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HOW TO: open a new text post and type letters a-z into the tags and take

your favorite tag it suggests and post it out of context. this only works if you use tags as obsessive conversational add-ons like me, and if your computer saves the tags youve used before. WHAT YOU COME UP WITH SHOULD BE SOME SORT OF REFLECTION OF YOUR CHARACTER. ENJOY. A: #and then relocate to the back seat of the impala for steamy incestuous gay intercourse B: #but since they are ill just read lots of au fanfiction of them screwing each others brains out C: #COME HERE SO I CAN HUG YOU DAMN IT D: #dear oscar wilde: why are you gay and dead E: #excuse me reevaluating my sexual orientation F: #flickering lights are happening and i have to remind myself its just a storm G: #goddamn i will never not love priest outfits H: #hugs make me feel happy feels I: #i bet his blood is delicious J: #jfc i blame supernatural for this ridiculous kink K: #karp you fuckhead missing e is like everything tumblr needs and more L: #love your panty fetish M: #MISHA I WOULD GLADLY BE YOUR ONE NIGHT STAND N: #none of you will ever truly understand just how much I love jimmy novak O: #on the other hand; boobies P: #porn Q: #queueing for mishas approval R: #Reasons Im Going To Hell S: #so really if you think about it you could have saved the world by fucking each other #stuck in an abusive love-hate relationship with this show T: #this probably shouldnt be as hot as i think it is U: #unf dat collar V: # W: #who am i kidding misha always has sex hair X: Y: #you are doubly attractive when covered in blood Z: #zombies zombies i love zombies