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PASSIVE VOICE I. Rephrase the following sentences so as the meaning stays the same: 1.

People believe that Nick is the best DJ in town. Nick is 2.Mother has sent him a big parcel. A big parcel 3.They had given me a bunch of flowers. A bunch of flowers. 4.The students will ask the visitor some questions. The visitor. 5.The lecturer addressed the audience in English. The audience.. 6.They sent us all the documents in time. We. 7.The teacher will ask you to tell the truth. You will 8.I do not want to discuss that matter any more. This matter.. 9.They asked her to do it. She. 10.The writer has written another interesting novel. Another. 11.Mother has knitted me a very nice dress. A very nice dress. 12.They have already sent for a doctor. A doctor. 13.The fox was chasing the rabbit. The rabbit.. 14.They gave the teacher a beautiful painting. The teacher. 15.Who painted your house? Who was 16.They think Tom has stolen the money.

Tom. 17.You must finish your papers in a week. Your papers . 18.Rembrandt couldn't have painted this. This. 19.They had already laid the table before we got there. The table.. 20.Somebody has broken into that shop recently. That shop 21.The police have not caught the thief yet. The thief. 22.They will punish whomever helps him. Whomever. 23.A friend lent John the motorbike he rode in the race. The motorbike John rode in the race.. 24.At the time my aunt was looking after the children for us. At the time our children. 25.The police have issued a description of the wanted man. A description. 26.It was a mistake to enter Brian for the exam. Brian should not.. 27.They said they would rather Diana didn't listen to music at work. Diana. 28.Johnson firs became a member of parliament in 1983. Johnson was first. 29.My legal advisers have told me not to say any more at this time. I have.. 30.Nobody have invited Jean to the party, which annoyed her. As she.. 31.Tony has another six months to finish his thesis. Tony has been 32.There is no definite decision yet about the venue of the next Olympic Games. Nothing.. 33.People think that neither side wanted war.

Neither side is.. 34.Everyone knows that eating fruit is good for you. Eating fruit 35.Everyone thought the painting have been destroyed. The painting 36.People say that the company bid 50 million$ for the shares. The company 37.People say that the late Mr. Smith was difficult to work with. The late 38.It is believed that the Chinese invented the gunpowder. The Chinese 39.There is a rumour that the escaped prisoner is living in Spain. The escaped prisoner. 40.They have decided to cancel the match. It. 41.We believe that the ship has sunk. It II. Rewrite each sentence so that it contains the word in capitals: 1.The police are grilling Harry down the station. QUESTIONED . 2.You'll get a rise in salary after six months. RAISED 3.They stopped playing the match after half an hour. ABANDONED 4.They've stopped traffic from using the centre. BANNED 5.They took Chris to court for dangerous driving. PROSECUTED .. 6.You usually eat this kind of fish with a white sauce. SERVED 7.I don't know your name. . INTRODUCED

8.We believe that the government has prepared a plan. HAVE .

9.We are thinking of getting someone to paint the PAINTED outside of the house. .. 10.In the end I was unable to find a garage to service GET my car. .. 11.People say that Mrs Turner was having business BEEN difficulties. 12.The treasure is thought to date from the 13th century. IT .. 13.The police towed away Alan's car. GOT . 14.Your hair needs cutting. .. GET

15.The police believe that a professional thief stole the statue. BEEN 16.Jill's parents are making her study hard. MADE .. 17.Everyone thought that Helen had missed the train. TO .. 18. The coins are believed to have been burried for IT safe-keeping. . 19.Someone punched Sam in the face at a football match. GOT . 20.They suspended Jackson for the next two matches. BANNED 21.John's school is making him sit his exams again. MADE .. 22.If you don't pay the bill , the electricity will be cut off. BE . 23.Everyone thinks that Mary has not accepted the job. THOUGHT .. 24.I'm going to the dentist's for a filling tomorrow. FILLED