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Dhandha: How Gujaratis Do Business Author: Shobha Bondre Translator: Shalaka Walimbe
Key note: Life stories of five distinguished Gujarati businessmen, celebrating the inherent spirit of entrepreneurship in the Gujarati community Description: WHAT MAKES THE GUJARATIS SUCH AN ENTERPRISING LOT? HOW DO THEY MANAGE TO CREATE SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES? Dhandha, meaning business, is a term often used in common trade parlance in India. But there is no other community that fully embodies what the term stands for than the Gujaratis. Shobha Bondres Dhandha is the story of a few such Gujaratis: Jaydev Patelthe New York Life Insurance agent credited with having sold policies worth $2.5 billion so far; Bhimjibhai Patelone of the countrys biggest diamond merchants and co-founder of the ambitious Diamond Nagar in Surat; Dalpatbhai Patelthe motelier who went on to become the mayor of Mansfield County; Mohanbhai Patela former Sheriff of Mumbai and the leading manufacturer of aluminium collapsible tubes; and Hersha and Hasu Shahowners of over a hundred hotels in the US. www.randomhouse.co.in Travelling across continentsfrom Mumbai to the United Statesin search of their story and the common values that bond them, Dhandha showcases the powerful ambition, incredible capacity for hard work, and the inherent business sense of the Gujaratis. Foreword by Narendra Modi Introduction by Amitabh Bachchan The book is a collection of personality profiles of five of the biggest Gujarati entrepreneurs in the world The author is a highly celebrated Marathi author, having published almost 13 books till date Most of them have been bestsellers, having gone into over 25 editions Her Marathi book Saata Samudrapar won the Maharashtra State Award for Best Novel in 1997

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Imprint: Random Business Publication: May, 2013 Price: Rs 199 ISBN: 9788184003123 Subject: Non-fiction BIC Code: KJH Binding: Paperback Size: 129 x 198 mm Extent: 296 pp. Rights: World

A note on the author Shobha Bondre is a celebrated and much-published Marathi writer. She has been writing for the last 25 years and has published 13 books, many of them bestsellers that have gone into over 25 editions. The non-Marathi reading world is now keen to read her works and her books are being translated into English, Hindi, and Gujarati. She has written articles, short stories, and columns for prestigious publications like the Maharashtra Times, Loksatta, Lokprabha, Maher, Kirloskar, etc. She has also written dialogues for many popular Marathi TV serials like Abhalmaya, Manasi, Oon Paaus, and Ardhangini. In the last few years, personality profiles of people from various walks of life has become Shobhas forte. For this, she interacts closely with her subjects, understanding them in their social, familial, emotional, and economic settings. She has won many literary awards for her work, including the Maharashtra State Award for Best Novel in 1997, for Saata Samudrapar.

Shobha Bondre