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Bullying Intervention Plan Updated as of 2/21/13

Prevention Measure (ALL students): - All Belmont students & parents must review and sign our schools anti-bullying policies and procedures compact. Interventions for the Bully Support for the Bullied Phase 1: Intervention following first reported incident - Conference/referral to guidance - Student conference with school counselor admin - Parent notification - call or face-to- - Verbal & written warnings face meeting with school - Student will write report on effects administration & guidance of bullying counselor - Parent conference call or face-to- - Review of anti-bullying policies and face meeting w/ school admin procedures with parent Phase 2: Interventions based on severity/repeated situations - Referral to guidance counselor - Signing of No Contact Agreement - In-School Suspension - Friday School w/ Ms. Tart Phase 3: Additional interventions based on severity/repeated situations - Referral to local police department - Juvenile court liaison - Out-of-School Suspension Phase 4: To be used in situations where other interventions have not succeeded - Recommend long-term suspension - Criminal charges filed - If at any point the student (or parents of the student) who is bullying refuses to comply/engage with any part of an intervention phase, then the student will automatically be moved on to the next phase of intervention.