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October 3, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

From the Private Desk

Helen C. Tansey Tansey & Associates P.O. Box 7011 Richmond, Virginia 23221 (804) 840-1449

Spending more than 30 years managing volunteers for an assortment of projects, I’ve had the greatest pleasure working with Kevin Powell on a variety of projects over the last two years, and I am delighted to highly recommend him to you for your professional consideration.

As the sole proprietor of a private company in Virginia, Tansey & Associates, I needed to secure a graphic/video designer to round out a team of volunteer professionals recruited from across the country to help a small start-up nonprofit client who was in need of creating a full suite of marketing needs. In particular, we were seeking a professional communications expert to assist in logo design; development of a 24-month public relations plan; creation of a technically savvy fundraising platform(s) taking advantage of all social media; and video production. A long-time client introduced me to Mr. Powell and following a couple of phone interviews I invited him to join our team.

Mr. Powell communicated his desire to lend his creative skills to a cause where he felt he could make a difference. Trust me, he did. In just six months Mr. Powell created a new logo, letterhead and worked with the team to design and launch the client’s website. Additionally, he created several fundraising platforms the client continues to benefit from to this day as well as developing a critical short documentary video marketing the nonprofits story.

I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I was to work with Mr. Powell. He approached this special project with the utmost professionalism, showed respect toward other team members and freely gave of his exceptional creative skills. To this day, many of the other project team members continue to praise Mr. Powell’s work; especially my client. Trust me, if my client could hire him she would, but Mr. Powell’s home is Atlanta and he’s made it clear he’s there to stay.

Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss Mr. Powell’s volunteer work in more detail. In the meantime, trust Mr. Powell is held in the highest regard by me, the nonprofit director and the entire volunteer team.


is held in the highest regard by me, the nonprofit director and the entire volunteer team.

Helen C. Tansey