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By : Aman Agrawal 09EVVME005 B.TECH. 4th Year Mechanical Engg.

Vit (East), Jaipur


It was established in 1983. It is located at the left bank of the CHAMBAL River at the upstream of KOTA BAIRAJ. 1st & 2nd units are of 110 MW each. 3rd ,4th &5th units are of 210 MW . 6th & 7 unit of 195 MW. Total generation capacity (110+110+210+210+210+195+195) =1240 MW Favorable condition Abundant quantity of clean cooling water. Good transport facility Concentration of load in Kota region due to large number of industries.


Main Parts of Kota Super Thermal Power Station

Principle Layout Coal handling plant Boiler Super heater Steam Turbine Economizer Generator Water Treatment Plant Ash handling plant Control Room


Coal Handling Plant

Coal handling plant section Wagon unloading system Crushing system Conveying system

Wagon unloading system

Unload the coal from

wagon to hopper with the help of wagon Tripler. Hopper allows to pass coal pieces 200mm From hopper coal fall on vibrator which is supported by roller.

Conveying system
Belt are used to convey coal

from coal handling plant to furnace.

Specification: Belt width : 1400mm Speed : 2.2m/sec Total install power : 360kw Capacity : 1350/750 ton/hr No. of conveyor: 38

Crushing system

consists of crushers which are used to crush the coal to 20 mm size. Two types Primary crusher o Rail crusher o Rotary breaker Secondary crusher

It is a closed vessel in which water under pressure is

converted into steam. Hot water or steam used to transfer heat to a process. A boiler is always designed to absorb maximum amount of heat released in process of combustion. Furnace:- It is primary part of boiler where the fuel is burnt to liberate the heat energy.
Chemical Energy of fuel Thermal Energy by combustion

Figure Boiler

Super heater
Super heater consists group of tubes. The tubes are heated by the heat of combustion gases during their passage from furnace to chimney, so the temperature increased. Super heater remove the moisture from the steam leaving from the boiler tubes.

Steam Turbine
It is a machine in which a

shaft is rotated steadily by reaction of steam, air upon blades of a wheel. When Steam is used then it is called steam turbine. It works on Modified Rankine cycle.
Kinetic Energy Mechanical Energy

Economizer is a device which recover

the heat from the flue gases on their way to chimney. It increases the 10-12% efficiency of the plant.

An electrical generator is a machine which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy through electro mechanical energy conversion . The generator is driven by directly coupled steam turbine at a speed of 3000 r.p.m.

Mechanical Energy

Electrical Energy

Water Treatment Plant

Pressure filter removes

undisclosed impurities from raw water. Carbon filter removes excess chlorine from clarified water. D.M. plant removes dissolved impurities from clarified water. Conductivity ,pH & silica content of this water must be checked time to time. D.M. water must be in the ratio of 1:8

Ash Handling Plant

In thermal plants 25%

is furnace bottom ash and 75% is pulverized fuel ash. Electrostatic Precipitator is used in ash handling plant to remove fly ash.

ID Fan

Boiler ESP

Dry Ash water A P H PA Fan FD Fan Fly Ash To coal mill To furnace wet ash

Control Room