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Strength and Weaknesses of SQ3R SQ3R is a useful technique for fully absorbing written information.

It helps us to create a good framework of a subject, into which we can fit facts correctly. It helps student to set their own goal in getting bundles of information from any text. This strategy does also has it owns strength and weaknesses. Even it is quite a popular reading strategy, but it also has it owns pros and con. By using this strategy, student can breaks textbook reading down in to five easy-tofollow steps. As we know, textbook is full with factual information that been written in an essays form. Sometime, it is hard to finalize the main idea of the text. So by using this five easy method, student can revising all the useful information un the text just in a few minutes when they want to do their revision. They can understand the text as fast as they can by using this method. They can break a long-boring text into an interesting note to read. Besides, they also can have a better understanding because it is easier to gain all the facts.

SQ3R method encourages students to use their imagination and abstract reasoning abilities during developing question. One of the steps in this strategy is to create question before we read. Why we have to do this? This is to ensure your reading becomes an active search for answers instead of a passive activity. By asking question you will realize shortterm goals will help you comprehend more difficult material. As you perfect the questioning technique, test questions will seem more and more familiar. To create questions, you will have to imagine what kind of information that you want to know or what are you expecting from the text. This is what we called as critical thinking. It will encourage us to think out of the box and to become more creative.

This strategy also has its own weaknesses. As it has five methods to be followed, it will be time consuming. It takes a long period of time to finish just one topic. By following the

method, lots of times were being used just to expecting the information that we want to get. For example, we have to create question, survey the text and we have to read the text more than once. To have better understanding, these methods have to be repeated twice or maybe more than that. Students will not have enough time to just focus on only one topic while they have a bundle of textbooks to read.

This strategy is less effective for textbooks involving problem solving such as math. As we know, this method needs a big effort to read frequently so that we can get the information. Math mostly about calculating and has less facts to be read. So if we apply this strategy onto the maths books, our aim to understand the texts well will not being achieved. We cant simply read and create a graphic organizer for math. We have to practice by doing a lot of exercise on calculating. By using this method, we are in the process of failing ourselves to reach our goal.