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NPM : 14212855 KELAS : 1EA18


Ajie : hey Bob how are you? Bobby : Oh Ajie . Fine, how about your own? Ajie : well Bobby : By the way there is keperluaan what you come here for? Ajie : I'm here because there is business purposes . your own work here or are there other purposes? Bobby : what field of business? I live near the area here. I am also waiting for my business relationships. Ajie : just so happens that . My field of construction workers . if you? maybe we can work together. Bobby : oh already great ya its business. I am in the food business. did you want to build a house in this city. Ajie : could have been. yes, but still in the planning stages. maybe we can work together in the consumption of my labor. Bobby : I knew if I may, payment systems workers how ya? yes could be if the price is right Ajie : can be arranged. yes depending on the decisions made by both parties. Bobby : oh such a system Ajie : you make any food? Bobby : yes the food light and heavy

Ajie : What if there are many orders will be adding workers and how their income? Bobby : views of how much the pack. yes according UMR, but if there is no definite additional bonus. Ajie : how to plan our cooperation? Bobby : we'll talk more seriously. because I can not make their own decisions Ajie : when can we talk about this cooperation? Bobby : at any time, we are holding larger meetings. Ajie : coincidence relationships I've come. bye bob. Bobby : ok. bye, successful yes.