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The short films that we had watched entitled The True Story of the Tallano Estate, The Prime

Neighborhood Association, and The Golden Buddha of Roger Roxas were a part of the history of the Philippines. These three short films are simply related to the economy and politics of the Philippines. The Tallano Estate was all about a royal family named Tagean Tallano clans were said to be the owner of the Philippines long before the Spaniards discovered Philippines. It is said that this land was called Maharlika in the first place and is ruled by Malays and Tagean Tallano clans. This film simply defines who exactly is the owner of this land and the truth behind this state in which it may be related to art in a sense or way of how is the Philippines first ruled by the Tallano clans. It is related to art because in this film, it states the reality behind this certain issue and how will the people realized that the Philippines are owned by a certain clan and is shown in a form of media. The Prime Neighborhood Association is simply related to the Tallano estate in which it is elaborated in this film that the Development Bank of the Philippines claims that they own this land but the PNA was determined to fight for their principle and discovered that this land is owned by the Tallano family in which they presented also a title stating that Tallano family really owns this land. This issue was directed to the court and the PNA wins the issue. This film relates to art in which the old artifacts simply denote that a conflict may be resolved and settled. Old artifacts and titles are a useful way of presenting ones idea in which this will be the basis of truth and fact of a certain thing. This idea is an art and is presented in the manner of literature. The Golden Buddha of Roger Roxas is a story about a golden Buddha in which Roger Roxas had discovered in digging at Baguio General Hospital and is confiscated by the late Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. Roger Roxas insisted that Marcos only wants the Golden Buddha and shows that Marcos stole his Golden Buddha. This film shows that art is a very special kind of product in which it has a value. In this film the Golden Buddha is a kind of art considered as a sculpture and is made of gold. Probably, gold is very precious and would be wanted by everybody especially those who are greedy. This film shows value and significance to an artwork like the Golden Buddha. These three short films are related to art in different manner depending on the way this film was presented and elaborated. Art is mainly of expressing ones thought not only in the form of writing but in manner of different ways. This also shows that art lives long time ago and is present until this present generation.