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Greece Income Tax System

Basis:- Individual domiciled in Greece are taxed on their worldwide income. Those who are
not domiciled in Greece are subject to tax only on income that originated from Greek.

Residential Status:- Greek tax law does not define the term residence. But according to
civil law, residence is the place of main and permanent establishment and permanent establishment and is based on factual circumstances.

Taxable Income:- Individual are taxed on total net income in Greece. This includes
income from the following head:-Income from employment. -Income from business. -Income from profession. -Income from investment.

NOTE:- A financial year is 12 months and usually coincides with the calendar year,
starting from 1st January and ending on 31st December of the same calendar year.

Individual Slab Rate (Progressive Rate):Tax % 0 18 24 26 32 36 38 40 45 The Tax Base (EURO) 1-12,000 12,001-16,000 16,001-22,000 22,001-26,000 26,001-32,000 32,001-40,000 40,001-60,000 60,001-100,000 100,001 and over

VAT in Greece:- VAT is collected at each stage of the process of production or

distribution of goods and services. The VAT rate is upto 19% except for a specific category of goods and services for which tax rate is 4% and 9% respectively. Public services are not subject to VAT. *Source:-