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General Introduction

1.1) Definition of WiMAX: WiMAX, meaning Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, is a telecommunications technology that provides wireless transmission of data using a variety of transmission modes, from point-to-multipoint links to portable and fully mobile internet access. The technology provides up to 10 Mbit/s broadband speed without the need for cables. The technology is based on the IEEE 802.16 standard (also called Broadband Wireless Access)

1.2) Introduction of WiMAX: In the mid 1990's, telecommunication companies developed the idea to use fixed broadband wireless networks for potential last mile solutions to provide an alternate. means to deliver Internet connectivity to businesses and individuals. Their aim was to produce a network with the speed, capacity, and reliability of a hardwired network, while maintaining with the flexibility, simplicity, and low costs of a wireless network. This technology would also act as a versatile system for corporate or institutional backhaul distribution networks and would attempt to compete with the leading Internet carriers. This broadband system extended the WiMAX service to a 30-mile range and had the ability to disperse its network between hundreds of terminals. Yet the IEEE did not stop there. In 2005, they came out with the first Mobile WiMAX system: 802.16e. This version used a Scalable Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (SOFDMA) engine, which supported over 2,000 subcarriers, optimized handover delay and packet loss, and increased network security. The IEEE continues to update and modify the WiMAX system specifications to further improve its capabilities. They have made a push to publish their next major 802.16 standard named 802.16m. One of the goals for this version is to increase data speeds to 1Gbps. IEEE also looks ahead to approve and deploy the 802.20 standard in the near future, which has dubbed the nickname Mobile-Fi. Many WiMAX Forum certified products for fixed and nomadic applications are currently commercially available and are constantly being developed. It is then no wonder why WiMAX is a leader of emerging wireless standards and continues to write its own history.

1.2) What are the Services Can Be Provided Through WiMAX:

Figure 1: Uses Of Wimax

1.3 Use of Internet in Bangladesh A new social class is being created, mainly amongst the young generation who find the Internet an effective tool for their career development and globalization of their thoughts and creativity. Many Internet users have stated that a whole new world has been opened to them, they are getting a new source of knowledge, and they are also marketing relations with many good friends and organizations worldwide. But some say that going online is a very costly habit, which sometimes appears as an addiction and causes a big waste of time. A group of young people, notable from the affluent section of the society, is abusing the Internet by using it mostly for entertainment, which is certainly not a healthy practice for a poor country like us. But the saddest news is that Bangladesh has yet to set up an academic network to provide Internet access to the large number of university teachers, students, scientists, researchers who play vital roles in building a better nation.

Figure 2: Internet Users Graph in Bangladesh Source: Internet

Here it is shown that how much internet users are increasing day by day in Bangladesh. Here we are showing the number of internet users in Bangladesh by mobile and other media. Roughly almost 3, 10, 00,000 users are enjoying internet facility in Bangladesh by various reasons not regular basis.


Profile of Banglalion

2.1) Introduction of the Banglalion:

I have chosen Telecommunication and Internet industry to do my internship and the name of the company is Banglalion Communications Ltd' WiMAX, meaning Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, is a telecommunications technology that provides wireless transmission of data using a variety of transmission modes, from point-to-multipoint links to portable and fully mobile internet access. The technology provides up to 10 Mbit/s broadband speed without the need for cables. The technology is based on the IEEE 802.16 standard (also called Broadband Wireless Access).

The WiMAX forum describes WiMAX as "a standards-based technology enabling the delivery of last mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to cable and DSL". WiMAX is 4G technology which has been brought to Bangladesh by Banglalion even before the introduction of 3G services by other and after completing my BBA. I took the decision to complete my internship in a WiMAX company to meet my thrust and to get practical knowledge about telecommunication and internet industry .

2.2) Company Profiles of Banglalion Communications Ltd:


Banglalion provides broadband internet services to residential and commercial users in Bangladesh using WiMAX technology. We understand that consumer and businesses in Bangladesh need and want faster, accessible, and affordable broadband internet service and we are working hard to ensure that. We are a new company with Integrity, Dynamism, Commitment and Innovation who continuously developing our infrastructure starting in Dhaka and some major cities, thus bringing the whole country under coverage. We are passionate about our products, services and customers. We are committed to develop new services, products and facilities to meet client requirements whilst undertaking infrastructure improvements on our existing systems. All of us believe that, in this ever changing world, Bangladesh is changing and Banglalion will remain focus to your needs and we are bringing to you a smooth and nonstop online access to the world of information, excitement, fun and lifestyle.

2.3) Key Statistics about Banglalion Communications Ltd

Headquarters Industry Type Status Company Size Website Bangladesh Telecommunications Privately Held

Operating 500 employees www.banglalionwimax.com

2.4) Historical Background of Banglalion Communications Ltd:


Managing to find new ways to get a feel towards the changing climate in the technology world , one of the most important things that technology can do is to mature with its users. With conventional wireless technology ,as it currently exists , users need to have their computers close to the source which is most likely a single router powering an entire network. Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of properly implemented online digital materials and tools . WiMAX provides this capability, allowing your business to access resources anytime , anywhere and contribution to a truly transformed learning system. Always in wireless Broadband internet access is likely to introduce a powerful new education system, just as the cell phone paradigm changed our society at large. Working is on longer limited to office and home , but can take place in the park , in the car , in a restaurant . As WiMAX becomes more widespread, event more applications will appear that take advantage of the new opportunities for your business .WiMAX is faster than any wireless solutions and most importantly WiMAX has a much greater bandwidth capacity and range . This allows WiMAX to behave somewhat like cellular phone for data networks with inherent high speed , wider bandwidth and highly secured connectivity. Banglalion Communications Ltd is the leading BWA operators in Bangladesh having nationwide license in 2.5 GHz band. We are committed to build a connected Bangladesh through wireless telecom solutions and create a new impact on our business, society, economy, lifestyle and people surrounding us. Banglalion WiMAX brings the latest technology which enables you to enjoy high speed connectivity which is mobile and wireless. We understand that people and businesses in Bangladesh need and want faster, accessible, and affordable wireless broadband services and we are working hard to ensure those. We are a company with integrity, dynamism, commitment and innovation who are making sure a smooth, uninterrupted services for data, video and voice. We are passionate about our products, services and customers. We are also committed to develop new services, products and facilities to meet your requirements. In this ever changing world, Bangladesh is changing and Banglalion will remain focus to your needs and we are online access to the world of information, business, excitement, and lifestyle.

2.5) Company Background of Banglalion: Banglalion Communications Ltd is the leading BWA operator in Bangladesh having nationwide license in 2.5 GHz band with 35MHz spectrum. We are committed to build a connected Bangladesh through wireless telecom solutions and create a new impact on your business, socity, economy, lifestyle and people around us.

Banglalion WiMAX brings you the latest 4G technology which enables you to enjoy broadband connectivity is mobile and wireless . We understand that people and

businesses in Bangladesh need and want faster, accessible and affordable wireless broadband service and we are working hard to ensure that. We are a company with integrity , dynamism , commitment , and we are making sure that every day you enjoy a smooth , uninterrupted service for data , video and voice.

We are passionate about our products , services and customers. We are committed to develop new services , products and facilities to meet your requirements . At Banglalion we are passionate that in this ever changing world , Bangladesh is changing and Banglalion will remain focus to your needs and we are bringing to you a smooth and nonstop online access to the world information , business , excitement and lifestyle .

2.6)Company Overview of Banglalion: Banglalion Communications Ltd. provides broadband Internet services to residential and commercial users in Bangladesh. The company was incorporated in 2008 and is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Banglalion Communication Ltd. is a sister concern of leading Bangladeshi business conglomerate - "Sunman Group of Companies". Banglalion acquired the 1st BWA license from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) November 18, 2008. Banglalion plans to provide Broadband Internet connectivity and other services using WiMAX technology. As part of the coverage plan, BanglaLion has already installed & commissioned 35 BTSs. With these 35 BTSs, Bangla Lion plans to cover the key areas of Dhaka by end of December 2009. By the 1st quarter of 2010, Bangla Lion plans to bring the whole Dhaka city and it's wider periphery under coverage by installing 300 BTSs. Meantime, network rollout in other major cities such as; Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna, Rajshahi, Barisal are about to begin.

2.7) Alepo Partners with Banglalion to Bring Multiplay WiMAX Services to Bangladesh: Alepo Technologies Inc. announced its partnership with Banglalion Communications Ltd. to provide a fully convergent prepaid/postpaid solution for WiMAX services spanning data, voice and video. With plans to provide seamless WiMAX coverage to the entire country by 2011, Banglalion has selected Alepo to provide a highperforming, reliable solution, citing the maturity and stability of Alepo. In selecting Alepo, Banglalion is assured of a solution that is not only feature-rich, but also serves to lower operational expenses by automating service activation and customer care, while also allowing for the rapid introduction of new services without service

interruptions. Alepo will deploy the following proprietary products: Billing and Charging engine, Web Self Care Module, Activation Module, Service Enabler Voice & Video modules, and the Alepo Voucher Management System.

2.8) Number of employees: There are approximately about 500 employees are employed in the 'Banglalion Communications Limited' From the top level to bottom level 2.9) Management philosophy and corporate culture: The management system in this organization is not participatory. Top management normally makes all the decision and creates pressure to subordinate to implement those decisions. Top management always link with workers by supervisors to achieve the organizational goal. They do not maintain any specific uniform to separate boss and subordinate or workers.

2.10) Legal Status: 'Banglalion Communication Limited' is a private limited telecom company.

2.11) Business Philosophy: Create employment To help the national economy Cost minimization Maintain highest quality of every product Profit maximization

2.12) Mission / Vision: Mission: To provide total customer satisfaction the company strives to become the most preferred 4G technology service provider in Bangladesh. Expand nationwide coverage and enhance capacity


Access to information, computing and connectivity will be mobile. Make high speed mobile connectivity affordable and information and entertainment within reach of people's fingertips More broadband, more content and more mobility Empower people for changed lifestyle with wireless technology Encourage local content development and drive penetration thereby enhance information and knowledge gathering capabilities of the masses Load brain with knowledge Vision: Banglalion strongly believes that subscribers are their most valuable assests.We strive to be the most preferred wireless technology solutions provider to delight users for the fastest access to information, entertainment and voice for knowledge based prosperous community. We will continually push the boundaries of internet experience for speed and services and we will be the most valuable company in Bangladesh 2.13) Organizational Goals Discover WiMAX in Bangladesh. To employ resources as incendiary for the growth of ISP sector. To provide service for the parties involved and invention of the necessary new service dimension. To search for new buyers for investment and help to develop products to suit such needs.

2.14) Principal Objectives of the 'Banglalion Communication Limited': Profit maximization To provide standard services.


Strategic View of 'Banglalion Communication Limited':


A truly international outlook for exporting A long-term commitment for exporting A strategic approach to the development of new export market Credibility and close and long-term relationship in export market An international reputation for quality Resources available for export support

2.16) Competitors: Banglalion Communications Ltd is an Internet service oriented company. This organization has both local and international competitors. Different types of ISP and telecom companies are main local competitors of this group. Beside this various telecom companies who provides Internet services are the main competitors of this company

2.17) Branches: Banglalion Communications Ltd. Silver Tower (18th Floor) 52 Gulshan Avenue, Circle-1 Dhaka-1212 PINE VIEW (2nd Floor) 100 Agrabad C/A Chittagong 4100 Contact: Phone: +880-2-8817576, 8816656, 8816639 Fax: +880-2-8816313 Internet: Website: http://www.banglalionwimax.com/ Email: info@banglalionwimax.com 2.18) LIMITATIONS:

First of all, I did not find any secondary data specifically on the Internet Service Providors of Bangladesh. For this reason, to get the answer of certain questions I had go through people's opinion. While doing the survey lots of people did not want to respond to many questions. Sometimes they even did not fill out the questionnaire properly for the busy schedule. For this reason, sometimes I had to ask them questions from my questionnaire instead of giving them hard copy. Secondly, Time was one of the major constraints. As our internship program is only three-month long, it was difficult to cover and collect all the necessary materials for completion of such a large report within this time boundary. I also would like to mention that the people of telecommunications and ISPs are under tremendous workload. Although, they wanted to co-operate me in writing my report, their busy schedules sometimes did not allow them to do so. On the other hand, due to secrecy of official information, sometimes they showed unwillingness .to provide me information. Finally, political unrest of our country such as strike or hartal was major problem in this regard as it is difficult to go out and work during that time and to maintain the work schedule.



Banglalion Products


3.1)Banglalion's Packages & Pricing: The Banglalion Communication has 11 different categories of Packages. The Packeges are basically two types one is shared and another one is Dedicated the are described below:

Device Name Indoor Unit


One Time Charges TK.2950

Dongle Unit


Outdoor Unit



Shared No 01. 02. 03. Packages Lion Starter Lion Value Lion Value Plus Speed 128 kbps 256 kbps 256 kbps 512kbps 512kbps 512kbps 1mbps 1mbps 1mbps 1mbps 2mbps 5mbps Monthly Fees TK. 600 TK. 1000 TK. 800 TK.2150 TK.1250 TK.1450 TK.5150 TK.2250 TK.2450 TK.4750 TK.7000 TK.15000 Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited 5 GB Unlimited 5GB 10GB Unlimited 5GB 10GB 20GB 25GB 30GB


Lion 1mbps

05. 06.

Lion 2mbps Lion 5mbps

All prices are excluding 15% VAT. Tk. 0.15/Mb for extra usage of limited packages. Dedicated

No. 01. 02. 03. 04. 05.


Speed 128 kbps 256kbps 512kbps 1mbps 2mbps

Monthly Fees TK.6000 TK.7500 TK.12500 TK.23500 TK.42500

Usages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

All prices are inclusive 15% VAT.


Fair Usage Policy applicable for unlimited packages * Additional Usage Tk. 0.15/MB

All charges are excluding VAT VAT = 15% of the Package Price For above 1MB connectivity and other customized packages please contact our Sales Team. Banglalion Prepaid internet

No contracts! No monthly bills! That is the flexibility and convenience that Banglalion Prepaid offers you. Access the internet as much as you want and whenever you want. Its an easy, no-commitment plan that powers you to manage your internet experience the way you want at a value-for-money rate. Your Internet access is supported by our 4G (Fourth Generation) WiMAX Technology.

Banglalion Prepaid offers a combination of hard-to-beat value propositions:

A dedicated network solely built for data service (i.e. internet). No sharing with other type of service (i.e. voice). The only WiMAX operator in the country with a strong presence in 7 (seven) divisional cities and the highest number of BTS Stable & high speed internet Convenient refills of Tk. 300 and Tk. 600 through scratch card Charges are on actual usage up to the byte level

Prepaid Plans & Recharge You have the convenience to choose from either of the two prepaid plans:

Our recharge options are simple and convenient. You can choose the one thats most appropriate for you.


3.2) Device And Network Informations: The AWB RG230 is a WiMAX Indoor IAD equipped with Ethernet and WiFi connections into one single device. The device is selfinstallable for end users to install the device in the building easily. AWB RG230 delivers the last mile

broadband wireless access (BWA) for service provider using fixed or mobile applications. It performs as an alternative to wired DSL or cable modems with higher and wider transmitting speed and coverage. Key Features:

IEEE 802.16e-2005 Wave 2 compliant Non Line of Sight (NLOS) and Line of Sight (LOS) support Supports 2x2 MIMO Supports SNMP, TR-069 remote management Supports dual-image software upgrade recovery mechanism Supports Network Discovery and Selection (ND&S) algorithm for automatically and effectively connecting to base station Supports multiple frequency bands - 2.3~2.7GHz, 3.3~3.8GHz

The AWB OD211 is a WiMAX outdoor IAD equipped with Ethernet into one single device, which offers best-in-class features that minimize the time and cost of bringing broadband to the subscriber locations. For the operator, OD211 provides management flexibility with choices from SNMPv1, v2c, TR-069 to Web-based management. OD211 is a compact and reliable WiMAX outdoor solution for service providers wishing to deploy fixed or mobile last mile broadband wireless access (BWA).

Key Features:

IEEE 802.16e-2005 Wave 2 compliant Non Line of Sight (NLOS) and Line of Sight (LOS) support Supports MIMO Supports SNMP, TR-069 remote management Supports IEEE 802.11b/g (optional) Supports dual-image software upgrade recovery mechanism Supports Network Discovery and Selection (ND&S) algorithm for automatically and effectively connecting to base station Compliant with IP67 and lightening protection (Surge) standard Supports multiple frequency bands.

The AWB US211 is a compact designed WiMAX USB Adapter with USB 2.0 interface for laptop users to connect to WiMAX networks. It supports Windows XP/Vista and Linux OS platform. Compliant with IEEE802.16e wave 2 standard, the AWB US211 performs to be the best way to experience mobile WiMAX connectivity anytime and anywhere. Key Features:

IEEE 802.16e-2005 Wave 2 compliant Non Line of Sight (NLOS) and Line of Sight (LOS) support Supports MIMO, IO Beam forming Supports OMA-DM (future release) Supports CD-less Installation Supports Network Discovery and Selection (ND&S) algorithm for automatically and effectively connecting to base station Comprehensive Wireless Connection Manager utility for easy management and status monitoring Supports multiple operating systems Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7, Intel based MAC OS (future support) Supports multiple frequency bands

3.3)Corporate Solutions:

Dedicated and Shared Bandwidth Secured VPN for Banks/Financial Ins/Corporate houses IP Telephony and IP PABX Remote Security Surveillance by IP Camera & Sensor Remote Device Data Acquisition (SCADA) Video Conference Nationwide WAN Live IP TV E-learning Mobile Office IP Telephony Remote Training ATM Connectivity

3.4)Corporate Solutions:

Dedicated/Shared Internet Bandwidth Secured VPN Remote Offices Connectivity Remote Monitoring by IP Camera Video Conference Live IP TV Mobile Office IP Telephony and IP PABX Remote Training Tele-Medicine E-Learning and Distance Learning

3.5)Residential Solutions:

Internet Bandwidth Online Game Sever Online Radio Audio & Video Streaming Live IP TV IP Telephony (Mobile) E-learning Tele-Medicine

3.6) Customer/ clients of Banglalion Communications Ltd The Internet division of Banglalion Communications Ltd is committed to providing the customer with the best possible service they can offer. So the customers of Banglalion communications are the Internet users of all sectors in Bangladesh. From Student to home users and to corporate clients to the business organizations all are the clients of Banglalion Communications Ltd.

3.7) Benefits to the Customers

WiMAX service from Banglalion will benefit the customers in many ways:

High speed internet will allow the customers to enhance their business efficiency through uninterrupted connectivity Widen the scope of communication through simultaneous impact of data, voice and video Open the scope of distance education through e-learning both at local and global level Widen the avenue of telemedicine & affordable health care services Lowering the cost and enriching communication through IP Telephony and Video conference Enhance the accountability, transparency, resource allocation & expenditure within various organizations.


1. Customer will pay VAT and other government duties/taxes on the monthly rental charges as per the rate fixed by the Government. 2. Minimum One year (1) years contract should be signed between client & Banglalion Communications Ltd. 3. This offer will remain valid for a period of 30 days. 4. All monthly charges are payable on a monthly basis in advance of 5th day of each English calendar month, when the service fees becomes payable to the clients. 5. All the payment must be made in Bangladeshi Taka. 6. Banglalion Communications Ltd will not be liable for any equipment damages/burn from fire, physical damage, voltage malfunctioning, or any other form of jeopardy. Client should provide outdoor and indoor surge protectors to ensure the electrical protection of installed equipment. 7. All the license fees, if any in future, fixed by the Government or the ministry of post and telecommunication/BTRC, will be taken care of by the customer.

8. Maintenance services includes periodical general preventive maintenance services based on the specific needs of individual equipment or as determined by Banglalion Communications Ltd and on-call remedial maintenance. The service does not cover damages due to gross mishandling and improper operation by the client. 9. Clients cant engage in any activities in the course of availing the services, which amount to a violation of the prevailing laws of Bangladesh, and shall fully indemnify the Banglalion Communications Ltd for any loss or liabilities resulting from such a violation. 10. Price may vary upon changes on current Governments policy. 11. In the event of malfunction of any nature whatsoever of the Equipments, it shall not reconnect, repair, open, move, modify or act in any manner in connection to the Equipments unless expressly authorized by the Banglalion Communications Ltd.. 12. It shall take all necessary steps to ensure that the Equipments of the Banglalion Communications Ltd, installed at its Premises, is free from danger of physical damage, voltage fluctuation, fire or any other form of jeopardy. 13. Client will provide maximum security to all equipments in current premises from any threats/disaster/natural calamity, etc. 14. This connectivity is only considering one link not includes any redundancy. 15. Offer excludes Installation of UPS for limited backup.

3.9) How Banglalion WiMAX Works:

CPE (Dongle), B/W Capacity 128 kbps 256 kbps 512 kbps 23

1MB, 2MB

Figure 3: Single User Internet Connection


Figure 4: Multi User Internet Connection With Existing LAN


Figure 5: Multi User Internet Connection With Existing WiFi


Functional Departments of Banglalion Communications Ltd


4.1)Functional Departments of Banglalion Communications Ltd & Their Activities: All the functions of Banglalion Communications are operated under ten major departments: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Marketing department. Sales department. Dealer & Distribution department. Information Computer Technology (ICT) department. Customer Management System (CMS) department. Network Operation (NOK) department. Bill department Commercial Technical 8. Human Resource (HR) department. 9. Administration (Admin) department. 10. Accounts / Finance department. 4.1.1) Marketing


This department is responsible for the following activities: 4.1.1) Brand and A&P: Brand and A&P denotes Brand and Advertising & Promotion. This unit deals with the overall brand management and promotion activities of the company. This unit covers both outdoor (billboards, road-overhead etc)media and indoor (print & electronic) media. This unit is also responsible for communicating with the advertising agencies, since Banglalion does not have any inhouse agency. Each unit has a unit-head who reports to the AGM of Marketing. 4.1.2) Product Development: Product Development unit is like the R&D unit of company, which is responsible for developing new products and services. This unit is closely related to the marketing research unit and together the units come up with new service concepts and ideas. Product development unit is also responsible for monitoring the core services (pre-paid and post-paid). Like other units, this unit also has a head reporting to the AGM. 4.1.3) Marketing Research and MIS: Banglalion Communications Ltd has one unit

covering both marketing research and marketing information system (MIS).This unit conducts quarterly research thought research firms and in house interns. The units is also responsible to keep track on the least innovations and new offers of the operators. 4.1.4 Marketing Division: Marketing Division unit deals with the sales of products and services to companies. The unit makes agreements with different companies to be the corporate clients of Banglalion Communication and only handle the corporate level sales.

4.2) Network operation(NOK) Department: We are already in 7 divisional headquarters (Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Khulna, Rangpure and Barisal) with our network. Almost every day we are covering new areas thought our planned network expansion to cover Bangladesh gradually. Please check our website www.banglalionwimax.com/coverage.php to know about our coverage. We encourage you to take to talk to us to get our recent coverage status. The divisional coverage are shown into the map below: Dhaka Division Coverage:

Figure 6: Dhaka Coverage

Chittagong Division Coverage:


Figure 7: Chittagong Coverage

Sylhet Division Coverage:

Figure 8: Sylhet Coverage


Rajshahi Division Coverage:

Figure 9: Rajshahi Coverage

Khulna Division Coverage:

Figure 10: Khulna Coverage


Rangpur Division Coverage:

Figure 11: Rangpur Coverage

Barisal Division Coverage:

Figure 11: Barshal Coverage

4.3) Customer Management System (CMS) department: Our Customer Relation ship Department(CRD) stays connected with you always , assist you With any query regarding our service or to help you out while you face any difficulty after subscribing Banglalion WiMAX . We manage relevant feedback from customers, improve by timely follow up to delight & built long term relationship. We placed people in our CRD with positive attitude and multi functional skills.


We do our utmost to ensure our customers get the most from our services. Thats why when you call us you talk to someone who can answer all your questions. Not a computer ! Our 24x7 operational Contact center can cater to your request immediately.

We also have online chat system in place where you can instant feedback to your queries. To solve any complex technical issues you can also use the remote access service. Our technical s specialist will connect to your devices to cope with the problem and eliminate it without being physically present at your location.


Human Resource (HR) department: Human Resource (HR) department is responsible for the recruitment and training of the employees of the company. They also monitor the performance and handle the promotion and salary related matter. Along with the HR department, there is an Administration. The administration is responsible for supplying furnishing and equipments to the 7 divisions and department Sales department: Dealer & Distribution department: Information Computer Technology (ICT) department: Bill department: Commercial Technical

4.5. 4.6. 4.7. 4.8.

4.9. Administration (Admin) department: 4.10. Accounts / Finance department: .

4.9)Future Targets of Banglalion Communications: Banglalion Communications is company with increasing growth trend from the very inception phase. At the present, in the 2 years of its operations Banglalion Communications has achieved a subscriber base of approximately 1.50lakh. Within 2011, Banglalion Communications has the target to reach a subscriber base of 5lakh. Within this year the company is intending to cover all the districts of the company. Taking all the probable threats in the industry under consideration, including the introduction of Qubee, City Cell Zoom, Banglalion is intended to set its building blocks to become a market leader by2015.


Chapter 5



5.1. Relationship to job functions with people: Usually top management makes all the decisions. They also create pressure to subordinate to execute those decisions. Top management always link with the workers by the supervisors to achieve the organizational goal. They dont maintain any specific uniform to separate boss and subordinate or workers. Supervisor, line chief plays important role to top management by giving different type of information. 5.2 Organizational structure: The administrator management style is classical management style. Classic management style is a method for efficiency and facilitating planning, organizing and controlling. Classic management style is effective for Banglalion Communication Ltd. Because by using this style organization progress the efficiency of their employed and increased productivity, supervisor, line chief and maintains assistance play important role to top management by giving different type of information. 5.3 Administrator management style: Maintenance department policies and procedures are not clearly presented. There has an effective training program for all level of the employees. Approximately eighty percent of expectation was fulfilled except some critical ego tic matters

5.4 Maintenance department policies: Communication rate between the manager, assistant and work team is moderately high. For achieving any kind of organizational goal, most of the time they frequently communicate with each other. This is a totally production oriented company, thats why they have to maintain frequent relationship with each other. 5.5) List of Clients

Custome r Clients

Business Clients

Customer Clients

Corporate Customers

Factory Customers


Professional Business Persons

Local People

5.6 .Activation Subscriber: Banglalion does not RUIM. Thats way after sales subscriber have to wait 1 hour .because after data entry (subscriber information) FWP is ready for sale. CBOSS will activated automatically after data entry. The following graph will show how to activate subscribers FWP:

Dealer/outlet/ direct sellers

Exchange Employee

Request for activation Head Office

Request for activation

After selling a FWP ,responsible person send a request over phone to the H/O . . .Responsible person at H/Q note down subscriber name address and sells a/c number. There are only one person is responsible for activation and another one person is responsible for support ( transfer equipment , arrange payment etc. )Jr. Asstt. Manager are responsible for these operation.

5.7 Customer Service: Customer service is the most vital part of any ISP or Telecom sector. If customer do not satisfy service they must switch to the other operator. For example GP have more than 2000, BLion have 1600 , CityCell Zoom have 600 ,Qubee have 30 customer service all of the country. To keep stay on market after sales service in important. From Call Centre- any subscriber from Banglalion can call 01198989898 from their Banglalion and get service. This call centre is open 10am to 6pm. From the H/O subscriber can come physically into the H/O and get service. From Website - www.banlalionwimax.com

Subscriber Over phone Call Centre(Banani)

Over phone Head Officer/ Jr.Asstt.manager Technical Problem Banani (technical Dept.)

5.8) List of Suppliers: Banglalion have different clients from those they collect the raw materials for the company in this case connecting devices like modem, Other accessories for BTS etc they are collecting from the following company No. 01 02 03 04 Company Name ZTE Acton Quanta ZYXEL Country China China China China

3.7) Value Chain Analysis Banglalion Communications LTD: As Telecommunication provide service as intermediary between business customers and consumers , their success depend on the value they are able to provide to both of these groups. So to analyze its ability to provide value to its users I have analyzed

Banglalion Communications ability regarding this matter. Value chain analysis is a useful framework for systematically identifying strength and weakness of any company. Value chain analysis assumes that a company is a collection of activities necessary to design, create value, market and support its products and each of these activities could add. Value to users , or service. Each of them can also be a source of competitive advantage for a company . Value provider activities of Banglalion Communications can be divided into two major categories, primary activities of Banglalion Communications and its supporting activities. Primary activities contribute to the physical creation of the products, its sales and transfer to the users, and after sales service. Support activities assist the primary activities and each other.

5.9) Banglalion Communications Value chain could see as below: Finance/accountsNetwork Operation SystemMarketing/salesBilling Customer CareDirect Customer The Value chain: Primary and support Activities Firm Infrastructure Human Resource Management Technology Development (If any) Inbound Logistics Operation Outbound Logistics Marketing Sales Service Following Factors affect the primary and secondary activities of any value chain. Inbound Logistics Operations This company effectiveness in better network services. Productivity of personnel compared to that of key competitors of Banglalion Communications Efficiency of Communications service processes of Banglalion

Effectiveness of service control systems of Banglalion Communications to improve quality and reduce costs Its efficiency to plant layout and workflow design. Outbound logistics Marketing & Sales Innovation in sales promotion and advertising of Banglalion Communications

Timeliness and efficiency of delivery to users and services of Banglalion Communications. Its effectiveness of market research to identify users segments and needs.

Motivational competence of H.R. capital of Banglalion Communications Development of and image of quality and a favorable reputation of Banglalion Communications Its extent of brand loyalty among consumer Extent of market dominance within the market segment or overall market. Users It means to solicit user inputs for service improvement Its promptness of attention to user complaints service Its appropriateness of warranty and guarantee policies Its quality of user education and training Its ability to provide replacement parts and repair service within 6 month. Human Resource Management Efficiency of recruiting, training, and promoting all levels of employees of Banglalion Communications Its appropriateness of reward systems for motivating and challenging employees A work environment of Banglalion Communications that minimizes absenteeism and keeps turnover at desirable levels Active participation by managers and technical personnel in this professional company Levels of employee motivation and job satisfaction in Banglalion Communications Technology Development Success of research and development activities of Banglalion Communications Quality of working relationship between personnel in Banglalion Communications Timeliness of technology development activities in meeting critical deadlines Qualification and experience of technological personnel in Banglalion Communications Its ability of establishing work environment to encourage creativity and innovation. Procurement Development of alternate sources by Banglalion Communications for inputs to minimize dependence on a

single supplier Procurement of products by Banglalion Communications On a timely basis A lowest possible cost At acceptable levels of quality Its procedures for procurement of plant, machinery and building Its development of criteria for lease versus purchase decision. Its good, long-term relationship with reliable suppliers Its capability to identify new product market opportunities and potential environment threats Its quality of the strategic planning system to achieve corporate objectives Its coordination and integration of all activities associated with the value chain among organizational sub units Its ability to obtain relatively low cost funds for capital expenditure and working capital Its level of information systems support in making strategic and routine decision. Timely and accurate information for management on general and competitive environment of Banglalion Communications

Firm Infrastructure

5.10Findings of value chain analysis: I have found the following findings related with the value chain aspects from my working experience in the company and the personal interview through my working tenure: 5.11) Findings related to primary activities: Although for their unsatisfactory services at beginning stage Banglalion Communication Ltd lost some potential users, which is now owned by other ISP providers of the country like Qubee, Grameen phone and Citycell and other local ISPs but now they try to reallocate their services and promote their products nationwide to grab most of the market shares with satisfactory service. Employers of Banglalion Communications Ltd are satisfied with the existing productivity of the employees of Banglalion Communications Ltd The central location of the company is in the cities most busiest hub at Gulshan 1,

Dhaka is the success of Banglalion Communications Ltd regarding place Strategy of 4Ps in marketing strategy. Only a small percentage of their total annual orders is usually rejected by their consumers, which proves their efficiency. Banglalion Communication Limited is able to deliver the goods on time for the advantage of owning a number of branches in different location of the country. 5.12) Findings related to Supporting activities: They don't provide any training to their employees. Absence of employee reward system except their normal pay scale. Nice working environment is a strength for this organization. Professional pace of work exist within the management. Existence of technological support such as e-mail, fax, scanner, phone, printing device etc. in the organization. Company doesn't hold any policy regarding employee creativity or inanition Company holds international outlooks. In this organization Chairman holds the top position. Then comes the Board of Directors. Usually all the decisions comes from them and pass through the managing the director. Managing Directors passes the information and orders to the directors and the direction then passes to the managers, supervisors and employees of all the departments respectively.

5.13) THE INTERNSHIP POSITION & DUTIES: I worked in the sales, finance section of Banglalion Communication Ltd in my internship period. During the Internship period I had not any specific organizational position. I worked there 6 days in a week. My office hour was 9 am to 5 pm. At the beginning of my internship they tell about my duties & then they introduce me about the whole system of (sales, marketing and network) department of Banglalion Communication Ltd. They give me primary data about the function of the different section of the ISP and the telecommunication firms. My job was communicated with the sales of internet device and users, receive the phone call, make phone call to contract and check e mail from the users. Sometimes I was used to note down the problem of products and network department as well as my sales department with my supervisor of Banglalion Communication Ltd. It also work with the Microsoft excel and try to make some document of users information for the company. Moreover I am

always tried to full fill my duties and responsibilities with sales department of Banglalion Communication Ltd. A sales employee has to know the total inventory of a product. There are different types of works are done in the sales level. The various kind of products and bandwidths are given below: Device Name Indoor Unit Device One Time Charges TK.2950

Dongle Unit


Outdoor Unit


Shared No 01. 02. 03. Packages Lion Starter Lion Value Lion Value Plus Speed 128 kbps 256 kbps 256 kbps 512kbps 512kbps 512kbps 1mbps 1mbps 1mbps 1mbps 2mbps 5mbps Monthly Fees TK. 600 TK. 1000 TK. 800 TK.2150 TK.1250 TK.1450 TK.5150 TK.2250 TK.2450 TK.4750 TK.7000 TK.15000 Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited 5 GB Unlimited 5GB 10GB Unlimited 5GB 10GB 20GB 25GB 30GB


Lion 1mbps

05. 06.

Lion 2mbps Lion 5mbps

All prices are excluding 15% VAT. Tk. 0.15/Mb for extra usage of limited packages. Dedicated

No. 01. 02. 03. 04. 05.


Speed 128 kbps 256kbps 512kbps 1mbps 2mbps

Monthly Fees TK.6000 TK.7500 TK.12500 TK.23500 TK.42500

Usages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

All prices are inclusive 15% VAT.

3.9) Learning Points: In the Internship period under a sales manager I observed that there are three main people:



6.1 Nature of the Research

The research is based on both quantitative and qualitative study.

The qualitative aspect of the report will include a description of the major communication problems faced by the CSR personnel/Agency of Banglalion Communications. This section will try to cover major awareness obstacles that are faced and how they are dealt with or if it is possible to deal with them. This section will also try to find whether there is any relationship between the major problems received and the location of the program.

This section will further address certain recommendations provided by the general people and agency and their impact on the improvement of performance of Banglalion.

The level of awareness of the general people on Banglaions Corporate Social Responsibility program as well as Banglalions overall system has been covered by the questionnaire. In this questionnaire, awareness level of the root level people has been quantified.

The specific objectives were kept in mind when addressing the questionnaire. Each question was farmed with consideration to the scales to be used in the analysis.

6.1.2 Research Instrument

As mentioned earlier a questionnaire has been used for the quantitative analysis part. The questionnaire was then followed-up by another direct interview and telephone

calls to judge the level of knowledge of the CSR experts and professionals about Banglalion.

6.1.3 Population
The very basic step in research designing is to define the population upon which we are conducting this study. Population of the study has been identified as: General people or top management employees who are listed with the Banglalion records. The main rationale behind taking this population is that members belonging to the above-mentioned section will be able to give the exact picture of the situation that exists between them and Banglalion. Being the owners and top management employees, they will be able to provide more accurate details and provide a broader perspective than would have been available from any other employee.

6.1.4 Sampling: Sample Units:

Sample units in this research are top management of the region. Here top management is defined as those individuals in the different region who are in the major decisionmaking body of particular areas. Under this definition comes the Owners, Managing Directors, Executive Directors, Sales & Marketing Managers, etc.

Sample size:
The total number of activation CSR projects in Bangladesh is over 50. Owing to time constraints and unavailability of concerned persons it was not possible to survey all divisions. Thus a total sample size of 50 respondents was taken and the report is based on the findings from this sample size. It should also be mentioned that the survey did not take into account.

Sampling Method
The study has been conducted by using a probabilistic method, as the complete listing regarding the sampling units was available. This method provides essentially unbiased estimates having measurable precision.

Sampling Technique
For this study area cluster sampling have used. This is a special form of cluster sampling in which the sample items are clustered on a demographical basis. The technique here is to first select a sample of demographic areas, then studying the particular universe units associated with the selected sample of geographic areas. This cluster or group has been taken on the notion that the members of these groups are externally homogenous and internally heterogeneous among themselves. The characteristics for homogeneity are given below:

1. 2.

They are the service holders, day laborers, students and other profession. They are the top management people with expertise in CSR.

Members within both these groups are homogenous in terms of these abovementioned criteria. However, the two groups are heterogeneous due to the differences in the volume of each criterion between these each group. This is the key factor that makes them heterogeneous. In addition to this there are other factors for heterogeneity and they are given below: 1. 2. 3. 4. Monthly activation unit. Monthly media coverage from Newspaper and television. Knowledge and awareness of Banglalion products and services. Satisfaction level of agency regarding Banglalion CSR events.

6.1.5 Errors:
Doing a research of such proportions may have resulted in errors to take place. Much potential error is systematic, the error that results from bias, while the remainder is random, an error that occurs in an erratic fashion.

This research paper takes into account these cases of errors. Major sources of error have been identified as follows:

Situation as an Error: This perhaps has been one of the principle sources of errors. Such errors usually result from any condition that may have placed a strain on the interview. Everyone in the top management of an outlet is extremely busy and managers of different functional areas constantly visit them for various business-related purposes. In some situations therefore, the respondent could not freely answer the questions. The physical and mental status of the respondent also at times resulted in error as respondents varied in enthusiasm and participation depending on their mood. Respondent as an Error: This kind of error results due to both non-response as well as inaccurate perception with regard to a specific concept or construct of a questionnaire. In this research, at times the respondents were reluctant to provide extreme positive or negative views and preferred to reside in the neutral area. This error of neutrality was somewhat checked as most of the scales were in four-point scale. In addition to this, there have been some cases where there were respondents who claimed that they knew a lot about Banglalion; but during the course of the interview this proved to be wrong. The respondents views then tend to be misleading. Measurer as an Error: Such error, however, happened in the pre-testing phase of the report. The very theme of the report was new to the members; hence much-desired queries and information could not be communicated with

the respondents. This however, was rectified once full-fledged interviewing started for the final survey. It must however be mentioned that there was no case of the instrument, meaning questionnaire, as the source of error. The final questionnaire was designed in such a way that there was least scope for instrument as an error.

6.1.6 Limitations
Critical Sampling Unit
One of the primary limitations of this research was that the sampling unit was business entities not individuals. Among the business entities, top managementnamely directors, managing directors, were some of the respondents. These individuals tend to be very busy persons and doing a research on such respondents does possess certain limitations.

Sharing of information
The business units were not willing to share information on certain cases e.g. commission and buffer. because, these are companies personal secrets and they dont want to share it to the outsiders that is why information are not shared to the individuals of Bangladesh


6.2) Major Findings: Q1: How is the working environment of this organization? Ans: Basically the sales department of any ISP organization is a very busy department most of the time. The sales executives always have to be busy. They have to search new clients through direct sales service and other ways and maintain communication with the current buyers; they always have to maintain communication with the suppliers, raw material collection and with many other tasks like these. Because the variety of job responsibility generally they have not any specific office hour. But the environment is very casual and friendly and the situation is not bad because the business of this organization is growing rapidly. Q2: What are the barriers you are facing in the sales sector? Ans: Most barriers told by the employees are: Sometimes sales department cannot maintain the specific time of delivery of products like modems. Thats why sometimes it is being very tough to send a product to the customer within the specific time period. When the sales are being made the consumers show only the samples and the quantity of products. Some the political factors and some natural disasters effect the sales too much. Q3: Tell me please about your experience with the Organization? Ans: Sales executives always has to maintain relationship and communication with the organization and the customers . If the executive has a good relationship and long business history that will help to sell faster. Sometimes organization delayed to supply the products at the specific time and thats why the business is going to be affected. Q4: Is the behavior of top management is friendly & effective for the section? Is their enough communication between the top level management and the sales executives? Ans: Behavior of top management is better enough and effective for the organization. They take proper initiative if their anything needed by the situation. Communication rate between the manager, assistant and the work team is high. They frequently communicate with each other for achieve the organization goals. This organization is a totally production oriented company. Thats why they have to maintain frequent relationship with each other. Q5: Do you think that you are well enough paid according to your merit or the service for the organization? Ans: Banglalion Communications Ltd has an independent account & financial activities of the company. The company fund allocation and distribution are lead by the the direction under the supervision of chairman of the company. The company is paying an attractive and modest salary other benefits mainly according to the experience related to the field.

SWOT Analysis:
Strength of Banglalion Communications: Skilled workforce: From its inception Banglalion Communications Ltd look into the combination of effectiveness and efficiency regarding its objectives. As a result within a few days it got the higher regard from its consumers. In fact, its swift growth of the company is the combination of two skills required for a competent ISP: Communication skills: From its inception Banglalion Communications Ltd has proved themselves attractive in the eyes of the customers because of its strong communication skills. For example, as the perpetration of entering the Bangladeshi market the organization has engaged personnel with the good communication and promotional power for the convenience with the customers. Even the organization renders time to time information to the customers on the progress of the company's product.

Collaboration with suppliers: To provide higher value in their value delivery process Banglalion Communication Ltd has built the long-term relationship with some competent suppliers. This collaboration makes this organization honest to its commitment of quality. Permanent Customer: For its reputation' of committed organization it has built a marketing network with some prominent customers. These buyers are not easily vulnerable to ISP, as they are satisfied with Banglalion for its efficiency and effectiveness.

Long term relationship with Customers: Banglalion Communications Ltd honors the long-term relationship with their customers. Weaknesses of Banglalion Communications Ltd Lack of Promotional Activities: Banglalion Communication ltd has a limited number of promotional activities than their competitors in the market. Not International standard certified: Banglalion Communications Ltd is not ISO certified organization. Not to say that, being as a proof of quality, ISO certificate is very much essential for the spreading of its market. High price sensitive distribution network:


Opportunities of Banglalion Communications Ltd They are in the growth industry: With the advantage of increased attraction toward ISP services are enjoying a perineum growth in its industry. This is an opportunity for Banglalion Communications Ltd to increase its sphere own world. Cheap employee industry: In our country Bangladesh with all other employers Banglalion Communications Ltd has the busy access of cheap employees.

Threats of Banglalion Communications Ltd Local competitors: Banglalion Communications Ltd is an Internet service oriented company. This organization has both local and international competitors. Different types of ISP and telecom companies are main local competitors of this group. Beside this various telecom companies who provides Internet services are the main competitors of this company. The Major Competitors of the company are : Qubee, Citycell, Grameen Phone, Warid, Banglalink and Robi.

Political conflict: In our country political instability often hampers the effectiveness and efficiency of business organization. Thereby political unrest is a notable threat to the smooth function of Banglalion Communications Ltd.




Solution of human resource problem *After recruitment of employee, a company should provide them three to six month training to learn the technical work to perform the technical job such as the job of sales, marketing, finance, Network Operations etc. The company should provide money to its employee to develop' communication skills to communicate with customers. Instead of full autocracy or democracy, the employers of Banglalion should show lenient view in all aspects so that they get motivated to work. Employee pay structure should be consistent with the employee. work pressure, in order to stop their tendency to switch job. Company should introduce service bonus or service benefit in order to encourage and motivate their employee. Solution of the problems of Infrastructure: The only remedy to develop this scenario is to strengthen their infrastructure through combined effort of both government and non-government for proper support and facilities. Government should give license to the ISP 3rd generation communication system to develop the infrastructure. Encourage people to develop industry such as modems, wires and other supporting materials treated as backward linkage industry of ISP by make short term or long term contract of taking goods so that ISP and the telecommunication industry do not have to import those at higher price or the local supply can the fulfill the required demand of the industry. Company owned accessory supplier can also the developed to maintain quality or on time delivery. Solution of Marketing problems: ISP and the telecommunication companies should be more careful and attentive in monitoring the production of the internet services so that production goes on schedule and any unwanted occurrence such as bandwidth blockage for the ISP provider cannot occurs. They should ensure that they have all the resources for ISP services one stop solutions. They should start marketing through trade fair. They should start marketing through internet, billboards and TVC.

I have completed the internship in the Banglalion Communication Ltd. It was an excellent opportunity to get some idea about a specific world. Theres huge gap between studying a particular discipline and implementing it in the particular field. Everything was not according to the books. As per observed that the organization run their business smoothly. They have to face some problems with the working environment of this organization. I think the training and development process or system was not sufficient. This company management stuff at the operating level officers has not independent decision making authority. The organizations employees dont get adequate transport facilities or any provision for entertainment allowance. The company does not provide meals to the overtime workers. The salary of the provisionary workers is not good enough. But they are very conscious In the process of employees recruitment the organization give emphasis on educational level. They give emphasis on the skills of employee. Top management is willing to give employees salary in the due time. Thats why employee turnover rate is not too high. After evaluating every answer, I have identified some hypothesis regarding the Banglalion Communications Ltd sales division: H1: Working environment is wonderful throughout the organization. H2: The communication gap between the top level management, Seller and buyers should reduce. H3: The organization is paying well salary to the deserving employees.

Majority of customers are satisfied with brand image and product pricing. Network connectivity has a also positive effect on satisfaction via brand image. However customer care service has a impact on the customer satisfaction.To get the initial customers who will spread the world how wonderful the organization is, there will have to be initial advertising. One important area is employee relations and training. If employees are disgruntled, under trained or underpaid, they will never interact in a positive approach with customers and all of the knowledge and good intentions are for nothing. There is a simple rule. If customer does not know about the product then the will not purchase that product. For better business Banglalion Communications Ltd must concentrate on advertisement.




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