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44 What was the name of that place? You said one and you said another and I see a different one in the book though. How is that possible? Ive got Namsan Tower, Seoul Tower and N Seoul Tower. Weve got name changes, right? Those are the old names, this is the current Name, N Seoul Tower, right? But if you say Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower, everybody Knows those still. You know what it means. And person B, do they want to go? Are they going with person A? Yes, No, or maybe? 45

L: Yes.
46 Yes, they will, right? Now, lets have a look here. I cant wait to go there. What happens if its just I cant? Yes, no, or maybe? If it says I cant? 47

L: No.
48 No, right. I cant means no. But I cant wait here means yes. It changes the whole sentence. 49 Alright, were gonna talk about destinations today. Destinations are famous places. My destination can be today Im going home, Im going to school, but here were talking about famous places, must see places. Were gonna look at places in Seoul, today. Famous places in Seoul. 50 So lets think. Lets see. We got N Seoul Tower here. Whats the palace, the famous palace in Seoul is? The biggest one? Palace is gung in Korean.

I had one of my best high level students explain about D-trumpets in the discussion after I asked an "I am wondering" question. Some of the students are in fear of this, but others were excited and so happy to talk and add in to the dis course. I'm shocked by the results and the classroom dynamic/ mood is way up. I've had students agreeing and disagreeing with statements in class and adding their thoughts by "jumping into" the class conversation. Some of them have bee n amazed at themselves thinking, did I just speak English by myself? Did I do this? This is amazing....

Unfortunately, the amount of teacher-talk here is a signifi cant problem as learners are being pushed into being a consumer of knowledge rather than a generator of know ledge (Allwright, 2003).

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