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Blueprint for Poetry Unit

Unit includes performance task and test

(P.T.=performance task)
For each learning target each student.........

Content Outline Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis Synthesis

..can correctly recite a

I. Reciting Poetry poem using line
breaks to affect rhythm,
sound, meaning, and
substitution for
punctuation in poetry.

7.5% - 3pts. (P.T.) 100 % of row-3pts.

... are able to utilize
..can correctly organize resources such as
structures (stanzas and personal experience,
verses) when creating themes from other texts,
II. Writing Poetry their own original poems. and performances to plan
and write their own
original poems.

22.5% -9pts. (P.T.) 33% of row-3pts (P.T.) 67% of row-6pts.

.. can use an audible
voice and pacing
III. Speaking Poetry appropriate to content
and audience

7.5%-3pts. (P.T.)
... can100% of row-3pts
correctly create
…can identify significant their own rhythm, rhyme,
literary elements ... can describe how simile, metaphor, and
including metaphors, authors use similes, personification in their
similes, rhyme, rhythm, metaphors, and own original poems.
and meters after personification to create
IV. Literary Devices readinga poem that meaning when used in a
in Poetry contains one or more of poem.
these elements.

(Test)- 40% of row (Test)-36% of row (P.T.) 24% of row-6pts.

62.5%-25 pts. 5 questions-2pts. Each 3 questions-3pts. Each