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The Educational System of Benin In this research, it was observed that earlier educational policies were geared among

other things towards preparing students capable of manning the productive sector, the creation of a harmonious network with a rural and artisanal orientation so as to make education the engine of socio-economic growth of the country. Huge subsidies and investments were put in place in the various sectors of education. Notwithstanding these huge investments, the government has solicited the direct participation of the citizenry who are touched by the huge investment drive of the government towards expanding and improving educational infrastructure in the various districts of the country. Several strategies were put in place to increase access to affordable and quality education by all classes of society. As a result, the Beninois government has undertaken many new infrastructural projects and the rehabilitation of dilapidated classroom blocks since 1994. In order to correct regional disparities in educational infrastructure, an action plan to study the factors that militate against equal access to all children of school going age was launched and vigorously pursued. Other programmes of intervention were initiated among which include the following: A) The community education initiative has as its primary objective the promotion of human resource development and improvement of the general standard of living of the rural population. Our evaluation and observation of this programme indicated that the initiatives have helped in training many women care givers and birth attendants to educate pregnant women and children. Many schools were furnished with financial resources and teaching and learning materials. Teachers have also benefited tremendously from these interventional packages thereby improving their professional competence and standard of living and further enhancing their relationship with the communities in which they work. B) Yet another intervention made by the government to improve the educational system was The campaign for the enrollment and protection of the child. Despite this intervention, the general enrollment of children of school going age has not improved much on the national level. One reason for this failure is that many parents especially in the rural areas have little interest in enrolling their children at the basic level.