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q_desc In an Access database the tables, queries, forms and reports are ____________ The financial transactions are to be ____________ leading to different steps in Accounts Compilation. ____________ is/are used to set relationships between tables. The methods LIFO, FIFO, Moving Average are used to ____________ This data type field gets values from another table, a query or a list of values that are supplied.






Objects Collected and computed Primary key Value closing stock


Elements Sampled and stratified Candidate key Value clearing stock

Files Grouped and summarized Both A and B

Parts Assets and liability Neither A nor B


Value expense Value income stock stock






The report prepared taking the asset and liability type accounts from the AC6 Trial Balance is called ____________ When it is mandatory for a user to input data in a field ,the field property AC7 to be set is ____________ The report that depicts operating profit/loss for a period is AC8 ____________ In MS Access you can add, edit, AC9 modify data of a table in this view. The day book contains transactions AC10 relating to ____________ Access automatically creates this sheet in a table that is in a one-toAC11 one/one-to-many relationship. The Bills Receivable details are AC12 maintained in a ____________

Income P & L statement statement

Balance sheet

Asset sheet

Field Size


Field value

Required Suspense accounts Tabledesign view Profit or loss

Trading account P & L statement Datamenu Datasheet view view Datatable view Income or Sales or expenditure purchase Asset or liability Trial balance


Subdatasheet Journal sheet

Datadesign sheet Dataviewsheet Tabledatasheet A Voucher debtors Sundry debtors Original entry C

These are used to retrieve information relating to a specific condition or to AC13 change the selected data. Views Creditors ledger has details of your AC14 dues to ____________ Customers This query selects necessary fields from a table and displays the results in AC15 a datasheet view. Table query The sundry debtors are placed in the AC16 Balance sheet on the ____________

Queries Assets

Forms Liabilities

Reports Suppliers


Find query Select query

Cross query



AC19 AC20

AC21 AC22 AC23


AC25 AC26

AC27 AC28 AC29

Assets side Expense side Relation The crosstab query displays values in Categories with groups and Summary total a spreadsheet as ____________ summary totals totals of columns The first step in Tally before any transaction is entered or saved is creating a ____________ File Company Project The append query copies into the target table only those fields that are found in the source tables' ____________ QDB grid Data grid Select grid To configure country specific details use the function key ____________ F10 F2 F12 This action query helps in creating a Makebackup copy, editable copy, subset Make-Update Table Make-data data of a table. query query query Identify the security mechanism used in Tally. Tally Secure Tally Pack Tally Group The extension of a new database file in MS Access is ____________ .dbm .dbs .mdb The basic document where transactions are entered chronologically is ____________ Ledger Journal Voucher This join is created when one field within a table refers to another within the same table. Cross-join Table-join Self-join After selecting a company in Tally, you Accounts of Gateway of will be in the ____________ Tally Tally Entry of Tally The inner joins in MS Access are Field types created on the basis of Field names and data Table types and ____________ and data types values field names Tally software is based on ____________ accounting system. Sales Production Mercantile The count, Avg, Max, Var functions are called ____________ functions. Formatting Aggregate Compute

Income side

Payable side Record types and totals


QBE grid F11 Make-view query Tally Vault .ddm



Trial Balance

Inner-join Groups of Tally Record types and column values Manufacture Access




AC31 AC32 AC33




AC37 AC38



AC41 AC42 AC43

Identify the primary group of capital nature that uses bank account and cash in hand as sub groups. Identify the correct expression to find the average value for each students' two subject scores. All financial entries in Tally are done using ____________ Choose the data type that can store a student's email id in the database. The Direct expenses, Purchase account, Direct income are primary groups of ____________ The action query that changes the data in a field at one go is ____________ The option to delete a sub-group is admissible through the menu ____________ This is a screen which displays information and allows users to add/edit data in a specific layout. The behavioural attributes of this group cannot be changed. Identify the layout that displays the field rows wrapped to multiple lines as needed. Credit limits for personal accounts and branches can be done in the ledger mode ____________ The print format to be set to print out address information in a envelope layout is ____________ We are not allowed to delete a ledger from this mode. The multi-level sorting of data can be done only in this view.

Current Fixed assets assets Loan assets Capital assets B Avg([stud].[sub 1]+[stud].[sub2] Avg(sub1+ [Stud].[sub1]+[s Avg([stud].[sub1 ) sub2) tud].[sub2] =avg ]+[sub2]) A Vouchers OLE object Groups Lookup Expense nature Update query Journal Hyperlink Revenue nature Ledgers Memo D D

Capital nature

Income nature

Append query

Insert query

Select query





Report Sub-group

Table Ledgergroup

Form Primary-group

Query Alter-group








Sub-group Page orientation Alter-group


Page margins Single

Page size

Page gutter Multiple






Sub-group Table Datasheet view query view Group All account heads except Cash and Sub Ledger Ledger Bank are placed in the ____________ master master ____________ data type automatically increases the number value in MS Access. Date Currency P&L Account These are the basis for analysis by Journal and and potential investors, banks etc. Ledger Journal This filter creates a blank form or datasheet for setting the criterion for Filter By values to be displayed. Filter By Form Selection

Table form view Sort table view General Ledger Journal Ledger master master

AutoNumber P & L Account and Balance Sheet

Hyperlink Voucher Account and Balance Sheet

Advanced Filter Filter By Query

Identify the primary group of capital nature that has the sub-groups: Bank AC48 OD Account, Bank OCC Account. Expenses Operators and wildcard characters can be used in a criteria expression of this AC49 filter. Filter By Form The primary document for recording all financial transactions in Tally is the AC50 ____________ Journal

Income Filter By Selection



Advanced Filter Complex Filter





AC55 AC56


Trial sheet Dates greater For the filter expression Dates between than one fieldvalue<DateAdd("yyyy", -1, Date()), today and last year("yyyy" choose the meaning. year ) You can customize the voucher entry screen using the function key ____________ F13 F12 The sheet that displays format, data, events of the form or the control is ____________ Field sheet Print sheet Identify the voucher type that records fund transfers between cash and bank accounts. Credit Note Payment This control is used to accept, display and update values from fields in the Calculated Event database. control control This voucher type records adjustments between ledgers. Sales Receipt To connect a database column to a listbox or a combo box ,the property to Value be set is ____________ Bound Column Column



Dates earlier than one year("yyyy")

Dates less than today and one year C



Text sheet

Property sheet



Bound control Payment

Unbound control C Journals D

Key Column

Data Column

The use of classes for payment, receipt and contra vouchers enables AC58 data input in ____________ Identify the toolbar which contains a field list, format painter and view AC59 buttons. The details of a voucher entry can be AC60 given in the ____________

Double entry mode Report Design toolbar Comment

List entry mode Form Design toolbar

Choice entry mode Text Design toolbar File Report Design toolbar Suppliers account, Purchases account

File entry mode B Field Design toolbar Narration Text Design toolbar


Memo Form This toolbar contains the print preview Field Design Design AC61 and sorting buttons. toolbar toolbar Ledger Sales account, account, The credit note voucher can hold Sales tax Bank AC62 account types: ____________ account account Name the control that uses an expression as its source of data, and the expression in turn uses the fields Field AC63 of a table. Bound control control The suffix and prefix details for the voucher type can be made applicable AC64 only from the ____________ This button is used to add, modify, AC65 delete or navigate through records. The voucher used to record all bank AC66 and cash payments is ____________ This data type can store a picture, AC67 sound or a word document. The accounts that the business owns AC68 is called ____________ This view helps to test the working of a AC69 text box control. Tally's age-wise analysis considers the AC70 voucher's ____________ This is an Access object used to pull off data from a table, query or a form AC71 in a printed format. Arrange the steps in generating the books of accounts. 1. Create Trial balance 2. Create new ledgers 3. Generate Day Books 4. Update journals for financial AC72 transactions Identify the report section which is AC73 present for each record in the report. For day-to-day transactions the AC74 voucher types used are This section appears only once at the AC75 beginning of the report only. Say for example a payment is made to a creditor ABC - Rs.10000 by cash, it can be entered into the voucher AC76 type.. The field list of a table can be added into the report from the AC77 ____________ Identify the purchase voucher type, the transaction for purchase of 10 AC78 CPUs,10 monitors by credit. Identify the object which summarizes data in a graphical format in a stand AC79 alone report or form.

Buyer's account, Cash account A

Data control

Calculated control

First of a End of a month year Command Combo button button

First of a month End of a month Content button

Calculate button A

Credit Note OLE object Liability Form view Previous date

Contra HTML object

Sales Note



Hyperlink object OLM object Asset None of the above

Income Sales Datasheet view Both A and B Effective date Current year

Configured date B





1, 2, 3, 4

1, 3, 4, 2

2, 4, 3, 1

3, 4, 2, 1

Group Credit purchase Group Footer

Footer Cash purchase Page Header

Detail Both A and B Page Footer


Contra purchase C Report Header D





Table menu Credit Purchases

View menu Format menu Cash Expense Purchases Purchases

Data menu

Debit Purchases A

Data graph

Smart chart

Free standing chart

Embedded chart C

Identify the voucher type to be chosen for the sale of computers to Anand by AC80 cash @ Rs.210000 per unit. Cash Ledger An embedded chart can be created by AC81 the Chart button in the ____________ Toolbox A bank overdraft repaid by cheque at Rs.25000 can be made in the voucher AC82 ____________ Payment Identify the dialog box that helps to AC83 create a mailing label. New Label

Sale Sheet Stock Journal

Purchase Voucher




Receipt New Format

Debit New Report

Contra New Mail


AC84 AC85

AC86 AC87

AC88 AC89

AC90 AC91 AC92

The financial statement that consolidates ledger balances is ____________ The label size is computed as ____________ The F9 function key in the left side of the Gateway of Tally screen displays the ____________ Labels are prepared for printing on ____________ Printers. The option on the Gateway of Tally that will generate the P&L account statement is ____________ The tables of a database are created from this view. The expenditure for running the business for a period is ____________ A macro in Access is a set of ____________ This displays the balance daywise for a selected voucher type.

Balance sheet Height - Width Accounting reports Sheet-feed

Profit & Loss statement Height / Width Inventory reports

Trial balance



Height + Width Height * Width

P & L reports

Expense reports B Value-feed A

Form-feed Data-feed

Net Loss Tool view

Net Income Net Profit Menu view Table view

Net Account Design view


Expense Calls Record book Expression builder

Example Actions Ledger book Form builder Account analysis Data Access Page Payables

Taxes Tables Journal book

Income Values Day book


We can create macros with complex AC93 conditions using the ____________ The feature in Tally to analyze accounts of a company is AC94 ____________ This Access page has a connection to database, with Web interface to view, edit and manipulate data stored in a AC95 database. The age-wise statement is displayed AC96 based on ____________ To access macros of a report or form with a single name, you create a AC97 ____________ The ratio analysis of receivables can AC98 be done based on ____________ The dialog box which helps in setting the label size according to our AC99 requirements is ____________ Name the statement that helps the AC10 management in the decision making 0 process. If the date and time a report being AC10 printed is to appear on the report or a 1 label we use the ____________ Identify the budget type which is AC10 chosen where transaction amounts 2 are to be monitored. The SQL statement used to retrieve AC10 information from tables is 3 ____________ Choose the budget type to be used AC10 where bank accounts balances are to 4 be monitored. The records retrieved from a table or AC10 set of tables on an SQL query 5 execution is called ____________ The management that needs to consolidate the accounts of its various AC10 enterprises uses ____________ in 6 Tally.

Macro builder

Data builder Transaction analysis

Ratio analysis

Data analysis

Field Access Page Income

Web Access Page Expenses

Form Access Page Loans


Macro set

Macro links Macro group Effective date

Macro list

Bill date

Voucher date

Previous date





Data flow

Funds flow Stock flow

Cheque flow

Insert menu On closing balance

View menu Edit menu On net credit flow On net transactions

Data menu On net cash flow

Order by On closing balance

Select On net credit flow

Get On net transactions

Sort by On net cash flow

Data set

Field list

Result set

Data list

AC10 7 AC10 8

AC10 9 AC11 0

Group company Displays Displays the the result result set of the set of the table Northwind database and owner dbo shipper "Select * from Northwind.dbo.shippers" from database from owner -Interpret the query execution. shippers dbo Identify the user who can access audit Data Entry trails in Tally. Owner operator Complete the SQL query given below with the right choice to display Group by Where customers alphabetically - "select * customers.nam customers. from customers ...". e ASC name > "A" Identify the accounting feature in tally Yearlythat facilitates splitting financial years Month-less entry for a company data. accounting accounting

Consolidate company

Set company Displays the result set of the shippers table in the database Northwind and owner dbo Accountant

Alter company

Displays all the fields from shippers table in the database dbo of northwind C Administrator D

Order by Desc Period-less accounting

Order by customers.name asc D Transactionnumber accounting C

A field that can uniquely identify a AC11 record and also allows records to be 1 sorted by its entries. Identify the account type by the rule: AC11 "Debit the receiver and credit the 2 giver". AC11 The INTO clause of the select query 3 specifies ____________ The tracking of changes in vouchers AC11 and ledger masters is done by 4 ____________

Candidate key

Data key Personal accounts Result set appends to a table

Primary key Nominal accounts Result set removes from a table

Entity key Expense accounts

Real accounts Result set creates a new table

Result set list of a table A

Tally Vault

Tally Audit Tally Report

Tally Group

AC11 5 AC11 6 AC11 7 AC11 8 AC11 9 AC12 0

Identify the query which displays the unique customer records from the customer and orders tables of the northwind database. Tally can import data from other programs and creates a log about the activity in the file ____________ Identify the clause used in the select query to filter result set based on the conditions specified. Import and export of data between Tally and other programs is possible with the help of ____________ The file format used to publish a table, query, form or report on the Internet is ____________ The manual option of voucher numbering leads to ____________

Select distinct customer.c ustid from Select customers customer.custid join orders from orders join on customer on (customer. (customer.custi custid=ord d>0) ers.custid)

Select distinct customer.custn ame from customers group by order on (customer.custi d=orders.custid )

Select customer.custna me from customers order by customer.custid ASC B





Group by

Order by







XST file Auto numbers

HTTP file Duplicate number

DTA file Sequence number

HTML file Range number


AC12 This is the method of sharing data 1 between two different applications. The Tally audit trail tracks changes AC12 made to vouchers that are 2 ____________ AC12 The clause commonly used along with 3 the GROUP BY clause is The ratio analysis of Bills Receivables or Bills Payables can be displayed with the function key ____________ Identify the function used to access data from SQL server by linking. The OLE feature in Access is available in this toolbox button. This wizard helps us to create an data access page from more than one table or query. The user can hide the columns that are not required for the moment in this view. The first document where the transaction is entered is called a ____________ The default value for a field can be specified in the ____________ The document used for posting of accounting transactions is ____________ The test data generated with correctness proof, data flow analysis and control flow analysis tools is called. When a real-time system is simulated to generate the same output as the real-time system, the technique is called. When an auditor expands the extent of substantive tests to determine the impact of defects on the attainment of program objectives, the methodology is.

Object Object Linking Links for and Embedding Embedding less than more than 30 30 Days Days old old FROM HAVING

Object Access and Link more than a day old INTO

Embedded object link more than a week old ORDER BY


AC12 4 AC12 5 AC12 6 AC12 7 AC12 8 AC12 9 AC13 0 AC13 1

F5 F8 OPENROWSE OPENLINK T SET Unbounde Link Object d Object Data Append Page Wizard Table Design view

F12 QUERYLINKSE T Bounded Object


OPENDATASET A Databound Object C Data Access Page Wizard

Web Page Access Link Wizard Wizard

Tablesheet view Datasheet View Field View

Ledger Field wizard Voucher and journal

Liability Field properties Ledger and trial balance

Voucher Field data Balance sheet and trial balance

Expense Field point Journal and ledger


AC13 2

Test data Test item block pack

Test program pack

Test record pack

AC13 3

Tracing Parallel trailing parallel

Parallel Parallel coding simulation

AC13 4

Formulate Cross flaw reference lister hypotheses Correct lister

Formulate correct hypotheses

This is an important control in systems AC13 that use digital signatures for 5 authentication purposes. Selecting transactions based on a AC13 sampling rate is called ____________ 6 method. The capability of the generalized audit software to read different data coding schemes, different record formats and different file structures is. This ensures that relationships between records in related tables are valid and can prevent problems occurring from deletion or change of records. When the debit total is greater than credit total, the amount appears in the ____________ column. The audit software capability of frequency analysis is to ____________ The audit functions of attributes sampling, variables sampling, stratified sampling are included in ____________ functions. Identify the functional limitation of a generalized audit software that enables evidence collection only on the state of an application system after the fact.

Public audit trails Transaction sampling

Random audit trails

Sample audit trails

Data audit trails A Demographic sampling

Systematic Simple sampling sampling

AC13 7

File size

File data

File access

File reorganisation

AC13 8 AC13 9 AC14 0

Table integrity

Referential integrity Data integrity

Field integrity



Credit Formatting output


Sort and merge Sampling files nth item

Classify data on a criteria D

AC14 1





AC14 2

Ex Post Auditing Only

AC14 The purpose-written audit programs 3 are used for ____________ Picture of a transaction as it flows AC14 through the computer systems is 4 called ____________ Identify the type of audit when auditors AC14 are members of the systems 5 development team. The processor uses this workspace as BC1 a scratch pad during processing.

Sorting, creating, and printing files

Limited ability to determine Limited ability to Analytical Propensity for Verify review only Error Processing logic A Data retrieval, Reading data, Specific tasks code selecting and with original or compariso analyzing modified n information programs D





General audit Monitor Very large scale Integration 16 bits

Post audit

System audit

Concurrent audit D Memory Very large silicon integration 1 k bits D

BC10 VLSI stands for ____________ The data width of a Pentium 4 BC11 computer is ____________

Processor Keyboard Very limited silicon Value limited integration scale ic 8 bits 32 bits


The unit which executes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division BC12 operations is ____________ CPU The instructions to be executed by the processor are loaded from memory BC13 into the Instruction unit The results of a process are stored BC14 into ____________ The memory that stores data as a series of memory cells that can be accessed sequentially is BC15 ____________ The technology used to accelerate the processing of a computer is BC16 ____________ The memory used in a computer's BC17 BIOS chip is ____________ The process of swapping information between the RAM and hard disk can BC18 cause The standard system bus was replaced by frontside and backside BC19 bus called ____________ BC2 1024 Megabyte is equivalent to: The DSP,DAC,ADC,and ROM are BC20 parts of the ____________ The bus whose widths are 32 or 64 BC21 bits is called ____________

ALU Process register Generalpurpose Register

MU Program counter Process register

CU Instruction register Instruction register



SAM Cache memory



Processor bus

BIOS memory

ROM memeory


Cache memory SRAM

Optical memory Flash memory

Fragmentation Dual independent bus 1 KB Graphics card ISA

Disk full Dynamic memory bus 1 MB Memory card PCI



Cache memory Dual interface bus bus 1 GB 100 MB Sound card AGP Media card MCA


The maximum resolution of a standard BC22 SVGA adapter is ____________ 1024*640 ____________ synthesis method BC23 uses recordings of actual instruments. Amplitude The instrument that can produce BC24 continuous lines is ____________ Printer PPM , CPS are units used to measure BC25 the printer's ____________ Speed The PCL and postscript are defacto BC26 standards for ____________ A laser printer has RAM for downloading fonts called the BC27 ____________ The characteristic which refers to how sharply a pixel appears on the monitor BC28 is called ____________ The faster the refresh rate, the lesser BC29 the monitor ____________ The software used for layout of newsletters and magazines along with BC3 text and images is called ___




Frequency Pulse Plotter Scanner

Wavetable Pen


Quality Resolution Page Page definition description Pixel definition limit languages languages Dynamic catridges

Lines Page definition lines

Font catridges

Soft fonts

Soft settings

Convergence Sharpness Application software

Resolution Dot-pitch Resolution Flickers Desktop publishing Colors and shades of gray that can be displayed Application development

Size Size


Data modelling

The number of bits used to represent a BC30 pixel in a monitor decides the ______. Size of image The input device that utilizes a lightsensitive detector to select objects on BC31 a display screen is called___.. Touch screen The most commonly used scanner BC32 technology is___. Identify the type of mice that uses optical sensors to detect motion of the BC33 ball. Identify the input device that consists BC34 the puck and the stylus. Identify the disk which has an access BC35 time of 30ms. A set of tracks across a set of platters in a hard disk is called BC36 a________________________ The bus used to connect a CD-ROM BC37 to your computer is____________.. The digital audio tape with the capacity of 24GB of data uses the technology BC38 called ____________.. The floppy disks that support 400k-1.2 MB belong BC39 to________________________ The model used to describe the relationship between data and BC4 information is called The backward compatible disk that has high density-120MB is BC40 called____________. The maximum capacity of an optical BC41 disk is ________________________ Which of the auxiliary storage devices uses the constant angular velocity BC42 access technology? The________________________..is an auxiliary sequential access nonBC43 volatile storage device. The portable device that optimizes the features of the floppy and the CDBC44 ROM is____________. The important central module of an operating system is BC45 the____________.. Identify the function of the operating system that manages the tasks waiting BC46 to be processed. This function of the OS manages allocation of a minimum main memory BC47 to tasks.

Resolution and Signal and sharpness refresh rate

Touch pad Light scan Light pen D Optical Chargecharacter Photo-multiplier Optical sensitive coupled device recognition tube tube A Optomech anical Optical Joystick Tablet

Mechanical Trackball Zip disk

Joystick Pen


Floppy disk Winchester disk Jaz disk






PCI Fero magnetic



Hyper circles

Linear velocity

Helical scan


Macintosh Lomega Information Data model model


System model

Logical model


Jaz disk

Zip disk

Hard disk

700 MB

6 GB

630 MB


Super disk Winchester disk


MO drives

Zip disk

Magnetic tape

Magneto-optical drive C

Hard disk Memory module Job management

Jaz disk

DAT drives

MO drives

Data module Kernel module I/O manageme Batch nt management Memory storage

I/O module Data management

Disk storage

Virtual memory Extended storage storage

Identify the multitasking type that BC48 slices CPU time to each program. The OS which allows different parts of a single program to run concurrently BC49 is____________.. A super computer uses a bus width BC5 of________________________ The OS that monitors external activities with timing constraints BC50 is____________. The 32bit operating system for desktop version that replaces Win 9x BC51 is____________.. The high-level logical disk structure which defines the way the entire disk BC52 is organised is ____________.. A collection of sectors on a hard disk BC53 is a The FAT system that provides long filename support and was written BC54 using protected-mode code . Identify the file system that provides networking,security,compression, BC55 large file support____________. The logical directory structure has a base of the tree called BC56 the________________________ The process used to optimize the disk space by arranging files contiguously BC57 is ____________.. Choose the level of RAID that offers BC58 disk mirroring for fault tolerance. Identify the archive formats found on BC59 Unix-based Internet sites.


Cooperativ e Dividing Multiproces sing Multitasking 256 bita 64 bits


Multithreading 16 bits

Multiprogrammi ng A 8 bits C

Multi-user Win 2000 server



Win 2000 Win 2000 datacenter professional

Multithreading Win 2000 advanced server File allocation table Table

Frame File allotted Format allocation table table allocation type Block sector Cluster Block







VFAT Main directory



Root directory

Start directory

Tree directory

Formatting Level 0 Zip, LZH, ARJ

Defragmen tation Allocation Level 2 Level 1

Partition Level 3 Tar, gz, taz


Exe, zp, tz Doc, xls, wzp

When a processor executes one billion floating-point arithmetic operations per BC6 second, is called____________.. Nanoflops Identify the window screen part that indicates the name of the window, BC60 application or document. Title bar The button on the title bar of a window that displays the menu to control the BC61 size of the window is____________.. Scroll box The mouse operation that is used to move windows and icons to different locations is ____________.. The start button,tray and shortcuts are important features of the ________________________. The start menu option that keeps track of your important websites is ____________.. If you want the recycle bin capacity to be distributed across partitions, you must use the option ________________________




Menu bar

Vertical bar

Control bar

Control box Minimize box

Maximize box



Double click




Control panel

Title bar

Task bar

Command menu C


Documents Configure drives independently


Programs Configure capacity independe ntly



Configure drive partitions Confirm partition independently capacity A

The feature to retrieve deleted files BC66 from the recycle bin is ____________.. The feature which enables to synchronize files between a floppy and BC67 disk is ____________.. A file with the pdf extension can be viewed with the BC68 application____________.. The remote administration access to view shared resources on the network BC69 is____________.. The processor responsible for communication to and from all the remote terminals connected is termed as ______________________________ BC7 ______ The utility used to access the directory structure, create files and folders etc BC70 is____________. The font, color, background settings BC71 are saved in the ____________..





My My Documents Briefcase Adobe Acrobat Adobe Reader Viewer

My Folder

My Directory



Net Neighbourhood Net Tracer Net Drive

Net Watcher

Front-end processor

Host processor

Backend processor Windows Accessories Desktop themes

Terminal processor

Windows Windows Tools Explorer My Control panel computer

Internet Explorer B Desktop icons C

The Notepad utility saves files in the BC72 ________________________ format. Identify the windows feature that allows more than one person to use a BC73 single PC with his own desktop. You can quickly access the recently worked on files from this start menu BC74 option. The processors used for speed-critical graphics applications BC8 are________________________ The plastic cards with embedded microprocessor and memory are BC9 called____________.. Identify the need for controls and auditing in a computerised CA1 environment. Grand totals calculated for any code on a document in the batch are CA10 called____________.. Control that checks if correct sequence of commands and update parameters are passed from the application software to the database. With respect to data integrity control, when monetary transactions are processed against master files without a match, we should maintain a ____________. The system test that tests the top-level modules first and then the lower modules are simulated with dummy modules to check the interfaces is called ____________. Identify the audit technique that examines each transaction as it passes through the system.





Log off





Accessorie s Documents



RISC Computer card Lack of visible transaction trail



Credit card Absence of input documents

Memory card Accessibility of data and computer programs Document totals

Smart card

All of the above D

Record Financial totals totals

Hash totals


Table level

Data Integrity

Batch check

System test


Sequence account

Data account

Suspense account

Update account C


Bottom up test Embedded code

Hybrid test Stub test Program code Executable program with master copy Database Analyzers Transaction data with master transaction

Top down test


Database code

The Core Image Comparison audit technique compares CA15 the____________. The technique used by an auditor to list unused program instructions CA16 is____________..

Database with master table

Module programs with snapshots





The sample data created and used for the purpose of testing the application CA17 system is called____________. Test data The test data (dummy unit) implemented in the normal processing of the system over a period of time is CA18 known as____________. The organisational, management, maintenance and access controls are categories of CA2 ________________________ The application controls are CA3 ____________. Identify the field check - "If a set of values is defined, is the input data one CA4 of these defined values?"

Table data Item data

Record data

Black box Integrated Test Test Facility Facility

Graph testing

Whitebox testing A

Application controls Input controls

General controls Check controls Input controls Processing controls Both A and B Neither A nor B







The field check that conforms if data input for a field is in a particular format. Format mask The field check on a processed data that fails if a field is not initialized to zero or errors occur during calculation is________________________ The validation checks applied to a field depending on its logical interrelationships with the other fields in the record are called ____________.. A group of records or transactions that are contiguous constitute ____________..

Data mask Field mask

Input mask







Field checks Physical batches

Record checks Logical batches

Batch checks

File checks Transact batches


Block batches



DB11 DB12 DB13 DB14

________________________ is the type of batch check (group of records) for all input records of a particular type is done. This is a collection of integrated, organized and logical group of data. The conceptual schema, which describes the structure and constraints of the database is also called the____________.. Identify the database model which uses E-R modelling and Normalization . The data object in the system is called____________. Identify an object which can qualify as an entity. ____________ is represented by a diamond in the ER diagram. The process of minimizing duplication and inconsistencies in structuring data is called____________.. Identify the cardinality of this relationship: A club has many members. Identify the cardinality of this relationship: One purchase order is raised by an order requisition. This normal form checks if each field contains unique and non-repeating information. This is an attribute whose value determines other values within a row in a relational table. The database system comprises of ____________..

Control totals Datainfo

Serial number Database

Transaction type Datanet

Sequence check C Dataset B

Physical level

View level

Logical level

Data level

Implementation Conceptual model model Physical model Database model B Relationshi Attribute p Entity Application C Name Attribute Date Entity Title Occurance Employee Relationship D D



Relationshi p Normalization

Conceptualizatio n C



1 :N

N : 100

M :1




1 :N

2 :N






DB19 DB2

Determinant Software

Datamain People

Mainfield Data

Prime attribute

All of the above D

The database model which shows relationships as links between records, DB20 is called________________________ This model can be broken down into DB21 two or more hierarchical models. The relational model organizes data DB22 into a____________.. The specific range of values of a field DB23 within a table is called____________.. This represents a single entity DB24 occurrence within the entity set. Missing, inapplicable and unknown values in the database are DB25 represented by ____________. The number of Codd's rules that an accepted Relational DBMS has to DB26 satisfy. These are devices that control computer input and output DB3 ____________. The software that manages all the hardware components and interfaces with other softwares on the DB4 computer____________.. ____________.. decides the content, internal structure and access strategy DB5 for a database. These are critical components that monitor and audit the data that enters the database and the information that is generated through the use of such DB6 data. The database that is distributed across different sites is called DB7 a____________. This contains data about definitions of the data elements and their DB8 relationships. The physical level, which describes data storage structures and access paths is also known DB9 as____________..

BCNF Network model model Relational Super model model Matrix Attribute domain Table Modules Attribute limit Tuple

Relational model

Hierarchical model

Network model Associate model C Entities Tree link A

Attribute values Attribute data Attribute Field






12 Computer peripherals


Softwares Operating system software

Computer Daatabase system software


Application software

Utility software





Programs Centralized DBMS Data information

People Enduser DBMS

Procedures Single-user DBMS

Softwares Client-server DBMS

Data table

Data dictionary Data server

Internal schema

Conceptual External schema schema

Logical schema A


The document authenticated by a distinctive mark of a signer is called____________..


The digital signature is a DS10 ________________________. A trusted third party to associate a signer with a specific public key is called the DS11 ________________________ To verify a person's claim for the right to use a given key is done by DS12 the________________________

Document Signatured Key Digitally signed generation hash result of of the Algorithm for the message message the message

Proof Hash value of the image algorithm

Key Authority

Company certificate Owner's public key, expiry date of the public key, signature of CA

Crypto Authority Certificatio n commissio n

Certification Authority

Signer's Authority

Digital certificate

Message certificate







DS19 DS2




Owner's private key, A digital certificate contains the public key, ________________________. address Public Individuals use them to securely Web digital digital exchange messages online. certificate certificate Web browsers and S/MIME Personal digital certificate can be used Data bases and application with ____________. softwares s While downloading software from Internet, Developer Certificate is used Microsoft in conjunction with Microsoft software ________________________. authority TM key Issuing, Generation The Certifying Authority provides the revocation and , storage following services: status and period The prospective signer holding the corresponding private key is termed as the ____________. Recipient Subscriber The recipient uses this to verify that the digital signature was created with the corresponding private key. Public key User key A digital signature could be ____________. An image A file User stamp This helps the verifier to determine if Company on the the signature was created during the stamp on the digital operational period. digital signature signature These are on-line databases of certificates to verify the public key and Repositorie the subscriber. Re-storage s The digital certificate that offers assurance of verification of the owner's personal identity is of ________________________. Class 1 Class 4

CA key, phone number, key date

Message key, hash value, CA algorithm

Personal digital Verified digital certificate certificate

Websites and photo share Microsoft Authentication message

Communication media softwares B

Microsoft AuthenticodeTM D Retrieval, Issuing, costing storage and and storing informing A



Private key A string

Key certificate

All of the above D

Time-stamp on Digital stamp on the digital the digital signature signature C


Data records

Class 3

Class 2 Removed repository list Implementation overhead

The list containing deleted digital DS23 certificates____________.. The cost of establishing repositories and utilizing services of CA is DS24 called____________.. By minimizing the risk of undetected message tampering, message forgery and false claims, digital signature offers solution to the problem of DS25 ____________.

Certificate Certificate Certificate Revocation list deletion list removed list Institutional prospect Company expense Institutional overhead

Message integration




The tools used for providing nonrepudation service are____________. The branch of applied mathematics used to protect messages from impersonators is ____________.. The algorithm used to generate the complementary keys of an asymmetric cryptosystem is referred to as the principal of________________________

Approval and logistics

Message integrity Signer authenticati on and document authenticati on

Message availability

Message format B

User authentication and computer authentication

Access rights and folder authentication


Signograph y Cryptography

Symmetrograph y C


Reversibilit y Invariably



The process of creating a fingerprint of a standard length smaller than the message is done using ____________.. Hash function Digital signature creation uses hash result derived from ________________________


Public and private key


The process of signature verification is Signed to compare the crypto message with message and ________________________ private key The act of creating a digital signature using the signer's private key considering legal consequences is a/an________________________. Identify the standard used for electronic and credit card transactions. This EDI software collects business application information and formats it into a fixed length computer file. For an outgoing EDI document the internal format file is sent from the application service to the____________. The application service document exchange for outgoing/incoming to/from the business application is done by____________. Identify the external document format that an EDI system uses. The transmission file builder (TFB) translates from internal format file to ____________.. The transmission file splitter translates from transmission file to ____________. This service identifies the trading partner and determines his corresponding gateway to be used. These EDI standards define the procedural format and data content requirements for specified business transactions.

Key generator Signed message and private key Original key and public message

Value function

Sign algorithm

Short message Signed key and and public key message B Original message and public key

Crypto message and algorithms C


Legal act

Approval act

Signer compromise

Affirmative act


JEPI Trans Link software


JPI Electronic Link software



Application Link Data Link software software


Communication Translation Service Service File Service

Data Service

EC12 EC13

Document routines X12

Callable routines TWCC

Business routines ODIT

Translator services FATM



External format Transmissi Electronic file on file format External format Transmissi Electronic file on file format Translation service Transaction Inquiry Standards Transportation Data Coordinating Committee

Binary format


Binary format


Transmissi Communication Connector on service service service Transactio Transaction n Data Transaction Set Committee Standards Standards Standards Transfer Data Transmission council Data Committee Committee


The EDI standard and documentation for transfer was developed by the EC18 industry work group.

Transport information committee

This protocol uses a Management Information Base(MIB) database for EC19 management of network nodes. This is a purchase online common perspective model for banner EC2 exchange and revenue sharing. This TCP/IP layer handles the movement of packets around the EC20 network. It is a redirector that filters calls by processes on one host to be executed EC21 on another host. Identify a method of EDI interaction EC22 with multiple companies. An EDI system converts generic EDI EC23 message format to ____________.. Documents of the same type, transmitted to a trading partner are EC24 formatted into a____________.

Simple Node Transfer Protocol

Simple User Simple Routing Simple Network Manageme Management Management nt Protocol Protocol Protocol D Brokerage Model Accept Model Transport Layer Remote Part Call Central data exchange RDBMS format

Value Model

Affiliate Model Application Layer

Link Layer Request Procedure Call Central information clearing-house

Network Layer

Remote Remote Port Procedure Call Call Private Central data information house clearing-house

RD format

RDB format Functional group Electronic Format Transfer

DDBS format



Format Transfer group group Electronic CHIPS and FedWire are major Electronic Fund Fast worldwide networks for____________. Transfer Transfer This is an extension of the wallet for credit cards and can be used to make ChequeCa payments. DebitCash sh Application Translation Identify the EDI components. Service Service

Electronic group C Electronic Data Transfer

NetCash Both A and B

CyberCash Neither A nor B




Messages in an EDI network infrastructure are exchanged in the format____________.. Companies which exchange information using EDI are called____________. This file contains a single document for a single trading partner. This file contains functional groups which constitute the interchange set.

Binary docs Trading partners Trading file

Text docs Electronic partners

Service docs Transfer partners

EDI docs

Communication partners A Immediate file B

Internal file EDI file


Transmission Interchange file Internal file file

External file

The intersection of rows and columns in an Excel sheet is a ____________.. An excel workbook by default has EX10 ________________________ A formula or a function should start EX11 with the sign____________.. Identify the menu in Excel that contains options for sorting, filtering, EX12 subtotaling. EX1 When Excel 2000 is started two windows appear, identify the window used to create and edit worksheets. The name of a cell i.e. column letter followed by row number is called____________ The numeric data entered into a cell is by default ________________________ The basic cell references that adjust and change when copied or when using autofill are ____________..

Grid 10 worksheets !

Cell Box 1 worksheet 2 worksheets * =

Item 3 worksheets &







Application window

Table window

Document window

Edit window


Cell reference

Cell name Center aligned

Cell item

Cell value


Left aligned Absolute cell references

Justified Relative cell references Does not allow both the column reference and the row reference to change Block Two or more worksheets

Right aligned Effective cell references


When the cell reference is EX17 $AB1,it____________.. A name given to a group of cells in a EX18 worksheet is____________.. A 3-D reference to a range EX19 spans____________.. A collection of worksheets is a EX2 ________________________ The function that evaluates an expression and returns TRUE or FALSE value is ________________________ EX20 function. The dialog box that displays the format and help for function is called EX21 the________________________ Identify the function that calculates "what a loan or investment will be worth at a later time when all EX22 payments have been made".

Name cell references Allows the column Allows the row reference reference to to change, change, but not but not the the column row reference reference Range More than a cell File List A set of rows and columns

Allows both the row reference and the column reference to change Group Two or more rows Sheets



Workpage Workbook


Financial Formula palette



Formula list

Formula bar

Formula dialog





Identify the error message when the EX23 formula contains a blank cell (0 value). ### The column is not wide enough to display the value

The error code : #NAME? tells us EX24 that____________.. A technique to identify the source of EX25 formula errors is____________.. Identify the formula to multiply the corresponding components in the given arrays and return the sum of EX26 those products.

Formula tool

#REF The formula has the wrong type of argument Trace dependent s

Div 0! The formula contains unknown text or The formula unknown attempts to named range divide by zero

Trace data

Formula list


Interpret the formula EX27 =countif(B2:B5,">55").

Fact() Display Number of cells cells with with the value the value <55 >55



Number of cells Number of cells with the value that does not >55 have value 55 C

The tool used to view the results and Formula EX28 the formula applied is ____________.. Formula listing auditing The output of the formula EX29 =ROUND(21.5,-1) is____________.. The last column name in a worksheet EX3 is____________.. It enables to apply a pre-defined layout that does not alter data but apply EX30 backgrounds, borders etc. To scroll a large worksheet with the row headings visible throughout, we EX31 use the feature ____________. Identify the tab of the Format Cells dialog box that can fill cells with the EX32 choosen color. Identify the button that adds trailing EX33 zeros to a decimal number entered. The options General, Currency, Percentage, Scientific are part of which tab of the Format Cells dialog EX34 box. Identify the text alignment option in Format Cells dialog box that can center data across a number of cells. Choose the text control option that adjusts the row height according to the contents of the cell. The tool used to correct typing errors like initial capital, replace text is ________________________ Identify the Options tab that helps in creating your own lists. The tab of the chart wizard that lets the user specify the source data and series representations, is____________. The number of rows in a worksheet is________________________ Identify the chart object that represents the x axis. The chart object where the data values are represented is ____________. The Automatic, Category, Time-scale are options of the chart object ________________________ The Strikethrough, Superscript and Subscript effects of the Format Cells dialog box are part of the________________________. The button "Press and hold to view sample" belongs to the chart wizard series____________. Form,filter,subtotal - are options of the excel menu____________.. The button in the data form to search for individual records is ____________.. The section of the Sort dialog box that lets you specify whether the database has a header row, is ________________________ When a data base is sorted based on three columns we call it the ____________..

Formula link

Formula function

21 AZ

22 ZA

23 IY

20 IV



AutoForma t Editing


Splitting Panes Fold Panes Freeze Panes


Font Decimal

Border Increase Decimal

Fill Decrease Decimal

Patterns Comma



Alignment Center Across Cells





Center Across Selection

Center Indent


Merge cells

Shrink to fit Align bottom AutoCorrec t AutoComplete Transition Lists Custom Lists

Wrap text

EX37 EX38

AutoErrors View Lists

AutoSpell Edit Lists


EX39 EX4 EX40

Data Range 256 Value axis

Data Table Data Series 65536 126

Data Type 6000 Data axis


Series axis Category axis


Data range

Chart area Plot area Category Axis

Data area


Value Axis




Number tab

Alignment tab

Patterns tab

Font tab

EX44 EX45

Step 1 Tools

Step 2 Data

Step 3 Form

Step 4 Edit



Search button

Find button Criteria button

Filter button


Sort by

Options Tertiary sort

My list has

Then by


Primary sort

Secondary sort Nested sort

To work on a specific set of records that meet a specific criterion, the Excel EX49 feature used is____________.. Selector The address of the current selected cell is displayed in the____________.. Name Box The filter which works only with numbers including dates and times is EX50 called____________.. AutoFilter Say you have 5000 records but only 700 pertain to your work then use the EX51 ____________.. Advanced filter EX5

Sorter Function Box First 10 filter



Address Box

Tool Box

Top 10 filter

Show All filter

Auto filter

Standard filter

Custom filter

Before creating a subtotal based on any field in the database it needs to EX52 be____________.. To place a grand total, grand average row at the bottom of the database the option to be set is____________.. The data analysis tool used to summarize data based on columns and rows of a data base is____________.. The pivot table function that displays each data item as a percentage of the grand total of all the data in the pivot table is____________.. We can create a pivot chart using external data source by____________.. The dialog box that gives access to printing and print preview functions is____________. The resolution of printing i.e. number of dots per inch decide the print____________.. The tab of the Page Setup dialog box used to specify which areas of the worksheet to print, print titles, page order etc. is____________.. The wizard used to build an interactive table from data on sheets is ____________. Identify the Page order option that numbers and prints from the first page to the pages to the right and then moves down and continues printing across the sheet. Identify the Page Setup option that these belong to - "Rows to repeat at top", and "Columns to repeat at left". The scaling option of the page "Adjust to" and "Fit to" cannot be set for the ____________.. The drill down option of the pivot table displays the____________.. The pivot table function that shows cumulative progress of data towards a goal is ____________.. If you want the macro to be effective in any cell then you shall opt for____________.. The option to record a macro is part of the menu____________.. When work book is shared then the changes made can be viewed with the ____________.. If a file is accessed in the read-only mode then changes made can be saved with a/an ____________..

Sorted by field

Selected by field

Filtered by field Marked by field


Total Below Data

Compute Summary Below Data Below Data

Pivot Below Data



Advanced filter

Sort data

Pivot table


% Of Microsoft Access

% of total Microsoft Data Page Dialog

% Difference From

Running Total In B


Microsoft Query Microsoft Import C


Print Setup

Print Preview

Page Setup







Page tab Function Wizard

Margins tab Chart Wizard

Sheet tab PivotTable Wizard

Header tab Table Filter Wizard



Row, then column

Down, then Page1 then over page 2

Over, then down D


Print titles

Print area

Centre on page Page order

EX62 EX63

Selected sheet Print sheet Chart sheet Summarized Subtotal data data Column data Difference From Effective reference Edit Protect Changes Running Total In Absolute reference Insert Track Changes

Chart object Detailed data



% of total Relative reference Format

% Of Current reference Tools

EX65 EX66



View Changes

Edit Changes


Excel Excel config file extend file

New excel file

Excel password file C

A macro can be accessed with the EX69 keyboard combination____________.. Here you can edit an equation or a EX7 function____________. The text import wizard parses data into columns with the EX70 option____________. Choose the language in which Excel EX71 macros are created.

Alt + the Ctrl + the Ctrl + the letter number number you you choose you choose choose Name bar Menu bar Status bar

Alt + the letter you choose Function bar



Format Visual MS Excel script Basic Data security

Delimited Visual C++

Demarked MS data script Protect and Share Workbook


Identify the option of the Tools menu Sharing with EX72 that secures a workbook. lock The option of the Edit menu that helps in entering a series of values EX8 is____________.. Paste special The key combination to enter today's date in Excel, is____________.. The Internet is a network similar to ____________.. Each computer on the Internet is identified with a____________.





EX9 IN1 IN10

Control + ; Peer-to-Peer connectivity 24-bit address

Shift + : Point-toPoint link 16-bit address

Control + shift Port-to-Port connection 30-bit address

Control + shift + ; A Peer-to-Peer talking A 32-bit address D


A mail server robot can automatically____________.


Check mails Transmit This protocol is used to check Communication reliability, sequencing and flow control. Protocol To check that data reaches the destination in a proper order, the data packets are assigned____________. The computer which provides FTP, WWW, Mail services on a network is called____________. The method of accessing files through publicly accessible server that gives free access to the files is called ________________________ This file is transferred verbatim with FTP service. We can access the Archie server by________________________ The types of Archie servers are ____________.. % telnet archie.ans.net is the command used by the Archie client to____________. When a computer is connected to the internet through a LAN This tool helps us to locate a file anywhere on the Internet. The computer that maps the Internet domain name to the Internet numeric address is the ____________.. ____________ is the format of Internet Address. The email address has two parts one is the username while the other is the ____________. The resources on the World Wide Web are linked with the naming format ____________..

Respond to Read mails mails Transmissi on Control Telnet Control Protocol Port

Delete mails

Communication Control Protocol B


Packet Order numbers numbers

Sequence numbers

Data numbers






IN15 IN16 IN17 IN18

Public FTP ASCII file Tunnel

Server FTP Available FTP BIT file Binary File Telnet Both A and B Request the Archie server Deployed access Archie

Anonymous FTP D TEXT file Message Neither A nor B Protocol the Archie server Service access Archives C C C

IN19 IN2 IN20

WWW Windows Straight Archie Archie Program Login to Archie the Archie server Server Dedicated Dial-up access access FTP Network translator server Aaa-bbb-cccddd Remote Address Naming server Aaa.bbb.cc c.ddd


IN21 IN22

Domain name server Aaa/bbb/ccc/dd d

Domain relation server C Aaa*bbb*ccc*dd d B



Domain Universal Resource Location

IN25 IN26 IN27

This Net tool provides a stimulating online discussion environment. The IRC II client program command begins with a ____________. The IRC conversations are organized into____________.

Internet Relay Chat Percent Chats Display channels with at least four users

Net Universal Resource Locator Relay packet transmissio n Slash Packets Display chats with the maximum 10 users

Web Uniform Resource Locator

Mail Uniform Reserved Link

Chat messaging Line Lines Display channels with at least ten users

Information chatting Dot Channels




Identify the output of the IRC command " /list -min 10" . Lynx text browser is a web client in which users can login with ____________..

Display line with 10 removed channels C

IN3 IN30



IN33 IN34

IN35 IN36


Terminal ping Point to Protocol to Point PPP stands for: Protocol Points Protocol A web browser provides this hotlist for Bookmarki a user. Book-keeping ng The tool to obtain information on the web by menus and more flexible than Archie is____________. Lynx Juggler These servers help in searching for words from a list of databases or WINWAIS and WIIS and documents. WAISMAN NETWAIS This scripting language is an object based language and is developed by Netscape. SGMLScript VbScript The one-way broadcast of live events is called____________. Netcast Cybercast This is a system of thousands of distributed bulletin boards and read by a newsreader. Bulletinreader Newsgroup Unix shell provides mailing programs Pile and called ____________. Pine and Elm Elem The Unix to Unix copy mail system separates parts of the mail address with the symbol...____________.. @ ! Self accounts

Shell accounts

Shell programs

Pin to Pin Port to Port communication Protocol Menu Bookmarks




SunScript Eventcast

JavaScript Livemessaging


Newsletter Pine and Embedd

Networkboard Port and Elm




The Netlauncher (TCP/IP) software consists of these programs that can run under Windows.

Spy Mosaic Server message, command line and channels Serial Limited Internet Protocol


The parts of the WSIRC server (net tool) window are____________..


IN40 IN41 IN42

IN43 IN44

IN45 IN46

IN47 IN48 IN49


SLIP stands for: These are small java programs that create games, multimedia etc. These are downloaded over the Net and executed by a web browser. The World Wide Web is a collection of____________.. It is a link which helps in retrieving information from the WWW easily. ____________directories deliver information on all the topics on the Internet. This browser does not display links in color. The Mosaic browser stores information about the configuration in a/an ____________. This is an indexer that crawls around the web cataloging. The option by which the browser window in Navigator Gold 2.0 can be shifted to editor window is ____________. This toolbar button displays information about web creation. This window in Navigator Gold does not support frame display. When a user connects to Internet with a shell account it is called ________________________. The different ways of communication on the Web are____________.. This download tool provides multiserver connection, can search for mirror sites and provides a file leecher. The____________ button provides HTML tags for font style, alignments, and colour options. Identify the search engine that helps in concept based searching. This is a text only browser. The multithreading feature of Netscape is facilitated with a storage space named____________.. The distributed uploading of web pages through Navigator Gold is called____________.. The method of presenting information on the web through highlighted items is called________________________ The a2z directory is an alphabetical list of pages used by the search engine____________.. Netscape browser can display context links on an image called____________.. The launch of DARPA's Internet Protocol (IP) facilitated the term____________.. Name the download tool which highlights an area of a page and gets all the links that are within the highlighted area. ____________ helps in business transactions, generating revenue and demand on the information highway.

Image View Server message,c ommand line and channels Serial Lock InterProtocol

Both A and B Server message,comm and line and channels Serial Line Internet Protocol

Neither A nor B

Server message,comm and line and channels C Setting Link Inter Protocol

Java scripts Web windows Netlink

Java exe

Java applets

Java objects Web pages Hypernet


Net pages Net addresses Sitelink Hyperlink

Web maps Netshark

Net ports Cello

Wide maps Lynx

Web infos Mosaic


Ini file Webcrawler

Exe file Web sites

Web file Web creators

Txt file Web ports


Edit/New file Printer Script window

Edit/Save Window New/Edit page Web page starter Pager Browser window Editor window Dedicated access

New/Edit Document Document Form window


Direct access

Indirect access Dial-up access


Interpersonal Download Accelerator Plus


Both A and B

Neither A nor B


Fresh Download Character Format Yahoo Lynx

WinZip Plus


IN52 IN53 IN54

Edit Format Lycos Lycos

File Format Excite Links

Window Format B Infoseek Netshark C B



Cache Web updation




Web loading

Web publish

Page publish








Webindexe r Lynx Image maps



Image webs

Image graphs

Image texts



Consortium Internet









EMarketplac e Both A and B

Neither A nor B


The transfer of structured data for processing from computer to computer Electronic using agreed formats and protocols is Document called____________.. Intercahnge This system involves electronic transfer of funds between financial institutions. A ________________________ electronic mailbox stores EDI transactions for later retrieval. The mutual satisfaction of price, terms and conditions, delivery and evaluation criteria in a marketplace is____________. The type of advertising, the Broadcast and Junk Mail models are of____________.. Identify the models of passive advertising. This layer is responsible for transmitting data as frames. This layer is responsible for encoding of data. Electronic Financial Transmission Value Added Networks



Electronic Data Interchang e Efficient Format Transactio ns Very Advanced Networks

Electronic Data Efficient Data Internetworking Interchange Electronic Format Transfer Value Aided Networks

Electronic Fund Transfer D Value Enhanced Networks A


Negotiation and Networking Negotiation and Bargaining and Buying servicing Critical buying

IN66 IN67 IN68 IN69

Passive Billboard Network Layer Link Layer Connection cost, cost of telephone line Application Layer Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Push Portal Data Link Layer Network Layer Computer cost, network card cost

Portal Both A and B Presentation Layer Presentation Layer

Smart Neither A nor B


Transport Layer B Physical Layer C Connection company cost, connection data cost A



The costs of Internet implementation are____________.. This layer of the TCP/IP suite includes the device driver and network interface card.

IC board cost, cable cost



This protocol is used for flow control, echo and flow redirection. The software components that integrates different hardware devices with the operating system____________..

Link Layer Transport Layer Internet Control Message Internet Control Protocol Data Protocol

Network Layer Single Control Message Protocol




IN76 IN8



Device modules Netlink This is the basic component that Cable Interface Interface connects the computer to the network. Card Card The dumb terminal/node in a network depends on this computer for their Personal Client basic functioning. computer computer This has an embedded microchip which can both manipulate data and Security execute applications. Data card card Secure To ensure a reliable communication Sockets between the buyer and seller, the Session Socket Layer protocol used is____________. Layer Protocol Protocol This software enables a host to work Terminal Terminal as a terminal on the network. embedded emulator The Windows Internet application functions were developed based on the UNIX programs called____________.. Sockets Package For analysing, summarizing, Statistical Structured sequencing data, an auditor can Query Query use____________.. Language Language Device drivers

Device programs Device Interface Card Server computer

Software devices Network Interface Card

Data computer

Combi card Electronic Socket Layer Protocol Indirect software

Meta card

Cyber Socket Layer Protocol Terminal communicator


Protocol Summary Quote Language


Stratified Query Language B

Outlook provides these buttons for the OT10 reponse mail from a meeting attendee. Tentative This "Calendar Properties" tab helps in OT11 sharing the calendar with other people. General tab The options of scheduling resources like conference room, slide projector require____________. A scheduled resource is set to the state ____________. While scheduling a meeting, the Required and Optional attendees appear in the ____________. box on the Appointment tab. To find the available free time for all invitees of a meeting, use the ____________.. button.


Both A and B

Neither A nor B

Permission Synchronization s tab tab Data tab

OT12 OT13

Microsoft Scheduler Waiting

Microsoft Server Busy

Microsoft Exchange Link

Microsoft Linker C Work B


To AdvicePick Next

People FreePick Next




AutoPick Next

Select Next

Scheduling an online meeting requires OT16 ________________________.. The calendar group schedule can include all of the contacts from a OT17 ____________.. The virtual file folder tool to track xls, doc, ppt files with a single name is the OT18 ____________. The Event Address box option favours online meeting services using OT19 ____________.. We can save Access output as an external file using the OT2 option____________.. To schedule an appointment daily, weekly, monthly or yearly is called setting its OT20 ________________________

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Microsoft NetMeeting Binder Group folder

Meeting Server

Contact folder

External folder

Public folder


Builder Windows Windows Exchange Media Services Services

Bander Media Data Services

Blocker Windows Meeting Services









This shortcut on the Outlook bar which displays the day's appointments, tasks Outlook OT21 and emails scheduled . Outlook Today Day This shortcut on the Outlook bar that allows the user to track sent and received e-mails from a variety of different contacts is called OT22 ____________.. Tasks Journal The folder in which unread messages OT23 appear in Outlook is____________.. Identify the tab of the "Internet Accounts" dialog box used to OT24 configure your email account. If you do not want the email address of a particular person to show up in the message header of other recipients, then write it in ____________. This helps in customizing your view of the Inbox or Contacts listing. To transfer messages to a folder, the button on the standard toolbar is____________. When messages are displayed based on a criteria, these words appear in the status bar. Filters setting to view messages in Outlook can be applied based on____________.

Outlook List

Outlook Tasks







Email tab

Mail tab

List tab

Directory tab

OT25 OT26

Carbon copy Mailbox headers

Hidden carbon Blind carbon copy copy Sort messages Flag status

Bound carbon copy Field chooser



Transfer to Arrange in Move to Folder Folder Folder Filter Criteria Applied Applied Condition Applied

Sort in Folder


View Applied


Time Previous access date

Address Current date

Both A and B

Neither A nor B

By default, Outlook displays the tasks in the calendar for the ____________.. The filters applied on read/unread messages, attachments, size are based on OT30 ________________________ OT3 When mails are organised based on specific words, sensitivity, category OT31 etc, it is called setting ____________. The term used for merging a list of names and addresses with a letter to be mailed to more than one person, OT32 is____________.. Choose the option that saves a file containing the standard letter along OT33 with the addresses merged.

File date

Priority date

Customize characteristics

Outlook characteris Message tics characteristics

Data characteristics





Mail Merge

Data Merge

Field Merge

Mail list

Merge To New Merge To document Printer Sends the message Identify the correct interpretation of the Replies to all to only one OT34 forward message button. recipients recipient This feature in Outlook favours OT35 correction of mistakes in a sent mail. This section of the Print dialog box contains option for printing messages OT36 along with their attachments. Along with the inbox, outbox, sent folders you also display your own OT37 folder in this toolbar.

Merge To Email Merge To Fax Replies to specific recipient

Sends the same message to a new recipient D





Print setup Outlook Shortcuts

Print attachment Print options New Shortcuts

Print file Personal Shortcuts

My Shortcuts

Say suppose you were asked to mail the monthly newsletter of your organisation to all your clients/customers, you can organize this in your address book with a OT38 ____________.. The document that contains the data to be merged into the main document OT39 is called____________. Day, Week, Month displays in the outlook calendar are OT4 called____________. In Outlook business ideas and personal are message filters based OT40 on____________.. Identify the part of the appointment which appears on the calendar sheet. Repetitive appointments are enabled OT6 with this toolbar button. This icon indicates that the reminder OT7 has been set for the appointment. A new appointment can be created with the File menu or the OT8 ________________________ To identify people to attend a meeting and to add them to the attendee list, OT9 this button is used. Identify the feature that prompts for a title slide and then the presentation category to provide an outline PP1 presentation. The____________.. contains the PP10 sample data for a chart. Identify the tab in Chart Options dialog box which determines the x and y PP11 labels display. Identify the Chart Options tab that helps to display table of data used to PP12 create the chart. OT5 Choose the chart type that can graphically represent the contribution PP13 of each value to the total.

Block Address Source




List Source Data Source

Form Source






Categories Characteristics Words

Location Information line line Repeat Flag Redo Button Calendar view

Subject line Repetitive Bell

Start line Recurrence Check


Day view Attendee List button

Week view

Month view Invite People button

People List Invite Others button button

Template designs Datalist

AutoConte nt Wizard Slide layouts Datatable Datacolumn

Mail Merge Wizard Datasheet






Table Link

Data Link

Data Table

Data Labels

Bar chart

Line chart

Area chart

Pie chart

While creating an organization chart,I want to show the technical members under a team leader-the position PP14 button to be used is____________.. Subordinate Identify the position button to be used to show a personal secretary of the PP15 managing director. Assistant Identify the view that displays all the slides of a presentation as thumbnails PP16 . Slide view The master that applies the format for all the slides of the presentation except the title slide is____________. Identify the tool by which basic shapes can be drawn on the slides. During a presentation the speaker can move to a slide using the ____________. The options New Slide, Slide Layout and Apply Design are part of the toolbar____________.. The wizard in powerpoint that creates the Pngsetup.exe file is____________. This provides a color scheme ,background and font style for all your slides. The master layout of printed presentations is ____________.. The landscape and potrait are the choices for____________. The highlighted points of one or more slides to be used by a presenter are written on the____________.




Subordinat e Manager


Sorter view Outline view

Normal view

PP17 PP18

Notes master WordArt

Template master Image

Title master AutoShapes

Slide master Clip Art



Slider Sorter

Go to Slide Slide Navigator Slide Choice



Formatting Drawing

Common Tasks D


AutoContent Standard design Slide Master Handout master


Template Pack and Go Blank presentatio n Template Handout Master Notes Master Notes view Slide master

Print and View AutoContent Wizard Title Master Layout options



Slide page

Sorter page

Notes page

Layout page


You can have audio, movies, pictures on the slides of your presentation using the____________..

Format menu

Insert menu

Edit menu

Tools menu

The menu option that helps in setting timing, effect and chart effects in a PP8 presentation is____________. The setting of automating the display of slides in a presentation is done PP9 with____________.. This is a visual and events- driven VB1 programming language. The event procedure which is similar VB10 to the form.show code.

Custom Animation

Action buttons Set up show

Slide View Rehearse timings

Custom Shows Record narration

View show Qbasic Form_Load()


Basic GW Basic Visual Basic Form_Click () Form_Activate() Form_display()

If A="Information" B= "Technology" the code used to display it as "Information VB11 Technology" is____________.. Display A + B This control is used to receive input VB12 from user and also display the output.

Form.show A&B Print A B

Print A & B

Label control

Command control Text box control Tab control

The feature of resize image is possible VB13 in the control____________. Picture Box The AddItem method is used to add VB14 items into these controls. The index of the first item in the List VB15 Box control is____________. The code Check.Value=0 in a checkbox control results VB16 in____________. The control to be used to select one of the choices displayed VB17 is________________________ The operator AND, OR, XOR are VB18 called ____________.. operators. This numeric datatype limits data to 4 VB19 bytes . This contains controls that can be VB2 used on a form. The statement A=123.45@ stores VB20 which literal value in A. The recommended control statement VB21 for multiple options is____________. The block "Do VB statement ____________.. Loop Until VB22 condition" is executed : To display Ok and Cancel buttons in a VB23 pop-up, use the function: Identify the arguments of the VB24 InputBox() function. Identify the correct format to store 50 VB25 integers from the 35th position. List Box and Combo Box 1 Marking the check box

Tool Box Image Box Option Box and Check Item Box and Box Listing Box 0 Clicking the check box 2 Checking the check box

Draw Box

Combo Box and Form Box A None of the above B Unmarking the check box

Check Box Logical Currency Standard box Long literal

List Box

Option Box

Combo Box Unconditional Integer Control window Amount literal


Conditional Boolean Byte Single

Format box Tool box Currency literal Double literal If...Then Else If...Then

If...Else Until condition is false

Select Case

Atleast once MessageB DisplayBox() ox() Default_tex Input, title, t, input, position size Dim A(35 Dim A(35 to 85) to 50) as as Integer Integer Properties Window Selecting Insert from Project menu

Loop infinitely PopBox() Prompt, title, default_text Dim(85 to 30) as Integer Form Layout Window Selecting Components from Tools menu

Execute once MsgBox() Display, size, position Dim A(0-50) as Integer




The Visual Basic environment is made Form Designer up of ____________. Window Selecting Components We can add controls to the tool box by from Project ____________.. menu The characteristics of a control or form can be set in the ____________.. Form Window This window is a collection of forms and codes that make up an Application application. Explorer

All of the above D Selecting Add Components from Project menu A


Properties Window Project Window Control Window B Properties Window Explorer Explorer Controls and characteris tics Private Sub Form_Load () . End Sub


Project Explorer D


The source code window of the form consists of the following lists.

Objects and procedure codes

Objects and their associated events or Objects and procedures their properties


Choose the correct subroutine code format.

Private Sub Form() . End

Form Sub _Load() . End Sub

Form_Load() . End Sub


The code used to display the program output ____________.. Form.show The feature of Word that allows you to type continuously without inhibitions of line ending and the beginning of next line is ________________________. The options single, exactly, At least, multiple are part of paragraph formatting for____________. Identify the "Page Setup" option to be used to print the pages double-sided for binding____________. To have page numbers and number of pages in a document at the top of every page, the feature used is________________________ The feature of word used to turn the first character of a document bold, large and span more than a line is ________________________ The spacing between the boundary of the cell and the text contained in the cell is called____________. To apply same font style, paragragh style to different areas of text, use the____________.. Lists in word can be created with____________.. While customizing numbered lists, "Tab space after" and "Indent at" are options of____________. By default, the indent distance for the first-line or hanging indent will be____________.. To set roman numbers for a list, choose the corresponding option in ____________. The____________.. is used to align all the lines of the paragraph except the first line. The tab setting used for entering decimal numbers is ________________________. By default the left align tabs are set at every ____________... Identify the keyboard combination to insert a manual page break. The Next page, Continuous, Even page are of break type________________________

Form.displ ay Form.print


WO1 WO1 0 WO1 1

Type over

Word align Word wrap

Word justify

Line preview

Line before Line after Margin option

Line spacing

Mirror margins

Gutter position

From edge

WO1 2





WO1 3 WO1 4 WO1 5 WO1 6 WO1 7 WO1 8 WO1 9

Style caps

Type font

Drop caps

Font caps





Format Format painter editor Bullets Line

Format apply Paragraphs

Format style Bar line


Number Number format position

Text position

Text preview



0.05" Number position Exception indent


Number Number format style Hanging indent

Number series

WO2 WO2 0 WO2 1 WO2 2 WO2 3

Left indent

Justified indent

Left Tab 0.5" Alt+Enter

Right Tab 1" Ctrl+Enter Column break

Decimal Tab 0.05" Ctrl+P

Dot Tab 5 pts Alt+Break


Page break

Text break

Section break

To set different odd and even headers WO2 in a document the Page Setup tab to 4 be used is____________.. Identify the menu option used to WO2 change text flows of a document in 5 newspaper-style columns. To add border styles, shading, text WO2 effects and alignment to a table, use 6 the ____________.. Identify the text wrapping option in Table Properties dialog box that allows WO2 text to wrap around a table in a Word 7 document. To add spacing between cells of the WO2 table the table properties window has 8 the____________. The option to be set in a Word WO2 document that specifies a binding 9 margin is..____________. This GUI tool is used to set margins of WO3 a page on the fly. WO3 The text flows in columns can be set 0 for ____________.. In Find and Replace dialog box, "Use wildcards", "Sounds like" and "Match WO3 case" are 1 ________________________


Paper Size Layout Insert>Columns Tables and Properties toolbar

Paper Source

FormatEdit->Columns >Columns Rows and Borders and Columns Shading toolbar toolbar

Tool->Columns Tables and Borders toolbar



Around Positioning button


Alignment Options button button

Size button

From edge Format editor Selected text

Left Ruler Whole document

Gutter Scroll bar Both A and B

Binder Status bar Only B


Find what

Raplace with

Highlight options

Search options

Spelling errors in a word document are WO3 identified with the line 2 colour____________.____________. The grammatical error pop-up menu option "About this Sentence" provides WO3 the bubble 3 called________________________ You can insert images, videos and WO3 media files into a document by using 4 the____________.. WO3 Choose the incorrect document name 5 for a MS-Word document. Identify the option in the Print dialog WO3 box that prints the current working 6 page. Identify the shortcut key to paste a text WO3 from the clipboard into the Word 7 document.





Help Assistant MS Clip Organizer Profit:loss.doc

Office Assistant

Office Help

Microsoft Help

MS Picture MS Image Organizer Organizer Profit&loss. doc Profit-loss.doc Page number

MS Clip Files Profitloss.doc


Range print

Page what

Current page


WO3 The Ctrl+Shift+End shortcut is used 8 to____________.. To search the next occurrence of a WO3 word click the 9 button________________________ This bar shows the line number, column number, page number at your WO4 insertion point.

Go to the end of the document

Ctrl+V Select to the beginning of the document Find Cancel



Go to the Select to the beginning of the end of the document document

Find More

Find Next

Find First

Insert bar

Edit bar

Title bar

Status bar

The feature that makes corrections to WO4 spelling errors and capitalizes the first 0 letter of a sentence is____________.. AutoFormat A word document can be protected WO4 against macro viruses with the 1 ________________________.. Security tab With this feature we can save space WO4 and still track changes made to Word 2 document. Modifications or editing tracking in a WO4 Word document can be monitored with 3 the ____________. Distributing an online version of a WO4 document with files inserted in it, can 4 be done with ____________.. Version Tracking Documents

AutoCorrec t Autotyping Password tab Trusted Sources tab


Options tab

Compare Track and and Merge Check Documents Documents

Add and Backup Documents B

Track Pane Embedded object

Print view Linked object Allow changes in the transferred data only

Document Map Reviewing Pane D

Source object

Edit object

WO4 The Paste Special option of the Edit 5 menu____________..

Transfer static data

Allow changes in the transferred data Allows link to the and the source source data B

This is a single instruction that WO4 performs several different commands 6 in a sequence determined by the user. Mail merge The format style that displays data in a list rather than the usual rows and WO4 columns from a data source 7 is____________. Label The mouse pointer changes to an arrow with a question mark when you choose WO4 ________________________.. button 8 from the Help menu. Search This? This is taken from the data source and added into the main document to WO4 identify the related data to be extracted 9 from the records in the Data Source. Data field The font size in Word is commonly WO5 measured in____________. Points WO5 You can generate labels, envelopes, 0 letters using this feature of Word. Mail Merge We can de-establish the link to the De-establish WO5 original Data Source used during Mail Paste special 1 Merge with the option ____________. Link A table or query from an MS-Access WO5 database can be used to provide data 2 in Mail Merge via ____________.. DBMS



Paste link




Assistance This? What's This?

Help This?

Get data Pixels Macro Record Restore to Normal Word Document

Data source Inches Envelope printing

Merge field Lines


Office Assistant A

Data de-link Data Source

Restore the Main Document B







A professional formatting for your document can be done by the AutoFormat option of ____________.. Identify the keyboard shortcut to go to the beginning of a document. To replace a word page by page throughout a document use the edit menu option____________.. To have a template saved with the company address, salutations this feature is used.

Templates Alt+PgUp

Style Gallery Ctrl+End

Type faces Ctrl+Home

Design types Alt+PgDn


Paste special



Select all