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it contains analytical reasoning - 5 questions and stress analysis - 10 questions in stress analysis part 1.

there is two rectangular figures on one fig (fig1) four sides tensile load is applied and another figure(fig2) two side tensile load and the remainig sides c ompressive load the question is which figure fails first ans. fig2 fails first t han the fig1 2. there is 3*3 stress matrix is given the values of matrix are 250 0 0 450 370 0 345

234 0

he wants the principal stress value. ans; is stress in yy direction i.e. 450 since shear stresses in xy, yz direscti ons are zeros 3. annular disc is rotating with some rpm, he wants the radial stress at the in ner and outer radius ans: zero becuse its a problem in thick cylinders 4. there is thin plate it is applied by some loads which of the cases u have to choose a. plain stress case b. plain strain case c. axisymmetrical case d. none ans: plain strain case 5. there are two beams one is simply supported and another one is fixed beam. ce ntral load is applying on both beams. he wants for which one max deflection an: simply supported beam 6. there is bar and a sudden load p is applied and its cross section A, E young s modulas, length L. question is about its change is length ans: (2PL)/(AE) 7. there is stepped vertical bar which is fixed at the top of two dia d1 , d2 (d 1>d2). and a load is appled at the section where bar is changed from d1 to d2. h e wants the stress at the free end ans: for every free section stress is always zero these are the questions only i remembered. the above one is IISC paper. i have a soft copy of EACOE paper that held in IITM , this is different from IISC one. the analytical are very simple questions even a 7th class student can anaswer. so good luck for u