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Iskolar ng Bayan LPGMA Partylist and the Muicipal Government of Sta.

Maria has given PUPians a "Full Scholarship grant" on the condition that the set guidelines were complied with. This is a project of Hon. Froilan Caguiat (SB Member) and LPGMA Representative Arnel Ty. With the help of Mayor Bartolome Ramos, this scholarship has been beneficial not only to the students but also to their family. There are more than 200 scholars since 2011 and they're still adding. Guidelines for the scholarship are as follow: 1.) Applicants should be a legitimate resident of Santa Maria, 2.) Applicants should pass PUPCET, 3.) Those who take PUPCET from other campuses are not qualified, 4.) If chosen, an average of 2.00 should be maintained every semester, and 5.) One scholarship policy only. Interested students can visit the office of Hon. Caguiat. Just look for Sir Dennis and ask for an application form. Fill it up and submit all the documents needed on time.

EM's Valentines Night February 14 is one of the most special and much awaited day by couples, and sometimes, the single people are also excited for it. EM department decided to celebrate this day together by having their "EM Night". It was prom like event, giving students the prom vibe. People outside the gym (where the party was held), were all looking at them. During the entrance of delegates, each of them walks on the red carpet and dance a little on stage with a partner. The songs were a good addition to make some of the students giggle and somehow chuckle. The event started with a prayer, followed by the National Anthem, an Opening Number and Opening Remarks. Prof. Jose Abat and Prof. Ricardo Ramiscal gave an inspirational message to the EM students. A raffle and pageant, where chosen students modeled on stage what they are wearing, was prepared before serving the dinner. Dishes served for dinner were scrumptious. Another raffle was prepared after dinner. It was then followed by the awarding of winners from the pageant. A set of fireworks was displayed and lanterns were released to light up the night sky before opening the dance floor. The lights set their moods, thus, making them ready to dance the night away. The students enjoyed dancing; showing how happy they were in celebrating theV-Day with fellow EM students. Unfortunately, every beginning has an end, so does their party. A Closing Remarks was given by their president, Michelle Sanchez, that symbolizes the end of their party and it's time to go home.