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CSS 566: Lesson Plan Grading Criteria Student: Sara Anderegg Date: 4/17/13 Criteria Instructional Design &

Layout (5 points)
Thoroughly explains and/or explicitly incorporates best teaching practices and methodologies 1 throughout the learning process, including differentiated teaching practices Design is comprehensive and and sequentially formatted as a fully functional teaching and/or learning tool (includes times, materials & descriptions and is in correct format) Thoroughly outlines an innovative, practical approach to learning a specific skill or concept

Points 3

Content & Learning Objective (5 points)

Thoroughly and clearly stated or implied objective or purpose Thoroughly supports students in developing and/or achieving specific, targeted, and/or measurable skills or learning objectives Thoroughly explains and includes all details necessary for students to achieve and extend beyond learning objectives Outlines Next Generation Science Standards that are addressed in this lesson

Engagement (10 points)

Thoroughly stimulating and engaging materials and/or activities provided throughout learning process Thoroughly stimulates in-depth critical and/or creative thinking 2 throughout the learning process


Language Conventions (5 points)

Virtually free of grammatical errors, including punctuation, spelling, and/or capitalization

Pieces include: 5 day MOSS program, 4 pull out lessons that can be used in a classroom, 4 formative assessment tools and 1 summative assessment tool. Total (25 points possible): 23 Comments: Love the tiered levels of learning with how to use this compass. This may have been a lack of clear explanation on our part, but this lesson doesnt seem to directly relate to climate change or energy. FYI: SmartBoard is one word (despite what spellcheck says). It seems the compass worksheet part is from somewhere else, be sure to cite your sources. Fabulous assessment!


Best Teaching Practice Best teaching practices are research-based instructional practices. They build upon background knowledge and skills. They may incorporate innovative approaches to learning, current research and trends in education, opportunities for multiple modes of learning, or technology.

Some best teaching practices and methodologies often includes:

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Discovery Learning Constructivist Learning Cooperative Learning Differentiated Instruction Vygotskys zone of proximal development Outdoor and experiential learning

Critical and Creative thinking Creative thinking is described as making and communicating connections to: think of many possibilities; think and experience in various ways and use different points of view; think of new and unusual possibilities; and guide in generating and selecting alternatives. Critical thinking is described as analyzing and developing possibilities to: compare and contrast many ideas; improve and refine ideas; make effective decisions and judgments; and provide a sound foundation for effective action. (Isaksen and Treffinger, 1985). Critical thinking is supported by such methodologies as:

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Bloom's Taxonomy Cooperative Learning Multiple Intelligence

Group Grading Feedback Name: Sara from Lauren Arrived on time & prepared? 1 2 Contributed equally? 1 2 3 Provided agreed upon components? 1 Overall? 1 2 3 4 5 3 4 2 4 5 3 5 4 5

What strong qualities do they bring to the team? Very level headed and time conscious. In what areas can they stand to grow? Come to meeting completely prepared (but not unprepared enough to score her otherwise)

Name: Sara from Shier Arrived on time & prepared? 1 Contributed equally? 1 Overall? 1 2 3 2 4

2 3

3 4 2



Provided agreed upon components? 1

What strong qualities do they bring to the team? I admired that Sara was very adaptable and took on a lesson plan topic that was unfamiliar to her. I think she did a great job of creating an effective lesson plan and working with the group to put it into action. I appreciated that she was open to feedback and changing details to make a better plan. I also really enjoyed searching for maps with her in the Taylor library. I felt that she was invested in our group and presenting a solid lesson even with the adaptations we made due to being at Taylor when the lesson was planned for PSP. In what areas can they stand to grow? I think Sara could work on her time management and organization. There were a few handouts from the lesson that were missing when we got to Taylor not a big deal, but something to consider.

Name:SaraAnderegg form Elinor Arrived on time & prepared 5 Contributed equally?5 Provided agreed upon components? 5 Overall 5 What strong qualities do they bring to the team? Sara'is'open'to'stepping'out'of'her'comfort'zone'and'putting'in'e xtra'work.'She' volunteered'to'create'the'orienteering'lesson'even'though'she'w asnt'as' familiar'with'the'topic'as'some'of'the'other'lessons.'She'was'also 'very'open'to' feedback.' ! In!what!areas!can!they!stand!to!grow?! ! Sara'i s'agreeable'and'a'great'team'member'but'I'wonder'if'because'of

'this'she' sometimes'loses'her'ideas'to'the'group'majority.'I'think'it'would' be'okay'if'she' presented'stronger'arguments'for'herself.'