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F-07-01 Blok F Jalan PJS 3/56 Apt Desa Perangsang 46150 PJ Selangor
E-mail : syedazwan217@gmail.com
Contact : 0126729469

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ORDER DETAIL (Please use order detail 2 if got other different order)

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Additional Items : Small Ribbons (Tuxedo only)

Printed Envelopes (except for Flowery design)
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Notes :
1. Please ensure that you fill in all the information above completely
2. Any extra information or conformation I need, I will call you by using your contact number stated above
3. After completing this form, please save it as “order form_(your name)” and send it through email to
4. Once you paid the booking fees as agreed, please call or email to me detail of your payment as proved
5. Once the payment received, any change are not allow (if not relevant)
6. I will sent invoice through your email OR mail to your address, stated all the payment details
7. Please fill in the different order form if there is more than one person to order (example: you and your fiancé)