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JavaScript and Browser Plugins

Plugin Generalities

What is a plugin ?

What are MIME types ? (also Content-Type)

Plugins are registered for handling specific MIME types

(e.g. application/x-shockwave-flash application/pdf application/x-java-applet) navigator.mimeTypes and enabledPlugin

There are lots of browser plugins for almost any kind of application: Adobe Flash, Java Applets, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Adobe Acrobat, Silverlight about:plugins and Manage Add-ons

Plugin Usage

General usage through <object> tag

Deprecated usage through <embed>, <applet>

Combining object and embed: <object ..><embed ..></embed></object>

InternetExplorer and ActiveXObject: type vs. classid Object tag attributes: type, data, codebase, classid,
codetype, archive

Object inner parameters: <param name= value= /> Embed attributes: type, src, pluginspace

Applet attributes: code, codebase, archive

Common HTML attributes and specific attributes

Plugin Scriptability

MAYSCRIPT attribute: accessing JavaScript from plugin

Plugins can call and use JavaScript functions and objects: netscape.javascript.JSObject.getWindow() fscommand(command, args)

JavaScript can access public plugin members or even instantiate plugin types and classes:

var javaVersion = Packages.java.lang.System.getProperty(java.version);

JavaScript can control FlashPlayer with methods: IsPlaying, Play, StopPlay, Rewind
Flash8+ exports methods with

and calls JavaScript with ExternalInterface.call()

Create an HTML page that uses a plugin (Flash / Applet) and interact with it from JavaScript by calling methods / properties