and the quicksand is pulling you down, you may chose to recall a certain tip, when stuck in quicksand it is best not make quick movements because you will sink faster. When getting up in the morning you have to calmly coax yourself to conscious awareness.