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College of Nursing Christian University of Thailand INUR 3305 Fundamentals of Nursing Therapeutics Evaluation Form for Student Nurses

Character Student s Names:__________________________ID: ______Date__________ Please rate this student according to how he/she behaves in the laboratory Excellent PA = 4 (95-100%) , Very Satisfactory PA= 4 (85-94%), Satisfactory PA= 3 (75-84%), Not Satisfactory PA= 2 (55-74%) 2, Negative Attitude= 1 (less than 55%) Names 5 4 3 2 Demonstrates the advocacy role of the professional nurse. Complies with professional laws, and professional codes of ethics. Use effective clinical judgment and decision-making skills. Execute nursing care in a timely manner. Shows professional discipline. Dress and behave appropriately in the classroom and in the laboratory. Demonstrates a polite, compassion, and dependable manner. Accepts constructive criticisms without arguing with the lecturer. Use effective clinical judgment and decision-making skills. This student is generally fit to become a good nurse Frequency Earned Points Total points 50 = 5% Earned Points:=..% Comments: Evaluators name:_____________________Signature:________________ Legend: PA means Positive Attitude towards nursing, patients, lecturers, and colleagues.

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