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UFTeach PBI - Writing a Project Rubric

I. Identify the Components of your PBI unit CTS: Project Theme: Driving Question: Student Project: Interdependence Populations Limiting Factors Ecosystems If the population continues to grow at the current rate, how will that affect the local ecosystem of Gainesville? Presentation of results to community in form of video or display board. The students will research the affect on different local ecosystems when the population of an organism continues to increase or decrease at the current rate. They will simulate a scenario illustrating favoring or rejecting the idea of population growth worldwide and how this will affect the biosphere. They will create a growth curve along with their presentation for any local ecosystem we worked on during the project.

II. Develop a Concept Checklist for the Student Project Student will be able to illustrate the roles of relationships among producers, consumers, and decomposers in the process of energy transfer in a food web. Describe and investigate various limiting factors in the ecosystem Describe the impact of limiting factors on population including: food, shelter, water, space, disease, nesting sites, and predation. Demonstrate knowledge of effects of organisms on other populations Explain clearly and show deep understanding of content learned after the two weeks of the project.

III. Determine the Categories for the Concepts Presentation Student Work Field Trip Summary Participation IV. Place the Categories and Concepts into a Table and Write the Criteria for the Highest Level of Performance Project Rubric- _____/ 8 points Themes Presentation Full Credit (2) Presentation is clear and easy to follow. Students have graphics and design Partial Credit (1) Presentation was well put together but there were some lapses in coherency. Students No Credit (0) Presentations were incomplete or missing altogether. Group members were

UFTeach PBI - Writing a Project Rubric

Students Work

that relate to the topic and create sense of completeness. The conclusion/prediction was supported through evidence and their process for gathering evidence was clearly explained. Presenters are clear and each be show an understanding of the work that was done. They were able to give insightful answers to any questions asked. There are few to no spelling and grammatical errors. All group members contributed equally. Student completes all class and homework assignments and places them into the project binder. Work is completed fully and on time. Any additional research is included in the group binder.

relied heavily on notecards and were unable to answer questions from audience members. Presenters had a basic understanding of their work they completed but not of their partners. There were a few spelling and grammatical errors. The members all contributed but not equally.

missing. Students had no visual aids to their work. Their conclusion/predictions had no supporting evidence. Students contradicted each other. There were many spelling and grammatical errors. Some students did not participate orally.

Student completes some but not all of the work given during class and assigned for homework. Few of the work is incomplete or missing. Work is placed in the groups project binder on time.

Student does little to no work. They do not place their work inside the groups binder. Assignments that are completed show minimal effort.

UFTeach PBI - Writing a Project Rubric

Field Trip

Student summary includes at least 2 learned facts from the field trip. Students is able to explain two different relationships from a food web observed in the field trip. Student explains limiting factors that caused the extinction of ancient civilization or dinosaurs. Students sates the relevance of the field trip to their project.

Students includes only part of the requirements form the Full Credit. Example: Students states 2 facts learned, relevance of the field trip, and limiting factors leading to population extinction. However, fails to include two different relationship in a food web.

Students summary is irrelevant. Doesnt include any of the requirements from a full credit answer.

Participation Students is able speak during presentation and answer all questions from the project. And Students is able to contribute at least one part to the project. Students is able to answer some or all questions from the project, and speak during presentation. Or Students contributes at least one part to the project. Students does not speak during presentation and does not answer any questions. And Student does not contribute any part to the project.

UFTeach PBI - Writing a Project Rubric

UFTeach PBI - Writing a Project Rubric

PBI Rubric

Concept & Category

Include each concept (category)

Highest Level of Performance

Describe the highest level of performance here

Criteria Middle Level of Performance

Lowest Level of Performance

UFTeach PBI - Writing a Project Rubric