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Formalities need to be completed before Joining Wipro Dear Name, Greetings from Wipro Technologies! Welcome to Wipro!

We are sure you are eagerly waiting the day you will make your entry into the Wipro family, just as we are preparing to welcome you to our fold. The exact date of joining and the detailed reporting letter with the joining formalities will be communicated to you three weeks in advance to the joining date. We are initiating document verification to pre-process your records in advance for a seamless on boarding on the day you report. This submission of documents is mandatory for joining us.For this, we need you to send us the following documents as a soft copy (scanned copies) along with the filled template enclosed in this email. Please do ensure you submit these documents and they reach us on or before 13th March 2011 to the email id joining.documents@wipro.com with subject line Document Verification Engineering 2011.

Wipro Checklist (Scan Copy) 1. Photograph 2. Updated Resume 3. 10th, 12th Mark sheets and Certificates 4. Diploma / Graduate / PG - All Mark sheets Semester wise & Consolidated Mark sheets 5. Final Degree certificate / Provisional Certificate / Course Completion Certificate 6. Passport Copy / Acknowledgment copy of application 7. PAN Card / Acknowledgement copy 8. NSR Registration / Acknowledgement copy Please note: Incase, you do not receive your final semester mark sheet from the university, we request you to send the remaining documents. We also need you to complete the following formalities and submit the acknowledgement copy of NSR, PAN Registration and Passport application along with this email. 1. NSR Registration: Wipro is associated with the National Skills Registry (NSR) initiative of NASSCOM. This initiative requires all employees working in the IT/ ITES domain to register their personal information, qualification and career details in the NSR database. To register yourself, you will have to enter your details by logging into www.nationalskillsregistry.com. Please do login into the site and register yourself. 2. PAN Registration: Please visit their site https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pan/index.html, to apply and learn more about Permanent Account Number (PAN), 3. Passport: Please visit https://passport.gov.in , for more details and to apply for the passport. In case you do not possess a valid passport, we want you to apply for the same and share the acknowledgement copy with us at time of joining. Your pre employment medical checkup needs to be completed 3 weeks in advance to your joining date. Hence the detailed note on Medical checkup will be sent to you along with the reporting e-mail. The email id joining.documents@wipro.com is created only to receive the documents from you. In case of any campus related queries and further clarification, please feel free to reach our Helpdesk team at Toll free number 1 800 103 4678 or email manager.campus@wipro.com. Please do quote Document Verification Engineering 2011 in subject line in all your email correspondences. Please ensure that the documents reach us only as softcopy on or before [date] Here are some tips on document submission 1. Ensure your email size is not larger than 5MB 2. If your documents size is exceeding 5MB, you need to split the email into 2 and send 2 emails. 3. Zip all the documents in a folder

4. Documents should be scanned saved in PDF format only and please ensure the size of the scanned documents should be appropriate and visible clearly We look forward to your joining and becoming a member of Wipro family.