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(Ref. Synergy exports India Pvt. Ltd.) Detergent powder plant (Roto mixer) 1.

Hopper for powder: Square hopper with sight glasses and cover with nozzle at the bottom 2. Powder feeding system at Roto mixer: The screw conveyor is mounted on the shaft to the roto mixer to feed the powder to the roto mixer. It is complete with variable speed gear motor. 3. Roto mixer: It is double cone mixer having fixed strategically arranged blades for thorough mixing. The drum rotates at fixed speed with help of pedestal bearings on both sides. Spraying arrangement includes a set of nozzles, piping, and pump. Discharge by means of butterfly valve. It is complete with manhole and drive. 4. Liquid dosing tank and pump: A cylindrical tank is with an open top and conical bottom each with a level indicator, inlet, outlet and overflow nozzle. The pump is metering pump, plunger type with variable stroke arrangement which is complete a motor. 5. Raw material fines collection system powder hood: This is fabricated in such a way that it covers the opening so that fine particles can be collected. 6. Cyclone: It is cylindrical shaped with conical bottom to remove powder particles from outlet air. It is equipped complete with sleeve valves, sight glasses and inter connecting ducting. 7. Vibratory sieve: It is a screen type vibratory sieve complete with an electric motor and anti-vibration pads. 8. Packing machine: