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Proyecto: Oso pardo, oso pardo, Qu ves ah?

You will be writing your own brown bear brown bear book using articles, nouns, and adjectives in their grammatically correct form to create the your own version of the lines in the book. You MUST include: - A minimum of 6 animals/shapes. - 2 pages with more than one shape or animal. - A different color to describe each shape or animal - Book Cover that includes the author (you) and the title. 1 2 3 4 Errors in Errors in Completion of six Completion of more agreement of agreement of animals or shapes than six with articles, adjectives articles, adjectives with at least two correct agreement and nouns were and nouns. having more than and use of articles found. Completion Completion of six one. Correct adjectives and of less than six different shapes or agreement of nouns including shapes or animals, animals, no use of articles, adjectives, more complex no use of plural plural forms. and nouns. plural forms. forms. You may choose to write your story any way that you want. You can do a hard copy book any size or way you would like. If you are not sure of any fun ways I can help you brainstorm. You may also use the site Story Jumper to create a book about shapes or animals of various colors. I will provide you with a username and password and you may work on it during our in class-work day in the lab or from home. Please make sure you follow the directions on the weebly for accessing your account.